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  1. VeX

    mta script when

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    2. Chaos


      maybe its a blessing that the MTA script isnt out yet

    3. VeX


      I can already envision the "LEGACY ROLEPLAY" "ECLIPSE ROLEPLAY" "REDUX ROLEPLAY" servers after it's released with all the owl logos changed and nothing else added.



      On a side note - if you still want to assist the roleplay scene consider putting your talents and skills to use at LC-RP they've fostered a large community and are taking the fight directly to GTA:W - standing against monetization scandals and driving to provide a solid roleplay experience. Your skills would be greatly appreciated there. That is ofcourse - if you find yourselves with a change of mind about the startup of the new gaming community - whatever happens I wish you well! LC:RP - https://discord.gg/6HWBCasF

    4. Chaos


      Wish you well too Vex

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