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  1. My apologies that is the wrong link and I can't find the other suggestion. The issue was that cars with a token would actually be at an advantage because they would never be stolen and users would selectively rob cars based on something OOC.
  2. You didn't search before posting and you really take any consideration of the downsides before posting or ways to solve them. Closed as this does not address the issues discussed there.
  3. too muuuuch
  4. Heya, I like going on YouTube, searching 'OwlGaming' and seeing what feedback I can get and also I just enjoy watching people have a good time. It's refreshing after reading about mainly negative experiences as I try to improve things on the forums. I don't get to see a lot of the stuff we actually do right. When I search up videos about Owl I don't see a lot of them posted on the forums so I end up missing out. Please link videos you want to share in this board so I can view them, like and comment. Hopefully I can use some of the feedback you provide there to help benefit the server too. Thanks guys and let me know if there's something I could do to make your video production smoother.
  5. Insults have gone on long enough, theres no need for that here. Locking the thread due to lack of meaningful discussion.
  6. Haha I'll lock it for you, there are other suggestions for the same thing feel free to discuss there!
  7. God its so hard to even read this. I told you that your thread would turn out like this. @OhhPixelz let's look into some of his vehicle concerns and see what we can do. Normally we would remove a post like this from someone ban evading but this is too meme. And thanks for the report @Mail
  8. UAT Update - Valentines Day 2017 Love is in the air for valentines day. Today we unfortunately have to say goodbye to some UAT members that have been with us for a long time. There comes a time when people play for so long that they need to move on. Arrivals OhhPixelz - Promoted to Lead Administrator Departures Almeida(Personal Reasons) Shanks(Personal Reasons, Busy with University) Antonia(Departed during transition phase) We decided to move OhhPixelz up to the position because we feel that he would be perfect for the job of managing GAT. Him along with Swanker are both extremely active in game. OhhPixelz has been proactive with his Senior admin roles and we look forward to what he will be bringing to GAT. Regards, - OwlGaming Community - Upper Administration
  9. No plans to do so, no time to do so. Unless we had a team of decent devs to build a server from the ground up I cannot ever see this happening. There is just a lack of man power. Also i wouldn't be surprised if they got sued to shit and got shutdown again like all the past ones. The only reason this one has lasted so long is because it's been mainly in a state of closed beta. Would have to see how Take-Two Reacts.
  10. Done thanks to @Blooker
  11. You're welcome to script this and submit it. Do not tag scripters in suggestions as it's against the rules.
  12. This solution sounds pretty awful to me. How fucking useful is it to disable locking on some bikes and not others and then what? They'd have to /report to get it reenabled when they are near a bike rack? This should be handled on a case by case basis, if you see someone abusing the bike lock, then unlock it/punish the player if relevant.
  13. The fact that 911 isn't instantly called at the night gives you sort of a benefit for waiting for darkness to do robberies. A min of two cops to be on is a small and fair amount. If we didn't have this, you'd have no consequence or risk to robbing anything at night and everyone would just wait around until the server population goes down overnight. The rule is required.