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  1. MTA server code is out now! https://github.com/OwlGamingCommunity/MTA I'm looking for feedback on if I should release the UCP code, discuss on our discord!
  2. good idea! done.
  3. Farewell OwlGaming has a long history of delivering fun experiences on roleplay games. It is our bread and butter. The community that we have grown has fostered international relationships from across the globe (some even meeting their lifelong partner through Owl). Started by Maxime in 2014, I took the mantle in hitting record high player counts on MTA and the development of our GTAV server. Unfortunately, we have been unable to break into the GTAV market significantly enough to sustain ourselves. We have made the difficult decision to shut down the GTAV server. There is no single reason for this. We do not feel that the current script is something we develop to a point we are happy with. For this reason we have chosen to open source both the MTA and GTAV code. We welcome developers to contribute to those projects and make them the standard for roleplay communities on MTA and RageMP. https://github.com/OwlGamingCommunity/V Join us on discord! Some of us are doing something new, something different at Paradise Gaming. You're welcome to join us there where we intend to revisit roleplay again someday. We're in no rush to get there and intend on building a well-rounded gaming community first. https://paradise-gaming.com/ https://discord.gg/j3T2mM2RxS Thank you for all your time and effort in making Owl a memory that many people will cherish for years to come. Stick around in our Discord, join us in game one last time, and keep in touch. OwlGaming services (aside from this forum) will shutdown on July 12th, 2021 at 11pm UTC. Until next time.. Stats: Regards, - OwlGaming Community - The final OwlGaming Upper Administration Team (Chaos, ThatGuy, Wright, Daniels, Vubstersmurf, ItsMelodyy, Courtez)
  4. OwlGaming V | Stability and Quality of Life | June, 2021 Features Many items will now stack by default Client side mods are now allowed! Jail support, removed punish points New trash job locations Performance improvements to client side serialization means less stuttering if you're driving around! Pots will now add to existing stacks Auto-parking, never lose your vehicle /respawnveh command added for admins rather than reloading it LS Spawn has been moved to mirror park /superman command for admins Added additional levels to the mailman Fixes Fix selling marijuana by typing in the amount Fix an error telling the player they have too many windows open when they didn't try to open a window /nearbye now considers the dimension the player is in when listing elevators Fix an issue preventing purchasing of cellphones Fixed missing PD hud for some vehicles 4136: Robbery 911 calls should only notify police factions, not every gov faction 4117: Vehicle dirt builds up too quick 4109: /sedtplayerinveh only works for streamed in vehicles 4127: /stats shows phone number We now list all numbers for the phones that the player has in their inventory Stability improvements to SQL connections WeatherAPI has been removed, random weather returns Fixed rain in interiors Fix server crash with ghost items Performance improvements to gangtags Remove gates from MP parking lot for new DMV location Sandking and Outlaw are now rentable Various server stability improvements Regards, - OwlGaming Community - OwlGaming Development Team
  5. In what way can we improve that transparency when it comes to the results? As I said there we were probably just going to update the Trello with the respective top requested features but I'm open to better ideas! Also @ShadowSixthat bowling map is killer
  6. May 2021 Newsletter Survey Results We have just started reviewing the survey results from Dexters post. This will give us a better idea of where to focus our efforts. Thank you to EVERYONE that participated. It means a great deal that you want to give us feedback to improve so you can get in game more. Would anyone be interested in more transparent communications regarding what we decide to prioritize? I'm thinking we'll update the public roadmap with priorities but if you have ideas on how we can be more transparent, leave them below! Fast Promoting Factions to Official In an effort to diversify our RP landscape, we are going to push for promoting factions up to official much faster than usual. We hope this can provide more diversity specifically to the illegal RP space. I also wanted to mention in regards to factions that recently there was a discussion from @Crimson about characters to support RP To summarize what I put there, We basically give you a blank cheque to create RP scenarios if you just reach out. We are actively looking for people willing to run these sorts of missions in order to create more exciting RP Admins already run missions for factions in FT We offer faction starters if you have a group of friends with an idea to help you get started with vehicles, properties and money Reach out if any of these things interest you, either on discord or through a UA contact. Scripting As always, we encourage everyone to take a look at the script suggestions, public roadmap, and most importantly, our Mantis to report bugs. We will be continuing to update the roadmap as we develop new features. As promised, @Courtez has posted a thread looking for feedback to the upcoming vehicle mod changes. If you're a car expert we need your help to make this feature great! We plan to release partial feature updates as this feature progresses instead of hording it out for one big release. We have heard feedback for more clothing options and @Vubstersmurf with @ItsMelodyy have been working to add more customization options. Aside from the asset transfers released, we also had some language updates and QoL improvements: Administration Updates We recently had a GAT update with some fantastic new trials joining the team. Welcome @Moore@Raymieeee @Mutt377 and @Zebulon! Promoting OwlGaming We are looking for anyone who would be interested in promoting Owl. This could be creating content for a OwlGaming twitter account, youtube, twitch, TikTok or any other ideas you have. We are willing to give you whatever support you need to achieve some really nice promotional pieces and will reward you with GCs for your efforts! Reach out to @Chaos if you're interested in helping out, or if you have already created any content that you would like GCs for. Country Club Grand Reopening! Join us for a special event happening on May 30th, 6PM UTC for the grand reopening of the country club. We hope to see you all there! Media @Valkyr @xLeicy (I also wanted to say thank you for your active posting on your faction thread, they are always a good read!) @Misuzu Although not new this month, Misuzu has an amazingly written character story which has been updated with character developments.
  7. Glad to see you working with us to make this great btw keep at it :)
  8. A blank cheque is a good way to put it yea! The only limit we have here are people that are motivated to literally create whatever RP they want! (within reason of course)
  9. We already promote this and would love to see it done more. Here's various things we do: Admins run missions for active factions to try and get them more involved We ask our admins to take some time creating RP for new players who appear to be RPing alone. Sometimes this means just spawning themselves a taxi and RP picking them up and driving them around, sometimes this might be more involved and end up giving them items to get started Faction starters if you have a group of friends that want to RP a niche we can spawn weapons, vehicles or properties to help support your groups RP. If there are players who want to also help out with some of these supplementary RP characters they are welcome to. UA contact is the best way to reach us if there's something you'd like to do that would benefit the server, but you need help getting the resources to start: https://forums.owlgaming.net/forms/10-upper-administration-contact-ooc/
  10. April 2021 Newsletter Your ideas, brought forward Lately with increased players we've been working hard to ensure your voice is heard. We have increased the frequency of UA meetings and are proactively looking at your suggestions for implementation. We've also begun reaching out to members of the community more often for help with implementing new features for areas of roleplay that are particularly deep. Such as an improved vehicle system. ? Character Import We streamlined the process for importing your character from other servers. This will automatically fetch all your characters assets to import. Scripting As always, we encourage everyone to take a look at the script suggestions, public roadmap, and most importantly, our Mantis to report bugs. We will be continuing to update the roadmap as we develop new features. As previously mentioned one of our next big ticket items will be an improved vehicle system. If you have thoughts on improving vehicles in the server reach out to the scripting team and more specifically @Courtez. Expect a general discussion post about these ideas in the future. Behind the scenes we have been working hard on improving developer productivity in our script and fixing game breaking bugs that cause crashes. We also added the start of a house XP system to indicate how well maintained your house is. Remember to edit your characters /look! Transfer your assets between characters: For more information on some of the recent script updates check out the following threads: Administration Updates This month we plan to open up admin applications. Keep an eye ? out for that post from @Vubstersmurf and @ItsMelodyy soon! Hooter We launched a new social media website for IC roleplay that is similar to twitter. Sign up today: https://hooter.owlgaming.net Media @DxRK @Vubstersmurf
  11. This is a good idea and an easy win. Will move to accepted for implementing.
  12. Reading some of the replies on this thread has been great. It really helps motivate us knowing people are excited about what we are building. Thanks those of you that had kind words to say and thanks to our staff team for working hard and getting on everyday. More big things from us soon!
  13. I don't think the intent was to advertise on the server/community. More so about if you knew of people personally and asked them to join you on V to try it out.
  14. Hey thanks for the thread and mostly keeping it respectful here. It has no taken off, you're right, but we do still have a number of people dedicated to the server who get on every day and more that turn up for events. We met last weekend to discuss some scripting priorities that we hope will help as well (mainly around vehicles which have been largly requested). If you have any specific suggestions do reach out here on the forums. As for the MTA server we have no plans on reopening that. There are other RP servers on MTA that are using old leaked copies and are not doing very well either. As always there are a number of ways you can contribute to Owl whether that's being a staff member, suggesting new ideas, or helping keep the lights on. We have no plans of quitting.
  15. Community Video Contest We're looking for community members to create a video about OwlGaming! This could be anything on our GTAV server as long as it contains gameplay in good faith. Ideas such as: A how to video about one of our features Some video of you and your faction roleplaying A server trailer etc Factors your video will be judged based on: Length (ideally not too short and not too long 3-7mins) Editing The features demo'd etc We're giving out 1000 Gamecoins for your video! Please submit your video by February 24th, 2021. You can send them my way on the forums with a message to a private link! Thanks everyone for making Owl great! Regards, - OwlGaming Community
  16. For sure we actually already have the system done (we used it for launch).
  17. Hey we actually have all the code for this and had it at launch. We have since removed it because we want to encourage anyone to play without a lot of barrier to entry. We are open to bringing it back when the server population increases. Sorry for the late reply @chup92@ashamar
  18. This is approved. From what I hear @Yannick you were already looking at this in the server? Mind making a PR for it?
  19. At least with notes coming soon we have some way to create text content persistently in the server (obvs dont want a book of content though)
  20. Hello there! We'd like to welcome you into the Auction House! Upon entering, you have given us your personal information to place bids and host an auction. This information is used incase our Auction Regulations are broken. The regulations are to be found below. Auction Regulations The following has come into effect as of November 23, 2015, All auctions online established after this date as to be in compliance with these basic regulations: Auctions must have a set end date (no 'X time after last bid' or 'When item is sold'). Auctions may not be set to last beyond fourteen (14) calendar days. Ending dates that do not provide a set time shall end immediately on that day (Auctions set to end on January 5th will end as soon as January 5th starts unless a time is otherwise set). Bids may be withdrawn and changed at any time before it is acknowledged - Only before the bid is acknowledged by the thread creator is the bid final. Once an item is put up for sale, the auctioneer may not withdraw the item unless no one has bid on it in within three days. Both the auctioneer and bidders have an inherent right to privacy. 'Private' names may be used so long as the true information behind the users is known by Site Administrators, Law Enforcement (should it be required), and both the auctioneer and winner of the auction at the auction's conclusion. If you're bidding on an item, you must have the assets or money available at the time of your bid, and must maintain this throughout your bid. Whenever you're auctioning something, you must have the assets, vehicles or properties available at the time of your auction, and must maintain this throughout the duration of your auction as long as the status is still ON-GOING. Reserve bids are not allowed to be set for auctions. Buy outs, if any, must be made at the start of the auction. One cannot add a buy out price later, as a "TBA". If a buy out has been set, it may not be manipulated under any circumstances. Buy outs through out the auction that are not the set buyout, cannot be accepted. Auction end times are final. Auctioneers may not extend their auction time beyond what has been already established upon creation of the auction. However, it is understood that extraneous situations occur, in which case permission may be granted to extend an auction on a case by case basis. Starting bids may only be manipulated BEFORE any individual has bid on an item. Once people have bid on an item, you may not alter the starting bid. Trading in auctions isn't allowed. Auctions are made to sell vehicles, properties or items for money not for other items or products. If the auctioneer was offered a starting amount which is lower than the starting bid that was previously set and he is going to accept it, he has to edit the thread first with the new starting he is accepting and then notify the bidder that his offer was accepted. Bumping auctions before 24 hours isn't allowed. Auctioneers are to decided to whether disable the comments on their auction only before posting the auction. Once the auction is posted with enabled comments, it can't be disabled under any circumstances unless the Webmasters Team decided to do so. Auction Webmasters Team doesn't permit any auctioneer to delete any comments. Auctioneers are only allowed to flag, mark or report a comment, giving the reasoning. From that point, the Webmasters Team will decide if the reason is sufficient to delete it or not. Bidders are allowed to ask the auctioneer for his/her business profit average. Therefore, the auctioneer is to reply to them with a close average if not the exact number. (( OOC Regulations )) Your auction will be archived if there has been no response for five days. You may not scam in this board. You may not sell assets that are currently on credit and haven't been paid off in full. You may not arrange robberies through an auction. Auctions must be posted using the formats provided or identically reflect the layout of the forms. Private bids must be placed by the private bidder in the thread itself. His character name may be left out. OOC conversations should be at a minimum. Therefore, disabling OOC comments won't be allowed anymore. They'll be moderated by the Webmasters Team at all times. All auction dates and times are to adhere to IC server time, (GMT 0) not your local time. Any auction not following server time will be canceled by the webmasters. Bids placed can be of any form such as $10,000 or 10k or 10 grands. As long as the bid makes sense to the auctioneer and to the general public, they're acceptable. If you're writing anything make sure it's under the comment heading. That's only if the comments are enabled. Using trollish names while bidding or commenting on an auction such as “ILOVETHISCAR” is forbidden. This is an IC forum so you should use your character name. Bidders from now on must be using whether their full character name or initials of first-name and surname. Nicknames are forbidden on our boards as well whether for legal or illegal characters. However, the rule of using private still exists. Using more than one name on the same auction isn't allowed. If you’re bidding with a character and used a name, you must keep bidding using the same name. Players must add in-game pictures of the vehicles and properties they sell. You’re not allowed under any circumstances to use our boards while you’re banned in the game server. (( remember it is already mentioned in the server rules )) If you assume/know that OOC rules are broken, please use the report button at the post you want to report. Employees We've got the following employees walking around the Auction House that supervise the Auctions and make sure everything goes smooth. They'll be stepping in if an auction is not going how it's supposed to go. Below you'll find our current employees. @Vubstersmurf @QueenC @ItsMelodyy @Ixosis Anyone impersonating an employee of the Auction House is to be permanently removed from the Auction House. (This is a permanent Auction Ban.) How to host an auction We have noticed that it can take time before an auction is to be hosted, therefore we have created the following forms that are easy to fill out and speed up the process. After the form has been completed, your auction shall be placed active until the ending time. The forms we have available are below. Vehicles: https://forums.owlgaming.net/forms/39-online-auction-vehicle-ic-v/ Houses or businesses: https://forums.owlgaming.net/forms/38-online-auction-property-ic-v/ General goods: https://forums.owlgaming.net/forms/83-online-auction-other-ic-v/ Please make sure to follow this form correctly. If the form is not filled out properly, your auction shall be removed and canceled. Ending We would like to thank you for taking your time to read this. Changelogs are announced when new policies and changes are added to the Auction House rules. We hope you experience a great time within our Auction House and that you can get some nice goods! (( OOC Notes )) Trolling We do not allow trolling in our Auctions. If someone is found to be trolling, a punishment shall be given based on how severe it was. Please try to keep it as normal as possible, so everyone can continue their way without having problems. Auction ended/sold When your auction has ended or the vehicle/property has been sold, please put [ENDED] or [SOLD] in the title. This is to make sure we can mark it off and clean up the forums. This keeps the auction house clean from old auctions and allows new auctions to be added. Version 1.0.3 - Updated at 18th June 2020.
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