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  1. That still has nothing to do with the suggestion of adding this to city Hall and my point had nothing to do with playerbase, go off topic again and it will be a forum infraction.
  2. What the hell does that have to do with this suggestion and since when is a higher playerbase better? Stay on topic, we only broke 200 like once or twice don't act like we had an average playerbase of 200.
  3. I believe FT has been working on moving back to official status for factions because of the large number of people just starting a business and failing shortly after instead of supporting currently running factions. So this probably wouldn't work with that idea.
  4. Denied. Definitely not needed.
  5. Anyone in the community is welcomed to work on this script, moved to accepted.
  6. Was reworked, never worked that way with icons before in the F11 map and such. @Exciter can explain more but I believe he is away atm.
  7. Welcome back, let me know if there's anything I can do to help you get back into RPing
  8. My point is making more lower end and cheap vehicles on rotation at the low end dealers for token use.
  9. Not a problem for scripters I can handle reducing the value but ya the VT has to adjust those prices.
  10. As others said you can just ask an admin regarding if its a token vehicle or not. I don't have a problem lowering the value of tokens but first VCT should adjust vehicle prices for the low end dealers to make more vehicles available in that price range then.
  11. So unnecessary. Just pay it from your pocket and then have the company reimburse you. This really requires very little work on your end to get the money back from the faction to pay for the little cost that is an advert.
  12. Difficult to implement the way safes currently work for inventories. Using item storages and changing the permissions is probably the best way to handle this right now.
  13. I'm not, had no idea any changes were needed.
  14. meme

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