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  1. You can already do this though so what's the point in spending more time scripting an item for it and creating a way to handle interiors inside item placements for the less than 10 people going to use this script? Feel free to script it if you'd like but I really see this as a waste of time.
  2. The disadvantages of this outweighs the positives Imo. Will be neat for a month and then forgotten and become a problem.
  3. That's an object, not an item. So an item would have to be added for that. I bet if I looked right now how many people have used the tent interior I bet it would be around 10 or less than that. Again, this seems more trouble than it's worth as barely anyone would use it. This has never been done before, what happens if you pick up the item? The interior literally disappears so it has to have all items inside deleted? Really weird system to just place an interior anywhere in the world.
  4. There isn't even a Tepee item afaik lol. Let alone adding an interior for it. Check our official interior list, there already is a tent interior. This is likely far more complicated than it's worth.
  5. Against. Wouldn't be a problem if VT keeps up to date with rotating the stock. This also is a system that allows rarity to be a bit more representative.
  6. Removed the spinout, however the script already only sets tires to pop, not to fall off.
  7. You posted this in the wrong section, with the wrong template and you tagged me in a suggestion which is against the rules. And I agree with those who said it's not really the servers responsibility to remind you to use your assets.
  8. Don't recall it or why I dismissed it. However I still think this suggestion would just be a pretty big annoyance. It forces people to roleplay a certain way and it's hard to find a good mileage for when this should start being a problem.
  9. We don't endorse any exploitation of other servers.
  10. This is very complicated to do if you wanted it done on all items. The best we can do is add metadata for items in certain situation. As this stands, I will be denying this suggestion.
  11. if we find it we fix it.
  12. @Blooker didn't you have something in the works regarding this?
  13. Done for next update.
  14. Probably a multitude of things, hard to nail it on one thing.