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  1. Unfortunately it would still drop the casings in the area of you shooting. However, sawed off shotguns don't do this.
  2. @Portside next time use the format
  3. For most, things got annoying/boring being stuck on the hill for 3-4 hours. The novelty wears off. But it's an event we'll probably do again in the future!
  4. Added so that it outputs in F8 if you are using the GUI for logging purposes.
  5. Slight note on that, it will be here tomorrow. @Syncer wasn't around his computer for the rest of today
  6. Server Script Update (v6.3.0.7) | February, 2018 Flood A flood tore through San Andreas during this update! FBI Truck Interior A new FBI truck interior! Gun Casings Gun casings will be automatically dropped when firing a weapon. These will automatically be cleaned up weekly. Speed Camera UI A speed camera UI for officers, less spam in your chatbox Admin Vehicle Description A community suggested improvement! Other Changes: Removed some cache debug Made /fixveh output text look pretty Adjustments to make some item images more clean Fixed some issues with the username cache /gotocar old and /getcar old will find your last car Allow * as a target for setcolor to set the color of the vehicle you are currently in Lead+ can now delete protected vehicles after a warning Resolved a bug with fuelcans not being properly emptied if you had multiple in your inventory Improved logging for some vehicle commands Internal cleanup of vehicle pricing Automated script that clears the towing impound yard of vehicles impounded more than 14 days ago Fixes for offline punishing and banning Fixed /banaccount not messaging anyone or kicking the player(if they are online) Adjusted /togmytag command to not increase nametag vision Regards, - OwlGaming Community - OwlGaming Development Team
  7. I don't believe what you said is true about a mask changing your voice so much that it's not recognizable.
  8. [Vehicles] - Toggle /ed Lines on/off via command

    I'm not really sure it's worth the time. I'd the suggestion was to just clear the content that's pretty quick to do by just selecting all the text and hitting backspace. I'm sure there are better things scripters could work on?
  9. [Command] - A special /ed for admins

    Implemented for next update by @Syncer
  10. [Vehicles] - Toggle /ed Lines on/off via command

    Denied, would require 5 more database columns and synced element data, as well as work just because you don't want to edit one line of your /ed?
  11. Let's bring Verona Mall RP back

    I agree 100%, what are you suggesting we do to move more RP there? I believe the new spawn for characters is at the mall too

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