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  1. Roleplay Cultivating This is a short announcement that we were approached with an idea to expand upon the 'faction characters' that we had in MTA. These characters were created by staff to create roleplay or interaction between factions on the server. Previously we have used these to plan heists, where a character gains trust in a faction and begins to help with planning of a major bank heist. @Machiavelli has expanded on this idea with a more general idea to help cultivate roleplay in the server. We have already begun implementing it and have reached out to a couple active members of our community to help take this role in creating a narrative and more cooperation between factions. This can range from small acts to large story arches that can effect everyone in the server. A small example: The cultivator is rumoured to be coming to LS and is a major cartel leader in another state, illegal factions gain wind of this and can devise plans of kidnapping, allying with said player, etc. PD may be informed of the arrival of the cartel member and be on the lookout. Additional clues and rumours will be given to players and faction members ICly be these roleplay cultivators to help drive the narrative forward. A larger example: The cultivator works his way up in trust in an illegal faction, not necessarily joining, but being well known and trusted by high ranking members. The cultivator may then reach out to a legal faction who would be given permission for corruption to participate in an event with this cultivator. The cultivator is now in a position across factions where we can create some really interesting alliances and legal fronts for the illegal operations of one of the servers illegal factions. These cultivators need not be admins, but may be invited based on activity in the server as well as their connection to the planned narrative (selecting non-bias members to create these characters and monitoring their progress). We hope this might bring some fun dynamics to the server, even if you cannot directly see the events transpiring. I thought I would make this post to just give the community a heads up of some of our plans and be transparent about the process. If you have any suggestions let us know below! Regards, - OwlGaming Community - OwlGaming Upper Administration
  2. Server Script Update (v1.0) | OwlV Launches! | February, 2020 This update is the first launch of the 1.0 script version! We've come a long way to get here and we're proud of the the most advanced RP script on RageMP that we've created. This update specifically improves performance, brings stability enhancements, adds fishing, adds a ton of new mod content including new vehicles, clothes, beards, and mapping objects (all of which will soon be added to the furniture store). Features & Adjustments Added boat store Added boat rentals Added fishing: Fishing takes the form of a Dance Dance Revolution style minigame where you can succeed or fail in catching the fish There are multiple levels of fishing, with more difficulty comes more reward with levelling You can continue fishing when you reach the maximum level. There is no 'end' like other jobs. To fish you will require a rod (sufficient for your level), fishing line, and a cooler to store your fish in. These can be bought from the Fishing supply store. A cooler can hold 20 fish at once. Visit a fishmonger to sell your fish Fishing line is good for attempting to catch up to 20 fish, but has a very small chance to snap (higher if you fail to catch) Added fishmonger You can sell fish here for money Added Fishing line, rods and cooler items Added item sockets for left and right hands We will be enabling more items to fit into these sockets shortly Added multiple new achievements Added 36 new custom vehicles (including new ambulances and police vehicles, but mostly civilian vehicles) These are available in the vehicle dealership & rental store now! Added new custom hair styles to char create + barber More beards are coming soon! Added new custom objects which can be used for mapping These will appear in the furniture store shortly Added new tutorial stages for boats & fishing Tutorials are now re-offered when new sections are added The player can skip it entirely, watch the entire tutorial again or only watch new sections and is told how long it will take to watch the new sections Boats now consume gas Boats now get dirty Boats can now use gas stations Boats can now use boat washes Add output for admins that they changed the plate text or style /er command for players to close their reports easily Spawned gas stations at sea Spawned boat washes at sea Updated version to 1.0 and removed beta tags Minor blip decluttering on the map Added /changevehmodel for admins Spawned LSPD boats Added Notification when trying to enter a vehicle thats locked and doesnt have a GTA animation for such Improvements to screenshot mode (press minus to activate) Fixes 0003453: Edit interior appears on the bottom right when first loading in, outside of an interior 0003447: Vehicle fuel does not diminish when idling 0003431: Cars impounded from interior 0003439: Fire Department faction - Name Change 0003432: /nearbyvehicles lists other vehicles in the same interior model 0003425: Ctrl + Right click inventory prompt is off center 0003450: [General] Char create has text behind it 0003357: After app denial the answers don't get updated properly causing admins not to see the proper answers 0003430: Application mismatch between Admin and Player Crash fixes 0001728: Press left CTRL to see ID Rotation for backpack (bakcpack appears properly on back) Fixed bug where inactivity could be ignored on properties Fixed bug where properties could be repossessed more than once Optimization: Removed about 10k vectors
  3. We can't transfer vehicles as the GTASA ones do not match up well, especially with how custom tuned most of them were from VT. We can't do houses since the whole map is different. We can do a monetary value for some of that stuff but we are not looking to just spawn a bunch of money, we'd rather spawn assets that people can roleplay with. You're welcome to make a transfer request on the UCP. I just used GTAW as an example. Also our MTA econ was no where near broken. Especially for a game server that needs to strike the balance between fun and realistic. But that's besides the point of this thread.
  4. I understand your concern. It's something we talked internally about, but frankly we do not have much of a choice. If it can help bring additional people over to RP, then it will benefit the community as a whole. Existing users are still eligible for faction starter packs which usually give you everything you need to hit the ground running as well.
  5. OwlGaming V Launch We are now announcing our official launch of the GTAV server this Sunday! Now that we are out of beta we were able to highlight some of our most important improvements in the above video, however, there has been MUCH more done since the beta's initial release and we have a lot an awful lot more planned! One major thing that was not highlighted in the above video was our phone system that we now have since initially launching. We've come a long way and we have you to thank for that. We hope you hop in-game and give us another shot. Faction Starter Packs and Easy Official Status As we continue to listen to community feedback, we are now making it easier for factions to achieve official status. There is no longer an extraneous period of activity required before reaching official faction status, giving you and your faction all the support you need to roleplay. I would like to remind people that we offer faction starter packs, aimed at giving factions more of a helping hand in building a foundation. If you and your friends would like to create a faction, the faction team are happy to help out with assets such as: Vehicles Properties Weapon Packs Drugs and sometimes in game cash! Media Team I want to thank the media team for working hard on the above video. We hope to do more videos and promotional photos in the upcoming months. Thank you to @rosemarie @Jer and SergeantHashem! If you're interested in joining, please reach out to me on discord or in a forum PM. Friend Referrals The UCP has an option where you can refer a friend to create an account on OwlGaming, if you do you can win free gamecoins if the person you referred reaches a certain number of hours! We are currently in the process of implementing this in our GTAV server. If you were referred by someone and you created an account in-game, make a support ticket and we can set the referral for you to make sure your friend gets his hard-earned gamecoins. Other Server Character Transfers If you're a player on an eligible RageMP Roleplay server (for example GTAW) and want to give OwlGaming a shot, you may have the option to transfer some or all of your assets to OwlGaming! This way you won't need to start over and can get right in on the action. These transfers will be handled on a case by case basis, please make a support ticket with us to start the transfer! https://owlgaming.net/support Upcoming Fishing Update We have a stability and feature update coming soon, which will see the release of fishing and other improvements to the server. Additionally, we are well prepared for the public release of Rage 1.1 which we hope to happen soon now that the developer preview is public (we've been in the private preview for awhile). Thank you all for your continued support! See you in game on Sunday February 23rd! Regards, - OwlGaming Community - OwlGaming Upper Administration
  6. Hey, I'm looking to create some form of creative of media team for Owl. A group of people or an individual that would be willing to edit some feature showcases for Owl or some media/promotional images. If this sounds like something you could do, please let me know on Discord or Forum PM. If there's something I can do that you'd want in return, let me know. I was thinking GCs of course as a reward. Thanks guys/gals!
  7. This means you took too long to click the link. You can login to the UCP at https://owlgaming.net in the top left you will see a link to resend the verification email.
  8. Happy birthday my mate. Have a good day will kick Joe Unit down the stairs for you.

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  10. No, the point of the jobs are to give you money to start. Not be a constant income. This is sort of the point, you shouldn't be able to drive a lambo by delivering mail Join or start a faction mate, we offer starter packs of a lot of help and resources to people that want to create RP
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    very low PMA on this individual would not recommend chatting with
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    Note that posts made by you will continue to have attribution to your username. Processing now.
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    Processed the forum account. Game accounts cannot be deleted but they can be deactivated and anonymized. Make a ticket to do that on OwlGaming.net/support
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