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  1. April 2021 Newsletter Your ideas, brought forward Lately with increased players we've been working hard to ensure your voice is heard. We have increased the frequency of UA meetings and are proactively looking at your suggestions for implementation. We've also begun reaching out to members of the community more often for help with implementing new features for areas of roleplay that are particularly deep. Such as an improved vehicle system. Character Import We streamlined the process for importing your character from other servers. This
  2. This is a good idea and an easy win. Will move to accepted for implementing.
  3. Reading some of the replies on this thread has been great. It really helps motivate us knowing people are excited about what we are building. Thanks those of you that had kind words to say and thanks to our staff team for working hard and getting on everyday. More big things from us soon!
  4. I don't think the intent was to advertise on the server/community. More so about if you knew of people personally and asked them to join you on V to try it out.
  5. Hey thanks for the thread and mostly keeping it respectful here. It has no taken off, you're right, but we do still have a number of people dedicated to the server who get on every day and more that turn up for events. We met last weekend to discuss some scripting priorities that we hope will help as well (mainly around vehicles which have been largly requested). If you have any specific suggestions do reach out here on the forums. As for the MTA server we have no plans on reopening that. There are other RP servers on MTA that are using old leaked copies and are not doi
  6. Community Video Contest We're looking for community members to create a video about OwlGaming! This could be anything on our GTAV server as long as it contains gameplay in good faith. Ideas such as: A how to video about one of our features Some video of you and your faction roleplaying A server trailer etc Factors your video will be judged based on: Length (ideally not too short and not too long 3-7mins) Editing The features demo'd etc We're giving out 1000 Gamecoins for your video! Please submit
  7. For sure we actually already have the system done (we used it for launch).
  8. Hey we actually have all the code for this and had it at launch. We have since removed it because we want to encourage anyone to play without a lot of barrier to entry. We are open to bringing it back when the server population increases. Sorry for the late reply @[email protected]
  9. This is approved. From what I hear @Yannick you were already looking at this in the server? Mind making a PR for it?
  10. At least with notes coming soon we have some way to create text content persistently in the server (obvs dont want a book of content though)
  11. Hello there! We'd like to welcome you into the Auction House! Upon entering, you have given us your personal information to place bids and host an auction. This information is used incase our Auction Regulations are broken. The regulations are to be found below. Auction Regulations The following has come into effect as of November 23, 2015, All auctions online established after this date as to be in compliance with these basic regulations: Auctions must have a set end date (no 'X time after last bid' or 'When item is sold'). Auctions
  12. Thanks we all appreciate it. More good things to come!
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