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  1. Server Script Update (v6.3.5.7) | July, 2018 Redesigned Faction Ranks An all new faction ranks system allows for dynamic ranking so you can go over the 20 rank limit in the previous system. It also allows for easy permissions and reorganizing! See Sjoerd's post for more information: New fishing system The new fishing system allows you to use fishing as an item, opens up rivers and bays as fishing spots and more! DMV Records Factions with access can now view DMV records in the MDC for information on when a vehicle was registered. Pay n' Spray reworks A UI has been added to the Pay n' Spray so you can get a quote for your damages and pay after. Other Changes: Removed hideadmin from trial scripters Added Saint Ernest Medical Center Fixed vehicles not going into dimension 0 after unimpounding Added an armour icon to HUD with the percentage of your armour Fixed the faction manager showing Unknown on usernames Fix for your inventory freezing when dropping the riot shield Fixed the ambulance siren that may turn into a PD siren on exit Disabled binds when typing a name at the SAN NPC Added Angel Pine road names Added a civilian dog item Player renamable watches Fixed an issue where a phone call would not be ended when the player dies /movesafe improvements to prevent abuse Added Red Rose Funeral Home to issue badge and hotlines Fixed the unjail command for those characters who are still spawning into the legacy system Added additional logging to Dupont Some skins were swapped around for the proper race /goto for MT of only the report creator Prevent users from having gloves over their characters by using F10 Fix for adding trucker points Antifall for vehicles is now possible Prevent phone conversations from being heard while the windows are rolled up Performance improvements for gates Adjusted pricing rewards of dupont skins Prevent the use of item move while in jail Fixes resolution issues with /ticket Remove status when F10ing in game Ability for admins to use /check while the user is offline Allow players to use /freecam while previewing an interior Special thank you to @yannickboy15, @SjoerdPSV, @Unitts, and @Portside for contributing to this update! Regards, - OwlGaming Community - OwlGaming Development Team
  2. cat

    Let's talk.

  3. Chaos

    [General] - Real Time Weather

    Used to have it back in the day, everyone hated it when it rained anyways. SA doesn't have good weather effects either so it just lags the fuck out of everyone
  4. Chaos

    Help me out here

    As said above it's mainly up to the player to choose what they want to RP. However darkweb is a particularly difficult one to do. Majority of darkweb RP is passive and requires heavy administrative help for every avenue of their RP so it becomes inherently discouraged. A lot of it doesn't tend to involve communicating with other factions, building relationships and actually seeing fun RP progress IG. It's a lot of 'here's my knowledge of VPN's and TOR, spawn me guns/drugs/etc'. It also tends to be impossible for you to ever get caught, unless administration takes it into their own hands by also supervising RP of the PD trying to get information about the owner of a site or take it down. If PD does some hacking attempt to a /chance then your passive RP of securing your dark web sites is wasted, but it also doesn't make sense for it to be completely impenetrable. Finding a balance that both sides agree with is impossible and ends up making one or the other mad at administration. It's interesting RP but in almost every case it doesn't work out, becomes boring and people stop.
  5. Chaos

    [Miscellaneous] - UCP Property Value

    This is done although you won't see it for a little while as the V version of the UCP implements it for MTA
  6. Chaos

    Help Roleplay

    @JameZ's nice reply has all the answers Welcome!
  7. Chaos

    What happened to owl ?

    Spoke over TS with OP and resolved. L&A
  8. Chaos

    What happened to owl ?

    Yes you could have used a bat without any needed permission. Molotovs have to be spawned in because they cause a lot more damage and often are used for DM.
  9. Chaos

    What happened to owl ?

    I already said everything I need to. You are complaining about something I can't give a solution to. I don't know the context but I'm getting conflicting reports about your "reasoning" and it seems like you kept changing your reasoning to different admins to get it approved and had no character development. Feel free to bring this up in a ticket.
  10. Chaos

    What happened to owl ?

    Yes that is fair. If you don't have the character development to back up your characters drastic actions then how do we know you're actually serious about your character RP? If you decide to burn someone alive(for example) has your character shown any tendencies to make such grotesque actions? (abusing animals, etc). I encourage you to read the character stories posted on the forums. They are a good example of character development and developing an arch for your character.
  11. Chaos

    What happened to owl ?

    The character development and reasoning for it. I don't know the situation so I can't really comment on it. Perhaps a ticket would be a better medium for that? Although I believe @QueenC handled your report and she asked a UA member for advice regarding it.
  12. Chaos

    What happened to owl ?

    Yes the report could have been handled quicker. I'm not sure if you were weren't on during a peak time or what, it's unfortunate but it happens. We regularly look for new admins to join the team and the amount of reports handled daily as is, is pretty high. @SazLore put a lot down of what I would have said already, we are constantly trying to find a balance between verifying character development and letting players loose. In the end, the wait time you had for your report was high and I apologize for that. However I don't disagree with an admin asking for IC motive or character development before spawning in molotovs. It's a basic question to ask and goes a long way in preemptive action against BS DM in the server. This is very much so a non-issue. The wait time was annoying but is not the pitfall sign of OwlGaming failing as your clickbait title suggests. 2014, 2015, and 2016 oG had it's flaws just as present oG will too. People need to stop comparing the server to it's past self. It was a different time with different problems. btw @GeroXy not sure what admin said you need supervision to rob a bike(assuming you mean pedal bike), the rules state otherwise.
  13. Chaos

    Pasadena Boulevard Crew

    Looks fun, glad you guys are enjoying yourselves! Maybe I'll catch ya'll IG sometime.
  14. Chaos

    Tribute to Toys "R" Us...

    It's still going strong in Canada 🤷‍♀️

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