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  1. Welcome, I came after the vG times but you will probably still see some familiar faces around here!
  2. March 2019 Newsletter Community & Script Updates We apologize for missing the last newsletter! We'll try to do better :). I will also try to prevent this newsletter from getting too long by just including the most important updates from the last two months. In mid-January we released a MTA update which is detailed here: We are very close with having another V update as well. Over the past couple months we hosted an internal beta with members of staff and community leaders from various areas of roleplay on the server to get feedback on what we are missing. The feedback we have received has been extremely helpful and we are in the final stages of the development cycle at this point. Until the V update, here's a video of @Unitts being run over to tie you over for a bit: During the beta we also added some helpful profiling statistics to help us understand the performance issues that lower end systems might experience. Now let's shift gears and take a look at some general community updates, Three GAT updates have happened since the last newsletter, the most recent one is below. Congrats to the new members joining the team! Two faction updates were posted as well. Continuing their promise to meet more often and update the community. A game night was hosted last month and it was a hit! We can't wait to do one again and we are currently voting on a date here: Community Spotlight News Entertainment Character Stories Really like the formatting on this one Factions Some shoutouts of new illegal factions! A few new legal faction threads popped up as well! Media To have your media featured in the next newsletter, submit it on the #media channel on Discord! Stats 3,167 reports handled in the month of February! (note: this does not include support tickets.)
  3. Welcome! Check out the newsletter I'll be posting soon for another update on V's progress.
  4. Alright mates his email is fixed thanks for the heads up owlGAMERS

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  5. This thread will likely need to be heavily moderated to prevent it from going off track, you've been warned..
  6. Accepted a compromise between the two types. A design document will be attached here soon.
  7. what a mad lad been wanting one of these FOREVER. any costs for running servers for this game night is on me boys
  8. No they won’t be shared. We do support Discord integration on V however so you can see when your friends are playing on OwlV from there. Might be a friends list at some point in the future.
  9. Yes it would. Entering a shop and finding out it's somehow open while it sells only one or two things because everything else is out of stock is not an enjoyable or realistic experience. As I said, the current system is shit for this too but idea 2 makes it even more likely. I agree, and idea 2 would result in more unused retail than we currently have now. Instead of making it possible for specialized stores to thrive, it would only matter what geographic location you have for your shop. If I want to run a specialized shop outside of the popular area, idea 1 makes it easy to start the business and leave it be while handing you a profit idley. Idea 2 allows small businesses to thrive as long as the business idea is actually sustainable and requires a certain level of activity from the store owner to at least check in on their sale margins for paying wages. We don't need shops that are half empty on stock, and require no business planning like idea 2 would result in. I'm not in disagreement on this paragraph. I am in support of this suggestion. People do care if they actually get to simulate running a business and are rewarded by earning a profit. Taking away any of the actual business aspect by just slapping on basically another tax per item is shallow and ruins the point of the system. You overestimate that people really care about a low value shop and it's tax amount. Besides, only having to worry about what tax is charged on the business and not actually how much you are selling to break even is a lazy cash grab way of ruining the shop system. This sentence perfectly shows how shallow idea 2 makes the whole shopping system. Instead of worrying about profit margins on your store as a whole, all you do is price your items with +10% of what you imported them. Neat, now I will always break even. Doesn't matter if I advertise, specialize, or try to make my store unique. Custom shops, even by name, are designed to be different than the bland retail stores. You get to make it your own. There are ways to make it less arbitrary. It could even be calculated based on the interior price as they are /usually/ priced in a fashion that represents their geographic significance. I feel like I pulled out the points most pertinent to your paragraphs, trying to not make the argument too convoluted. It's fine to have a difference of opinion. My opinion is in agreement with yours, the current system does not work. Let's improve it without making the system even more shallow. It goes without saying that everything I insinuate here is my opinion and not fact, I cannot tell the future but I can do my best to imagine it. Idea 2 is a step back to the uG era of shops being more lucrative than sitting afk on your cop alt all day collecting paycheques.
  10. I’m more in support of the first idea in combination with decreasing the amount charged specifically for low item shops. The second idea is too generous and will result in a polar opposite of what we have now. Instead of having barely any shops, we’d have many shops all without proper stocking. Shops would exist just because they can, not because the owner actually cares to run them. Not selling anything costs them nothing more than the taxes and makes it easier to leave the shop alone letting it run dry on stock if it’s not successful. The current system at least incentivizes business owners to care about running their shop since it costs them money whether they are profitable or not. Perhaps others are forgetting how you used to be able to rack up millions from running shops since there were virtually no downsides. profit was profit no matter the scale. The current system doesn’t help this either as it makes it nearly impossible for small shops to exist at all, only allowing the larger shops to make a profit. The first idea along with doing a very low wage charge for shops with < 30 items or so would make it profitable for players to own small businesses that still have SOME business without making it an unrealistic cash in that is easy to let the stock run dry on. I reiterate that doing idea 2 would completely remove the ‘running a business’ portion of the shop system.
  11. Server Script Update (v6.5.5.2) | January, 2019 Thanks for your continued support everyone! We've been hard at work on GTA:V but that doesn't mean we forgot about MTA! Media AFK status in /admins for VT Auto reply for AFK players MPH zones are now all rounded properly Ice Skating Seasonal Event: Features Major rework of faction wage and interest Faction interest fully removed FT can set an amount of non-taxable asset values, only the amount after this limit will be taxed Factions will only have to pay out of pocket for wage amounts >$150, and only the difference from that value FT can change this value per faction Read this announcement for more information Custom UI expanded to many UIs Promote/Demote Faction members Property Purchase UI /ints /checkint Locksmith ATM windows Toggling login music now saves on the client MPH road limits are now using updated icons and make more sense Autoreply message when a user is AFK UCP perks now only list currently enabled premium perks Ice Skating added as a seasonal event Bike Locks added Windows use /ame now Adjustments: Adjusted the phone GUI for sending messages Characters are now moved outside of an interiors when selling it (regardless if they are online or not) Lots of security improvements ( @Strobe @Eloquent specifically ) Removed some old hotlines from factions that no longer exist DPS renamed to LSFD Added test vehicles to be exempt from snow handling for VT Job vehicles now handle like they have snow tires Sponsor slogans added for xmas as well as some win chance improvements Admin+ can now pickup CCWP's Eggnog can now be drank Updated bone attach resource for some performance improvements Added Western Solutions badges, hotline and object spawner Forum threads are posted for any money spawns now instead of over a threshold When a faction is deleted we no longer delete the interior, instead we forcesell it Can now see AFK status in /staff for VT and Scripting Team Fixes: Fixed an issue with custom interiors not loading on server start Fixed a weight issue on RS Haul exits Fixed some broken english on awaiting your application Fixed some advertising window sizing issues on smaller screens Code cleanup on selling inactive interiors Fixes for /setinttomyfaction Resolved a bug with chatbox disappearing when using certain UIs and minimizing the game When tabbing back into the game we now restore the UIs to custom if needed Fixed the search feature of /ints Resolved a query which was causing vehicle plates to disappear Fixed player faction ranks being updated incorrectly Fix for players bugging when F10ing during a test drive Fixes for speaker and ghettoblaster stream-ins Fix for elevator abuse when you aren't fully in a vehicle yet Fix spelling error on viewing CKed corpses Fix for /disappearing with artifacts on Fix for artifacts disappearing when entering interiors Fix for satchel and flamethrower not being able to be spawned Fix for putting on body armour assuming my gender Fix for players being killed even when in an armoured vehicle Fixed /911 logging Fixed police bike decals on the back Special thank you to @yannickboy15, @SjoerdPSV, @Unitts, and @Eloquent, for contributing to this update! Regards, - OwlGaming Community - OwlGaming Development Team
  12. It means you're typing in the wrong username. Try to remember what your account name was.
  13. @TheNeonGuy Scotty is the best
  14. Year In Review 2018 Community & Script Updates 2018 has been a fantastic year for OwlGaming and I wanted to take the time to thank everyone for continuing to play. Even if you aren't on the MTA server anymore it is nice to see the community grouping up and playing games together on teamspeak or our discord. If someone would be interested in hosting a game night, I would be interested in helping out and joining! Throughout the year we have made numerous rule changes. If you're interested in seeing a summary of all the rule changes that have been made this year take a look at the following link: https://gitlab.com/OwlGamingCommunity/docs/compare/91f420acd0cfe6b96e37a95538008ef51fcdbdb9...master All of the rule changes have been from community votes, suggestions, or as situations occur in game. Further more we've made a number of GTAV update posts and MTA script updates! This year we launched a refresh of our UCP design to highlight the work we are doing on launching a GTAV server: The MTA server alone has had over 35 thousand lines of code changed in this last year: The V project with nearly just as much! Please take some time to look at the dev blog updates and MTA server updates from the past year: https://forums.owlgaming.net/forum/1602-grand-theft-auto-san-andreas/ https://forums.owlgaming.net/forum/1603-grand-theft-auto-v/ At the start of the year we committed to improving things in the community with an announcement: We have kept our promises, one of which was to continue doing a monthly community newsletter. We hope we could satisfy some of your concerns with the changes we made! Also at the beginning of the year we had a community Q&A on teamspeak which discussed GTAV in more detail than the announcement on the forums. Community Spotlight Events This year there were a few community events. We had: Easter Bunny Gas Leak Terrorist Event Christmas Santa Paintball New Golf Course Ice Skating We are open to continuing this tradition and are always looking for new fun ideas that we can mix in to keep the roleplay fresh! In Character Content I'd like to see YOU reply with what your favorite post, roleplay situation, or faction was in 2018! I would love to feature it in this thread. Personally my favorite bit of content in 2018 has been the rise and success of Craazy's gang. Their IC updates and screenshots have been a welcome read! Media To have your media featured in the next newsletter, submit it on the #media channel on Discord! Stats 3,189 reports handled in the month of December! 45,173 reports handled in the year of 2018! (note: this does not include support tickets.) Concluding I can't wait to see what 2019 brings for OwlGaming. Thank you all for being a part of it and for all the hard work of the staff team this past year. We've come a long way as a community and have done nothing but improved from our mistakes. ❤️
  15. Well done, I appreciate all you guys have been working on
  16. I still can't reproduce any of this, neither can anyone in my region. I've tried mobile firefox and chrome for it.
  17. yes sir soon sir. Kind of holidays right now but we've been doing internal beta testing lately
  18. Chaos


    I'd be happy to talk about a particular topic if you have one. This thread is all over the place and seems to touch on out dated information. Perhaps a new topic would be better if you want to bring this up again.
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