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  1. Jevi

    Older roleplayers

    I remember our time in the GM team!
  2. Jevi

    Owlgaming in 2014

    Vinewood Gardens :))
  3. Jevi

    Owlgaming in 2014

    2014 was a lot of fun.
  4. Jevi

    Older roleplayers

    Fallen doesn't play anymore. Cookiemonster is registered here and as far as I know he pops on time to time but most of his time is spent on his car. Banneboy doesn't play here but focuses a lot on Arma 3 realism. (used to play here tho)
  5. Jevi

    Older roleplayers

    Hey! I started roleplaying on Valhalla. Became a gamemaster when Valhalla became Root Gaming. If I may ask, what's your real forum name and do you remember me?
  6. FMT approved event aka bank robbery.
  7. And obviously you don´t know what you´re talking about.
  8. Excuse me but you are full of shit.
  9. Jevi

    Healthbar thread

    [MENTION=67]Ramsey[/MENTION] [MENTION=66]Sloth[/MENTION] [MENTION=33]Weimy[/MENTION]@Bean
  10. Jevi

    Healthbar thread

    [MENTION=67]Ramsey[/MENTION] [MENTION=66]Sloth[/MENTION] [MENTION=33]Weimy[/MENTION]@Bean
  11. Well, PD/SD wouldn't need super fast cars if it wasn't for the amount of super fast vehicles on the server, if you want PD/SD to get rid of their fast cars, how about lowering the amount of super lambo ferrari 1000 charged 300 km/h vehicles first?

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