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  1. This means you took too long to click the link. You can login to the UCP at https://owlgaming.net in the top left you will see a link to resend the verification email.
  2. Happy birthday my mate. Have a good day will kick Joe Unit down the stairs for you.

    1. Chaos


      Appreciated, perfect bday present

  3. happy birthday then

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      Cheers mate, you're the first one in the world

  4. No, the point of the jobs are to give you money to start. Not be a constant income. This is sort of the point, you shouldn't be able to drive a lambo by delivering mail Join or start a faction mate, we offer starter packs of a lot of help and resources to people that want to create RP
  5. Chaos


    very low PMA on this individual would not recommend chatting with
  6. Chaos

    Forum Account Removal

    Note that posts made by you will continue to have attribution to your username. Processing now.
  7. Chaos

    Account removal

    Processed the forum account. Game accounts cannot be deleted but they can be deactivated and anonymized. Make a ticket to do that on OwlGaming.net/support
  8. Chaos

    Silver donator perk

    Heya. Can you charity 750GCs? Post the logs when complete and I'll verify in the logs.
  9. Chaos

    Account removal

    Your forum account? I can process that.
  10. Chaos

    Radio Beats FM[SAB]

    Heads up, in game custom radios will soon be a thing on V! Thanks for your hard work on this, it's pretty neat
  11. November 2019 Newsletter Community & Script Updates Moving to Los Santos This is a big step for us. We originally started in Paleto to create a closer atmosphere for our community to start roleplaying during the beta period but after much deliberation and taking into account all of the community input asking for this, we've decided to allow players to move to Los Santos and roleplay there. We are not abandoning Paleto Bay, however, it is still highly encouraged that people roleplay there as much as Los Santos for a smaller town feel, but we know Los Santos is highly sought after, so, enjoy! More details are in the thread below. Game Administration Team Update A lot of new members joined the administration team in October. Notably, @Vubstersmurf and @Unitts (in November) became a lead administrator! Everyone should wish her a warm welcome to the team, she's been a tremendous help and a big driving force behind lots of events and things on V. And just yesterday another update was released where we parted ways with a long time friend of Owl @Swanker. Thank you for all you've done over the years. Faction Team Update Factions on V are still eligible to receive starter packages. If you are leading an active faction on the server and wish to take advantage of a starter package, please let us know through a Faction Contact. So far has been a big success and we've seen factions take advantage of this and create some roleplay as a result. Additionally, you'll see that many factions passed their "evaluation period". As noted in the update, this simply means the factions on MTA that were interested in coming over to V has to show a level of competency and activity. Huge shoutout to the Viking MC for gaining official, the first faction to get official that started on V originally! OwlV Script Updates Progress on our V scripts continues, we'd encourage you to keep an eye on them by checking out the script update section. Below are links to some of the more recent updates, in total, since our last newsletter, we've had 20 script updates and 1 hotfix! Just last night and today we rolled out a new phone script, animations and a tagging system! Elections The elections have come and gone and the community has spoken. Richard Turner was voted into office, winning 36 to 18 against Vincent DeAngelis. The government is a great way for new players to get involved in roleplay from day one. We all still highly encourage people to apply for jobs and get involved in their local government in character to affect change and meet new roleplayers. It's fun and pays well! MTA Apocolypse Many players asked that an "apocolypse" become the new norm on MTA. While this has not been fully embraced, we've decided to allow players to roleplay that there is a lack of emergency services and other crucial infrastructure elements that normal cities rely on to run. Think of it as if Los Santos on MTA became Gotham City or Detroit in certain areas that became rundown and resulted in ruin. Chaos made a post about the changes and the rules have been updated to allow more prolific property breakin-ins considering the lack of law enforcement which would otherwise prohibit such illegal activity. We recently saw and discussed the numerous suggestion threads about making MTA a fully apocalypse server. Please read a more in depth reply to the suggestions here made by Vubstersmurf: We do want MTA to be an option for OwlGamers who enjoy that platform, however we also need to look ahead at our future on V. Based on user feedback, the apocalypse isn't something that everyone wants and it's also a deterrent to some. So we tried to find a middle ground that could work for both types of RPers. We've been enjoying seeing all the great clips and pictures sent in #media of the action happening on there! We are now looking for admins who can help be in game more on either V or MTA as well as we've heard your feedback in that regard. Community Spotlight SEMC Blood Donor Event Sabre Ltd Amateur Rally Event The Lynch Mob With the move to Los Santos, this has encouraged more gang-related roleplay which we're always happy to see. The Lynch Mob has a good thread and some really fantastic screenshots they've posted for everyone to enjoy. The Faction Team as a whole is really excited to see the progress of this faction continue and wish you the best of luck, @KingZ! Media To have your media featured in the next newsletter, submit it on the #media channel on Discord!
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