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  1. It is currently not possible to write to the local file system on Rage. We are looking into a way to allow users to use the admins internal logging system to search for logs relevant to them on the UCP.
  2. The GC sale ends soon! Buy yours quick!

  3. Yessss, about time we try mods again. We might want to wait for the rage update to make it more stable but we can see
  4. I want to highlight this member of the blue team. Wasnt in the original post. Congratulations @Vubstersmurf, you've done amazing things for the server and you will continue to do so in UA.
  5. There is no risk to the player to try starting a business, and they are encouraged to do so that way. No need to make the discussion toxic.
  6. I'd prefer to have it player owned, UA can completely subsidize the costs if people were interested. This could be a good use for some mods: https://www.gta5-mods.com/maps/restaurant
  7. I agree with Wright but I also don't understand how this is different than locations that are already open/unlocked for players to go to. Your suggestion here is to just drop a ped in "ooc owned" spots for passive RP? Why can't this already be done on existing unlocked businesses even if there's no NPC there
  8. Server Script Update (v0.1.1g) | September, 2019 Small update for now. We're working on a rewrite of the inventory which should resolve a lot of bugs at once. Features: Cruise control added, use F8 to trigger it. (can be rebinded) Adjustments: Temporarily disable animations Regards, - OwlGaming Community - OwlGaming Development Team
  9. For a limited time we are selling GCs with a 30% bonus! Pickup some today!

    1. Unitts


      Ooooh BOY OH BOY get ME some Sweet GCS


    2. Gazzeh



  10. Gamecoin Sale and Q&A Recap! Gamecoin Sale If you find enjoyment in Owl, please consider donating to keep the lights on. We are running a 30% bonus sale now, so you get 30% more GCs on each purchase marked as a "[SALE!]" on the website. If you have been enjoying Owl for some time and want to pay back a little, please consider sending a couple bucks so we can keep the servers running :) https://owlgaming.net/account/purchase/ Q&A Recap We uploaded a video of the Q&A so you can watch it if you missed it. Future We're going to continue to script new features that you have been asking for! We are going to continue to run events while we add features until we get our script features into a more stable position. Yannick is working on cruise control and phone features: We are working on adding more character customization features next. This includes tattoos and makeup options for your characters. We recently added the barber shop! Thank you all for playing, we hope you continue to have fun on the server. Regards, - OwlGaming Community - OwlGaming Upper Administration
  11. Ayo, happy to discuss this more at the community Q&A on Saturday. I feel like whats said here are things that we’re aware of and working on developing and fleshing out more fully. Obviously this takes time, thanks for hanging on and staying dedicated. This was similar to how vG’s launch went. They had days with 0 players and slowly but surely as features came, the server became more popular. We’re working on the same thing happening here. I agree with what some people have said with having ways to keep people interested while we work on features and I wanted to thank @QueenC and @Vubstersmurf for organizing the recent yacht event, it was awesome. Thanks everyone, see you on Saturday.
  12. Note the edit, I have adjusted the timezone to make it easier for NA timezones to make it. It is 6PM UTC now.
  13. Hello gamers, We decided last night that with less than 24 hour notice, doing it on tomorrow just wouldn’t work and wouldn’t give people an opportunity to show up. Thus we are doing the second best option, Saturday the 28th at 2PM EST! See ya’ll there :)
  14. Hey, Question & Answers I want to run a community Q&A like I've done a couple of times. We can do this on Teamspeak since it's a bit easier to moderate from trolls. There's a poll above with some possible dates and times if you could vote on dates/times that you can make it. The winning option will be the date. (I'll confirm it in an official announcement on Saturday). Starter Packs As part of a new initiative to help factions get started on Owl V, the faction team are offering Faction Starter packs. If you have a faction idea and a few friends and need some starting help, please reach out and we will do our best to get you up and running. This was noted in our awesome newsletter so make sure you read that here: Events We are planning to do some of our first ever events on V. @Vubstersmurf and @QueenC are working on the details but here's what you need to know: Saturday, 7PM Server Time (UTC) Yacht Near LS Airport Rides via boat or helicopter will be provided, everyone is invited. IC details coming soon. Features, Fixes, Features and Fixes We're working hard as usual on the script. You don't see as many updates during the week but we'll be slamming them hard again this weekend as usual. Thank you for all the reports and interest in your script suggestions. We are continuing to work on recruiting additional help in that regard. The server has promise and it has a future, thanks for being here with us. Regards, - OwlGaming Community - OwlGaming Upper Administration
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