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  1. Next Event

    Try to keep it realistic
  2. Next Event

    Heya, as usual I'm doing a poll to see what ideas people had for a server event. The flood coupled with gas shortage was a fun twist a couple months ago! Hoping we can do something the community wants again. Leave your suggestions below, I'll take the couple most suggested ones in a poll later.
  3. Did you even read the rule or my reply? 😭
  4. As the rule is written, it's RPed at all on the character. That doesn't make much sense since the new person is already paying full price anyways? Also do scanners do 66%? Honestly didn't even know that.
  5. I agree with adding 30 days to the rule, but disagree with the rest of your suggestion. Others above put it pretty well, I’ll try to keep my reasoning simple. The rule applies to people who: Don’t roleplay on the character that owns the property Use the character to enter assets, thus avoiding the inactivity scanner It’s pretty simple. It’s been used to stop players and staff members from simply rotating characters, holding onto properties they don’t actually use. You being an example of one of those people. Why should your other characters be exempt from the rule just because you RP on some other character? You aren’t actually using the character that owns the property, so why shouldn’t another players in the server be allowed to take over the property? I think @Ray stating that anyone who supports this rule “wants to steal properties” is completely stupid. I can argue the same about anyone who supports MindScape’s change by saying they simply want to horde their properties from people who could actually use them. As @Law stated, the rule hasn’t been used to “steal” properties. It’s used when some people think it’s ok to avoid the scanner.
  6. In case you didn't know, you can view some public repositories of Owl here: https://gitlab.com/OwlGamingCommunity


    1. Mogs


      haha thanks for the script

  7. If you look in the center of your inventory you see "Space" and "Weight" both are used to determine what you can carry. 100 donuts are relatively light, but you don't have enough "space" to carry 100 donuts on you for example.
  8. Your "hands" can hold an item. Which would be like the safe. I'd have to get back to you about pockets, this is still early but I believe right now it's just one item. Which really isn't much of an issue since there's lots of locations on your body to put items.
  9. Why?

    Mindscape answered the question about MG. As for the tab menu showing hours, a faction would be pretty stupid to ONLY consider those hours and not your account hours. But as others said, nobody wants some throw away character.
  10. Why?

    Could probably think of it as experience doing something. Having a years experience doing something shows an employer you know what you're doing as much as 100 hours IG shows you know your way around an RP server on MTA. I agree though I'd love it if factions took more chances on new members, but I get why they don't as it can harm their reputation.
  11. [Faction Property Inactivity] - New Rule

    Then that would be an issue of abusing an F3 no? Maintaining assets to avoid the inactivity scanner for personal reasons? Most of the time if an interior isn't being used by the faction you can reach out to them to buy it. So is this really an issue? Because factions use interiors for the purpose of generating RP for the people in it. If they are being used for personal reasons, not for the faction, then it's already an abuse of their F3.
  12. [Faction Property Inactivity] - New Rule

    How would this be explained ICly? Since they are paying the taxes on the property. What about businesses that want to work in realty and are trying to lease out properties(thus would have nobody entering them until leased)?
  13. Players who are not logged in, don't pay taxes. Therefore it is treated ICly as avoiding tax payments and the property is seized. Factions pay these regardless, whether they use the property or not, it is costing them money and they have reasons to second guess whether they should keep that asset. This however, is off topic.

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