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  1. Chaos

    Mapping Team - Interior Price Guideline

    Added guidelines on how to charge players for the change.
  2. Chaos

    [Richman Crisis] - Discuss

    We’ll be going with what I said in my previous post from now on. Anyone affected by the recent adjustments can also follow this ruling. To further explain: Why do we require players to pay the difference for price changes or offer them a refund? Sometimes when interiors are created by admins or the MT, the value is not set correctly. At times we will do an audit of existing interiors in order to find and correct any mistakes made. This recent event was one of those such audits carried out by a few administrators and UA. Players have the option of paying the difference they would have got from /sellproperty from when they originally bought the house or get a full refund of what they paid for the interior. This is to prevent players from making an IC profit off an OOC mistake made on our part. How is this going to be handled in the future? Instead of just charging the difference of the /sellproperty value. We will only charge the difference after 33% of the original property value. For example, if I purchase an interior for 100k, the /sellproperty value would be 66k. If the house value is changed from 100k to 150k, the new /sellproperty value would be 99k. Thus that is less than 33% of the original value of the house so the player will not be charged at all. Allowing them to at least break even on the value of the house. Anything over that 33% is charged to the player or they are offered a full refund of what they paid. This way players are not charged for small price adjustments but will be if there was a major issue with the price of the house which wasn’t realistic at the time they purchased it. I’ll be marking down this new guideline in the MT documentation so it’s followed from now on. Thank you for bringing this up to our attention and we hope we could find an acceptable middle ground for you guys!
  3. Chaos

    [Richman Crisis] - Discuss

    If it’s not charged then the player makes an IC profit off an OOC mistake which is why this whole issue exists. We are in talks about allowing a buffer. So if the increase is less than 33% of the original price then the player isn’t charged at all for it. Otherwise we just charge the amount over 33% of the original price. Players aren’t hit with small fluctuations and prevents spawning any extra profits to the owner if they were to /sellproperty, plus they get the higher value house if they were to auction it for it’s new script value.
  4. Chaos

    [Richman Crisis] - Discuss

    I can’t speak for the specific math since I don’t know the for sure values. But if the price hike was so great, it could affect the /sellproperty value by 250k.
  5. Chaos

    [Richman Crisis] - Discuss

    Just to add additional details. The amount that were asked to be paid by current owners is NOT the difference in the value of the house. It’s the difference in the amount that would have been given by /sellproperty. This was to prevent spawning in money that was never actually paid out to the server. For the most part people benefit from the price increase since they can auction their property for more as the value went up to move than they actually had to pay. Still not the best outcome as it disrupts the IC flow but just clearing some of the confusion.
  6. Done by your man @Unitts
  7. If they'll ever actually release the updates they announce 😏
  8. @stevenaramos you're a national treasure, miss you chatting with me and @PenisInspector
  9. Denied, that's what the perk is for.
  10. Chaos

    [Items] - Volume Slider to MP3 Player item

    Done by @Unitts
  11. If you're going to quote from our sites: We never intend to be a voice based RP server. It is difficult to moderate, results in less immersion, and will never be as serious as text. For certain types of RP like PD we always have Teamspeak which we intend to continue to use and perhaps criminals can join in on that sort of fun as well. And no text is not incompatible with any changes and improvements we made. Ban them. There are certain things we already do in our code to prevent some types of hacks but a majority of it is up to the RageMP devs. Spawning money/weather/etc should be preventable in our codebase, hard to comment right now as I haven't seen any of that happen yet. We'll have to play it by ear.
  12. That's built into the game, We don't have plans to remove that.
  13. Please read previous announcements before asking. Both these have been answered. #1 was even answered in this thread. 1) We intend to add no mods except for ones that provide fixes to the base game. This is the same philosophy we have in MTA. 2) Yes, not the same questions. This is my greatest concern regarding these systems. It's why I'm reaching out like this and the more I hear about the issues with a proposed system like this the less it seems worth my time. Don't know what the tapping bug is. If it works in single player it should work the same in rage. No we are not restricting to first person.
  14. It wasn't a question? Just a suggestion from what I see.
  15. Text, voice RP is not serious.

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