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    [Vehicles] - Change the Ambulance Siren

    who cares, you hear it for like 5 minutes
  2. Hello businesses of Los Santos! The Los Santos Christmas special is returning yet again this year and we are looking for sponsors. Becoming a sponsor is a great way for your growing business to have some exposure! Businesses who contribute will get to have our employee(dressed up in the iconic santa costume) state your business name and slogan after redeeming a prize! The sponsorship money will help us cover the cost of awarding random citizens with a free vehicle for participating! We are looking for businesses to bring forward enough money to sponsor a car prize or a partial car prize. If you are interested in this excellent advertising opportunity, please send an email to [email protected] (( FORUM PM ))
  3. Chaos

    Forums took a shit for me

    No, and that issue looks related to the ad not OPs issue. Here's a screenshot from mobile chrome
  4. Chaos

    Forums took a shit for me

    Can't reproduce on Edge, Chrome or Firefox
  5. Chaos

    Forums took a shit for me

    Your javascript cache is fucked. If you opened your developer tools it would probably have errors. Clear your cache/cookies.
  6. Server Script Update (v6.1.2.4) | July, 2017 Highlights Notable features New UI design in F3, /check, /history, and F1 MDC APB improvements New chatbubble design and animation Replaced four objects for mapping introducing new walls and doors and windows Ability to /sit on the edge of a sparrow Improved item permissions Faction limited Individual Characters Advanced Query string Character picture in /look Updates to the generic spawner for foods and drinks Paintball event El Corona basketball court Use the imgur API to properly detect the size of the image before adding (Clothes, veh textures, etc) Automated forum threads return Complete rework of the API Automatically generate threads, easy for developers to add [UCP] Support for sentry to improve debugging Report all deprecation warnings aswell [UCP] Added multiprocessing to stripe payments to ensure the user never waits before getting a success/error page Improvements Allow MT leaders to manage their own uploads Added removeWorldObject to map exports Added /exportexteriormap [map ID from /maps] for Senior+ and MT MPH added to the PD speed camera Business key holders can now manage stocks without owning the interior Performance tweaks to carradio Added /moveramp Hide the APB box when HUD is toggled Hide the carradio box when HUD is toggled Performance improvements to chat bubbles New method to handle language differences Automatically remove different types of textures if it fails to get the image file Disable F11 map when blindfolded Major performance improvements to interior and elevator pickups COLSHAPES: 13212 -> 526 Notifies player when an animation bind is made how to use it Turn off the engine when removing the key from the vehicle Return vehicle key to player automatically after a fuel NPC turns off the engine Improvements to /setint and /setdim when inside a vehicle Improvements to Exciter Query String Automatically unlock bikes if the player falls off whilst it's locked Let characters < 16 edit height because kids grow Create a connection log on failed attempts [UCP] More descriptive email alerts [UCP] Improved the text on 500 error pages [UCP] Image optimisations [UCP] Display second in log searches [UCP] Update to ticket markdown formatting, new lines are no longer treated as being in the same paragraph Adjustments Reduced the harshness of /punish Rules in F1 now point to docs.owlgaming.net ASH blip added / CGH blip removed Changed the error message of /ed when the player does not have the key on them Prevent binds in the locksmith GUI SCoSA receives 911 calls Reduced the lower limit of /togspeed to 30 Dynamic Lighting reduced Max FPS reduced Changed the max file size for Dupont AP renamed to 'Armour' in /recon Added back /unjail just in case Add character name to recon notification Disable /c when the player is dead Don't show offline bans if the player has disabled punishment notifications Show username and not character name when using /delramp Rename SACMA badge to LSMA [UCP] Stripe metadata updates [UCP] Disabled bitcoin support at this time as it is only supported out of US banks [UCP] Allow history appeals for /punish, automatically remove the relevant points if it is removed on the UCP Bug fixes Fixed some F3 panel coordinates Prevent double ban entries on /opunish Fixed a bug with interior time settings not updating Typo fix for /dogadd Resolved some saving errors in insurance, K9 and SFIA Resolved a bug with /punish when a player has no previous bans Numerous improvements and bug fixes to the new UI Fixed /ads so you can see your new advertisement without reopening the UI Fixed items deleting when picked up with a full inventory in some situations Fixed an issue with clothing shops Fixed spelling error on F11 street names Fixed spelling error when using /setfactionmoney Fixed a distance issue with RS Haul Money drop bug fix Fixed a notorious /status bug between interiors and dimensions Fixed F10 option for the shaders Removed remnants of old interior fall protection Resolved new UI chat confliction Fixed free bike licenses in some cases Fix for F3 finance last week numbers Bug fixes for multi-floor elevator Weight fix for generic food and drink Fixed the URL copy paster button not working Fixed fakevideo not removing textures when exiting/changing interior Fixed fakevideo/clubtec bugging on resource restart Resolved a debug error from object interaction Fixed the infamous bug when first logging in and seeing all the house icons on your minimap Removed underscore from player names when unblindfolding Fix for shops having some cheap items with the same price as the stock Fix for viozy shops stock price not taking discount into account Fixed cigarette icon duplicating for old HUD users Disallow sitting on chairs when in recovery Fix to allow Leads to promote to FT Added character limit to username changes on the donation feature Fixed an issue where the forum API would include the IDs of players in forum threads Fix for cargo spawning transaction logging Fix for /gotoint and /gotointi not working after being used whilst in an interior Fixed the shotgun shooting nonstop in driveby Fixed languages sometimes showing up improperly when in a vehicle [UCP] Fixed PayPal failing to process [UCP] Resolved an exception when signing up with a referrer [UCP] Catch attribute errors on register [UCP] Catch the exception in the case of an invalid email address [UCP] Fixed inactivity protection for vehicles not being applied in game Server script version v6.0.1.9->v6.1.2.4 Kind regards, - OwlGaming Community - OwlGaming Scripting Team
  7. Server Script Update (v6.5.0.0) | November, 2018 Thanks for your continued support everyone! We've been hard at work on GTA:V but that doesn't mean we forgot about MTA! Media Features Online Banking from any laptop or phone Toggle-able Login Sound (Community Vote) Remove all textures button and highlight textures Dynamic lighting returns with performance improvements Added a vehicle interior for the Benson Phone now has a browser and banking app All languages available in character creation New custom animations Faction members can now create interior keys at locksmiths Rewriten advertisements Adjustments: Changed character name limit to 22 as it's the max MTA supports Changed the interiors for SEMC Improved hiding the DMV questions and answers on the client Show inactivity protection only to admins and interior owner (Community Vote) Allowed /goto while reconning Disabled some world sound effects (fountain, torch, and absent wind) Vastly improved server startup/shutdown time Fixes: Fix for skin 290 being in the Asian category Resolved some issues with /ticket not working properly (#1674, #1672) Resolved an error when a player logs out while dead Allow admins to use freecam in the regular world after dying Fixed vehicles getting a random color after previewing a texture (#1578) Resolved an issue when paying for your tickets in some cases not going through Fix for the language when speaking into a phone Removed the deprecated setVehicleTurnVelocity Special thank you to @yannickboy15, @SjoerdPSV, @Unitts, @Sergeant, @DrJoseEviI, @FAILCAKEZ and @Eloquent, for contributing to this update! Regards, - OwlGaming Community - OwlGaming Development Team
  8. https://gitlab.com/OwlGamingCommunity/docs/commit/b7d9700d40ea0eca270cd23f5428125779487de4 Approved
  9. Unfortunately I would not expect all admins to be trained up on fire roleplay and I don't feel like it would be required on small arsons.
  10. I don't mean to set anyone off, but I don't think FD roleplay is that complicated. Especially at the basic level that Zeb proposes here for small arsons.
  11. Currently supervision is needed to spawn the fire at all, so the admin spawning it could react as DPS if they have the time.
  12. It's my opinion to agree with what ThatGuy said earlier, allowing admins to fill the void if there aren't enough DPS online. Removing this requirement gives the FD even less to do than they already have. An admin will already be needed to supervise so I feel like it would be an okay compromise. If the proposed solution is inadequate we'll bring it up at the UA meeting this Sunday @Zebulon @DylanW pls recruit
  13. Chaos

    Owlgaming error

    This would also be handy to report to the MTA team. They should be checking these things on startup instead of crashing while in game.
  14. Good point. This is meant to promote DPS roleplay. Give them things to do and prevent people from waiting till nobody can respond for things like this to maximize damage. It’s why the PD rules need to exist.
  15. As it says, sheds small buildings and cars. A business would likely not be considered minor arson.
  16. Chaos

    Departure - Croozerdog

    Departures are removed. PM your friends rather than announcing it on the forums. Sorry to see you go! Feel free to PM me if you need to rant
  17. Chaos

    [General] Adding google to your cellphone.

    This is implemented in the next script update.
  18. Don’t remember what tune it was
  19. Server Script Update (v6.4.3.2) | September, 2018 Thanks for your continued support everyone! We have a mainly bug fix update as Daniel recently went ham on cleaning up some stale bug reports! That doesn't mean we don't have some great features to show off though either Media Friendly Advertisements for Bus and Taxi Jobs! Changes to the MP3 Player! (Can now be freely moved and has a volume slider) /showinv Changes! Tutorial Script! Features An all new server tutorial is out now to new players! Nearby players can see what you said into your phone Added an "are you sure" check to all ways to pickup storage items Toll gate manager returns! Custom textures for the broadway has been added /delplayeritem added Admins can now enable a simple "beep" for created reports and apps while on duty Adjustments: Added a maximum amount of ranks for factions Disable clicking on gates or showing item tooltips while a GUI is open Removed location from the vehicles tab on the faction menu(unless using the vehicle tracker) Show the item ID in /showinv General improvements to the UI for /showinv including buttons for item functions on a player Allow /enterveh to warp into locked vehicles Spike stripe deployments now automatically issue a /ame Added rolling papers to the general shop Allow drugs to be sold in custom stores Allow item property editing for vehicle interiors /factions now shows the new rank names Volume slider for MP3 Allow the red rose burrito van to have a stretcher Improved design of /check Trials can now forcesell interiors Show the generic item name when showing an item Passengers can now unlock/lock vehicles from the inside Friendly adverts for people doing cab or bus jobs PD now has access to the paintball script Added commands for togglehud and togglechatbubbles so you can hide them Allow accessing mailboxes from the interior marker of the house Block restricted items from being sold in stores Added snake cam to restricted items Alt-Alt checking via RS Haul Prevent locking motorcycles from the inside as players can get locked out Adjustments to /recon to improve muultiple faction support Added a county medical radio channel FTF now has access to the dispatch system Allow multiple restrictions to be created for the same radio frequency Made an impound lot for SCoSA SCoSA can use /togspeed /ticket for SCoSA "Tool Shops" and other shops like it now have a separate inventory for each type of item Behavior changes to vehicle descriptions Fixes: Fix for /sellproperty with factions Fixed an output issue with antifall Fixed a bug with protected faction ranks and /setfactionranks Fix for F10'd admins being included in /staffs Floating glue has been fixed Fixed a superman issue while freecam previewing Resolved an issue with inventory space and cellphones Fixed an issue with the HPV bike preventing you from using other vehicle horns Butterfly doors now work after reconnecting Fixed MDC showing business names Performance improvement to moving items Resolved an issue of duplicate weapons being in the players inventory on some item moves Fix for a recursive interior problem when resolving interior zone names Performance improvement to syncing vehicle distance changes No longer destroy the hitPickup for interiors if someone else walks out of the marker Resolve faction name cache issues when you change the faction name Resolved an issue with the outside time being incorrect on interior changes Resolved an issue when formatting money values Make sirens work even if they don't have the strobes attached Resolved an issue with weather inputs from admins Fixed storing of rotation for textures Fixed an issue needing the interior system to be restarted after a server shutdown Performance improvements for server shutdown Fixed an issue where you are given armor values when given the item Code style improvements Resolved having the wrong skin in jail for your gender Resolve failed calls still costing money Fixed a typo that was causing issues for getting a bikers license Fix for /goto modification for mappers Fixed a warning for speedcams Fixed /pa in airplanes Fixed a drive by bug that let you shoot with an empty gun Prevent reload abuse while being in drive by mode Special thank you to @yannickboy15, @SjoerdPSV, @Unitts, and @Eloquent, for contributing to this update! Regards, - OwlGaming Community - OwlGaming Development Team
  20. Chaos

    [General] - Remove the vehicle script.

    I won't even entertain a full response to this. Anyone who claims ricers aren't RPers hasn't roleplayed with the good ones out there.
  21. Aware, it's on our tracker to replace by a sound similar to MTA. (Assuming you mean ints)
  22. Chaos

    [GUI] - Player Description Accent Function

    Pretty cluttered to have [LANGUAGE] [ACCENT] [NAME] [MODIFIER (shout, say, whisper)]: [MESSAGE] Would be looking for this to be displayed elsewhere.

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