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Status Updates posted by Chaos

  1. The GC sale ends soon! Buy yours quick!

  2. For a limited time we are selling GCs with a 30% bonus! Pickup some today!

    1. Unitts


      Ooooh BOY OH BOY get ME some Sweet GCS


    2. Gazzeh



  3. @Eloquent is giving me a hand with the UCP work, so I added a category to script suggestions titled "UCP" be sure to leave us some cool ideas! :)

    1. Norm


      Thank you mate big fan of you

  4. Alright mates his email is fixed thanks for the heads up owlGAMERS

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    2. JameZ


      How's the goat chaos hope it's doing u well

    3. Cryotich


      He lost the goat

    4. Rauf
  5. Chaos

    how was the ariana grande manchester concert?

    1. Bum


      ok buddy im pohning the police

    2. Mogs


      thats bang out of order 😖

    3. VeX


      thats fucking bang out of order that is mate thats it i'm calling the RSPCA on you

  6. In case you didn't know, you can view some public repositories of Owl here: https://gitlab.com/OwlGamingCommunity


    1. Mogs


      haha thanks for the script

  7. Had to turn away a lot of businesses for the easter egg sponsorship :( Don't want to make the prize money too ridiculous. Glad to see all the initiative though, we'll do it again like this in the future.


    Better to be taking out of the economy the same amount we are looking to spawn in.

  8. Super busy with school lately, sorry for not doing as much as I should. Still around though if anyone needs to shoot me a PM :) 

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    2. Chaos


      Finals are done mid April so it usually ramps up near the end like this. Probably will remain pretty busy for a little while more.


      @Bum hit me up for Wii games with my best mate @Mogs

    3. Mogs


      wii fit multiplayer

    4. DanielV


      go at it mogs, go on

  9. Planning to do another one of those google surveys soon. Then we can see how we have been doing recently..

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    2. MindScape


      I have suggestion: Event when I am online for once please :( Aka: not saturday at 9am-3pm gmt-07:00



    3. Chaos


      I'll probably put it in the newsletter we are doing in the first few days of February

    4. Santeri


      I think there should be events monthly. I hope that's something you can aim for! :)

  10. lovin the holiday cover :wtf_u_say:

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    2. Lyricist


      If OwlGaming is a machine, then it's sad to say it runs on Windows Vista. @Chaos

    3. Chaos


      Sad you missed the whole point of the article @Lyricist

    4. Lyricist


      @Chaos Sad you missed the meme, pal. The community is doing somewhat great and I actually read all of it, just had to be a spitelord.

  11. Leaving for vacation today! I'll be back Tuesday :)

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    2. Bum


      ok good to know send the family my regards lol

    3. Lyricist


      Good, dont bother coming back without new server updates!

    4. Mogs


      hope you never return you good for nothing freak

  12. Eiydg7Z.png



    1. Antonia


      wow best friends x

    2. dusty


      bestfriends 4 life

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