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  1. Sorry mate Don't have any ideas for you
  2. You can try uninstalling and deleting your server resources cache to force a redownload, nothing we can really do unfortunately. It's an issue in your network routing to our server. You can delete your resource cache at Program Files/MTA/mods/deathmatch/resources/ Delete all the files/folders in there.
  3. Vote for the musical event in that case!
  4. Hey! I tend to annually do a major server event and poll from the community which idea we will commit to. I’ve added some options to the poll but if another idea comes up in this thread that gains a lot of support (please like the person that posted that original idea if you want that idea) then that could be done too. Thanks for your input
  5. Server Script Update (v6.6.0.1) | May, 2019 Media Please see Unitt’s dev blog for media in this script update! The Wearable script is still in progress as mentioned by Yannick in the post. Features /setwheelstate allows admins to set a vehicles wheel to be slashed/destroyed Paged vehicle library improves performance of searching and editing vehicles Hotline and Badges for Sparta Inc. Pay N Spray now supports ATM cards New bug report tab in the report panel Saudi Arabia typing icon You can now see how much tax you will be charged before registering your vehicle in the DMV window Improvements for monitoring, creating, and managing elections This will make it easier to run elections for smaller events All new ANPR system (see the dev blog post above) Adjustments: Improved aimbot protections Hide some anti-cheat measures we use Use the real item name for logging of generic items in Elasticsearch RC Goblin and RC Raider can now be used with the thermal script Removed 3 unused hotlines Only admins can now see inactivity protection on interiors Autofill the generic spawner with the generic object model by default The generic spawner now outputs a confirmation message Moved the SAN news NPC to a new interior VT members can now use /setvariant to set vehicle variants Added Sparta Inc. to the generic food spawner No longer push adverts when you make edits /togspeed improved to support MPH vs KPH depending on the users setting Added the dufflebag and medical bag to objects that are being “worn” when you /look someone On duty admins can now use the mechanic options when via right-click Wearing a full-face helmet prevents cameras from identifying your person Fixes: Fix for an error in some factions resulting from the tax system Tweaks to getting the snow level Added improved prevention for users getting more vehicles in their F3 than their limit Fixed an error in /makeveh outputting nil data Prevent login music label from appearing in the bottom right if the resource is restarted as the user is logged in Resolved an endless loop when searching for a parent interior Performance improvements in the items system Fix for /opm messaging the whole server Fixed orphaned faction ranks when deleting a faction Security fixes for rogue MTA clients No longer show basketball court messages if an admin is flying over the area Fixed a random backpack sometimes spawning on your ped Prevent /recovery escaping if you use the antifall feature Removed shellcasing for paintballs Fixed an issue where a user could rebuy a drivers license after the payday if it was suspended Fixed a bug where /stats of GCs would not be updated when rewarded for report counts Fixed using snake cams in sub-interiors Fixed a log issue when PD gives a ticket to a player Fixed an exploit where illegal weapons wouldn’t be removed on death if you had a CCWP weapon Prevent locked items from being moved Fixed chatbox reappearing on minimizing and maximizing your MTA window Improved /goto when reconning Moved many resources to the “new" MTA Database functions A special thank you to @Unitts, @Yannick, @SjoerdPSV and @DetectiveSGT for contributing to this update! Regards, - OwlGaming Community - OwlGaming Development Team
  6. Heyo, Just a small update on this. I plan to roll out the update this weekend once we have a couple code reviews complete
  7. gwon mate release V already x

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. JameZ


      appreciate it my finals are done by july release it or ill send the TNT team to ur house

    3. Script


      no can do. queencs holding us back from releasing.

      shes not a thing on OwlV at this moment.

    4. Ambidextrous


      shut up NIGGER

  8. County Commissioner Elections Results April 30th, 2019 Finally, the County of Los Santos is able to announce the election results following the polls closing earlier today. We are pleased to announce Klaus Wunnenberg being voted in as the new County Commissioner of the Los Santos County. We'd like to thank everyone for voting, and for the other candidate for running. This was one of our closest elections yet with only a two vote difference in the vote tally's. The length of the term for the County Commissioner will be 6 months. All further correspondence before the next election will be done through the Commissioner and his party team. Thank you,
  9. County Commissioner Election Candidates April 23rd, 2019 The County of Los Santos has now closed applications to the County Commissioner role. The following candidates are final and will be elected on April 27 and 28th at voting booths at city hall. Citizens are encouraged to bring their ID to the polls and votes on their preferred candidate. The results will be announced shortly after polls have been closed and the ballots counted and verified. Running Candidates - Howard Sweeney - Independent, District 4 Klaus Wunnenberg - Rationalist Homeland Workers Party, District 1 As a reminder, voting ballots will be available on both, April 27th and 28th, at city hall. Each Los Santos County citizen is entitled to one vote if they above the age of majority. (( Out of Character Information )) County Commissioner voting will be done VIA an NPC in-game at the County Hall. Elections will be held on April 27 and 28th to allow ample time for people to vote due to timezone restrictions. We will announce the results shortly after.
  10. To an extent it is yes, but most of those things you described can be handled by /report not forums as OP stated. I remind that this thread is about solutions, if you have ideas that can solve some of these issues please speak up. Reducing hand holding is difficult as it often introduces RPG elements that people hate.
  11. This is simply not viable. The real solution is to have factions be more autonomous and need less hand holding. It has nothing to do with being "lazy", it has to do with ensuring RP quality and the amount of things FT offers in the form of VMs requires a lot of work. Can you clarify? There is no such restriction.
  12. Hey, Some punishments have been dished out as a result of the video. Thanks!
  13. County Commissioner Elections Announcement April 14th, 2019 Today, the County of Los Santos is announcing an emergency election of the County Commissioners office following resignation of James Campbell prior to the end of his term. The County Commissioner elections will be taking place on April 27 and 28th. Candidates who wish to run for the County Commissioner seat must submit their candidacy to the Supervisor of Elections for the state of San Andreas. The length of the term for the County Commissioner will be 6 months. The final candidates will be announced on April 21st, 2019. Each candidate- Must be at least 21 years of age on the date of being sworn into office. Must reside in the district or county they are running for. May not have a felonious criminal record. May only run for one office at a time. (( Out of Character Information )) If you wish to run for the seat of County Commissioner, submit your campaign platform to the Faction Team HERE. Candidates will be reviewed to ensure they have no active or a low number of administrative punishment points and that they meet the IC candidacy requirements. Those who submitted valid campaign platforms will receive a private message with their acceptance and their name will be on a government publication made on April 21st, 2019 indicating that they are officially a valid candidate for the office they are seeking. In advance, the Faction Team asks that only those who are serious candidates apply that are capable of fulfilling the tasks and duties expected of effective government leadership. County Commissioner voting will be done VIA an NPC in-game at the County Hall. Elections will be held on April 27 and 28th to allow ample time for people to vote due to timezone restrictions.
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