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  1. As others have said, they are usually the most time consuming for admins. In the time it takes to handle one of those reports usually you can solve 3 or 4 other ones. Makes it hard to value those types of reports over others since generally you end up helping more people in less time just doing the quick response ones.
  2. It's also extremely complicated with the way items currently work. It would probably need a complete rewrite of our script. Also did you bother searching?
  3. The OwlGaming Development Team Full Developer Full Developers have access to repositories of the latest source code in their respective departments. [ALL] Chaos [MTA] tree [MTA] Exciter [UCP] cat (bug fixes) [MTA] Hurley Trial Developer Trial Developers have access to a repository of older source code versions in their respective departments Vacant - Looking for Members All - Responsible for all OwlGaming projects with full access to all OwlGaming repositories, databases and server infrastructure. MTA - Responsible for the development of the Multi Theft Auto server UCP - Responsible for the development of the User Control Panel We're Always Looking for Talent Interested? Message me on the forums.
  4. This is already handled with a tray notification which is currently bugged on windows 10 but working on windows 7. https://bugs.mtasa.com/view.php?id=9447 This is already implemented using create notifications, I don't think we need both.
  5. I'll archive this then.
  6. Let me know if myself or any of the UA can assist in making things more interesting for your faction to promote some more RP.
  7. Your link likely expired. Do what Skully said for a fresh one.
  8. How about you stop parking like idiots
  9. The deagle seems a bit much. Sounds like a revolver.
  10. ^ not needed
  11. As long as they don't exceed around ~2.5mb i'm fine with it.
  12. Are the sizes around the same?
  13. Punish has been adjusted(or will be when it's updated to the live server). Goes 1 hour, 6 hours, 12 hours, and then a day. Vs going from 1 hour to a day ban. I updated the table in my original post.