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  1. Custom Interior Object Limit

    Yea for things like government and PD, I've excluded the rule previously. Personally mapping properly doesn't need it though.
  2. h e l l o w o r l d

    Sorry no But still welcome, hope you meet new people here who share your RP interests.
  3. h e l l o w o r l d

    The actual creator of the vG MTA server is with us. And there are plenty from vG days still here, Poffy is full of shit Welcome
  4. Custom Interior Object Limit

    ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Doesn't seem to matter too much. It's worked fine for years and I've seen exceptional maps done with a low count. Btw don't tag me in this, that's how you get ignored.
  5. Time has nothing to do with it. We aren't magic it does take time to look into logs and verify the story. Regardless how long it takes to look into bad RP, it gets processed and punished accordingly. There is no point in not putting a ticket in because "time". Your grammar makes it hard to read your replies.
  6. What does ticket response time have to do with anything? And yes you probably should be told, "who cares, go cry to your mum" because you're making a big deal out of nothing. Vehicle modifications are not cops and robbers. In fact many vehicle RPers aren't illegal RPers either, as many mentioned on the thread running a mechanic shop, interacting with players. Even modifying your vehicle has an effect on RP as a whole and it's why players do so many car meet ups in game which are done completely IC. I don't feel like you're making any valid points and it's really hard to read your grammar. Again, "who cares? Go cry to your mum"
  7. That's a BS excuse. I can argue passive RP adds nothing to the server at all for any subject. The point is it builds character. If you have a problem with someone's RP report it, but removing all vehicle RP because in your ignorant opinion it's not done very well is retarded. Wow more generalization of all Vehicle RPers. Passive RP can be argued as not contributed for any subject. But the fact is, vehicle RP does contribute to the greater whole of the RP ecosystem that exists on the server. You literally have 0 argument against vehicle RP, instead you should be arguing passive RP as being useless. But you're not arguing that, because we both know it's not worthless. Vehicle RP interacts with PD, themselves, BTS and more. It's not just some guy RPing my himself and having no effect on the world.
  8. Why do some people have such a raging justice boner for shitting on someone else's passive RP. There are more important things to talk about, there are far worse things in Roleplay than someone caring about their car enough to want to roleplay modifications.
  9. [Items] - Modeled Items

    It's restricted to the IC logistic companies mentioned above, not admins.
  10. [Items] - Modeled Items

    You can... You just need to set the proper object ID when making a generic.
  11. Will you be there?

    If the question was ignored it probably means we aren't ready to talk about it. We will most likely not be using AI, however we are coming up with solutions still for it feeling empty.
  12. [UCP] Changing your avatar

    This perk has been changed to allow unlimited profile picture changes without added cost. Archiving as this is no longer a relevant guide.
  13. Will you be there?

    It's unrelated to the amount of players in MTA.
  14. Script spawnpoint of a vehicle.

    Moved to the archive as already implemented.
  15. Shader Panel

    Denied, OwlGaming will always have the policy that customization like this stay on the client side. Implementing server features is useless as we can't ever appease to everyone. You'd have much better luck customizing your own GTASA install.

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