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  1. gwon mate release V already x

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      appreciate it my finals are done by july release it or ill send the TNT team to ur house

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      no can do. queencs holding us back from releasing.

      shes not a thing on OwlV at this moment.

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      shut up NIGGER

  2. County Commissioner Elections Results April 30th, 2019 Finally, the County of Los Santos is able to announce the election results following the polls closing earlier today. We are pleased to announce Klaus Wunnenberg being voted in as the new County Commissioner of the Los Santos County. We'd like to thank everyone for voting, and for the other candidate for running. This was one of our closest elections yet with only a two vote difference in the vote tally's. The length of the term for the County Commissioner will be 6 months. All further correspondence before the next election will be done through the Commissioner and his party team. Thank you,
  3. County Commissioner Election Candidates April 23rd, 2019 The County of Los Santos has now closed applications to the County Commissioner role. The following candidates are final and will be elected on April 27 and 28th at voting booths at city hall. Citizens are encouraged to bring their ID to the polls and votes on their preferred candidate. The results will be announced shortly after polls have been closed and the ballots counted and verified. Running Candidates - Howard Sweeney - Independent, District 4 Klaus Wunnenberg - Rationalist Homeland Workers Party, District 1 As a reminder, voting ballots will be available on both, April 27th and 28th, at city hall. Each Los Santos County citizen is entitled to one vote if they above the age of majority. (( Out of Character Information )) County Commissioner voting will be done VIA an NPC in-game at the County Hall. Elections will be held on April 27 and 28th to allow ample time for people to vote due to timezone restrictions. We will announce the results shortly after.
  4. To an extent it is yes, but most of those things you described can be handled by /report not forums as OP stated. I remind that this thread is about solutions, if you have ideas that can solve some of these issues please speak up. Reducing hand holding is difficult as it often introduces RPG elements that people hate.
  5. This is simply not viable. The real solution is to have factions be more autonomous and need less hand holding. It has nothing to do with being "lazy", it has to do with ensuring RP quality and the amount of things FT offers in the form of VMs requires a lot of work. Can you clarify? There is no such restriction.
  6. Hey, Some punishments have been dished out as a result of the video. Thanks!
  7. County Commissioner Elections Announcement April 14th, 2019 Today, the County of Los Santos is announcing an emergency election of the County Commissioners office following resignation of James Campbell prior to the end of his term. The County Commissioner elections will be taking place on April 27 and 28th. Candidates who wish to run for the County Commissioner seat must submit their candidacy to the Supervisor of Elections for the state of San Andreas. The length of the term for the County Commissioner will be 6 months. The final candidates will be announced on April 21st, 2019. Each candidate- Must be at least 21 years of age on the date of being sworn into office. Must reside in the district or county they are running for. May not have a felonious criminal record. May only run for one office at a time. (( Out of Character Information )) If you wish to run for the seat of County Commissioner, submit your campaign platform to the Faction Team HERE. Candidates will be reviewed to ensure they have no active or a low number of administrative punishment points and that they meet the IC candidacy requirements. Those who submitted valid campaign platforms will receive a private message with their acceptance and their name will be on a government publication made on April 21st, 2019 indicating that they are officially a valid candidate for the office they are seeking. In advance, the Faction Team asks that only those who are serious candidates apply that are capable of fulfilling the tasks and duties expected of effective government leadership. County Commissioner voting will be done VIA an NPC in-game at the County Hall. Elections will be held on April 27 and 28th to allow ample time for people to vote due to timezone restrictions.
  8. Disabling ATMs is hardly "hacking" them, and it still doesn't have script support (also wouldn't worth being added for 10 minutes). By passive RP I don't mean not gaining anything, you can gain money from passive RP with VMs, by passive I mean there is no interaction with other players on the server. There is nothing blocking players from hosting events. Ben did one recently. I don't follow your solution as "lower faction establish standard", there are side effects to that and the requirements to get an F3 are already very low. Everything else you stated already happens. Factions are usually assigned someone in FT to handle most of their public contacts and checking up on them for when it comes around time for FT to discuss promoting the faction. If we notice poor backstories the factions don't move up and we are receptive in providing feedback to them as to why if they make a contact or just discord their assigned faction team member.
  9. The FT is on teamspeak and inviting anyone who wishes to join in to discuss this topic right now
  10. Any solution suggestions for that? I agree btw. Difficult to approve. I believe I commented on this before but basically it's mainly passive RP and we don't have ways to make it "risky" for their gains really. 👏👏 A lot of people I've talked to have said the same, and have quit the scene. It's getting harder and harder to keep people interested in MTA, I'm looking forward to a new group of people on V as well as some oldie's.
  11. Never understood this, I get people can be scared to report UA but I've infracted UA before, met with players on TS to discuss UA incidents, etc. I look at all UA staff reports seriously and I honestly try my best to be neutral. Would be happy to speak to people on discord if there's a specific situation that they feel I handled wrongly, but I think 90% of the tickets I've handled, usually evidence is presented that makes one of the parties realize they were wrong. A lot of staff reports are just resolving misunderstandings. On topic though, I posted a thread internally in FT last week for improving illegal RP so I'm glad to see it continued here. One thing that was brought up was the IC prison times however I don't see that brought up here on the community thread as much. I figured the IC prison times are pretty fair now and this thread seems to confirm that they are a non-issue. We've been noting down issues to discuss at the FT meeting this weekend (which I invite players to sit in for when this thread is discussed if anyone wants to) some of the following: - Encouraging player-to-player interaction instead of selling to VMs (how can we promote this?) - UA members complained about here haven't been RPing illegal for months now - Jose mentioned an evaluation of some of the FT perks given to official factions over established etc - ATM robbery, banks, etc! We'll continue to be monitoring the thread so keep em coming!
  12. Might have fixed things for ya'll. Tag me if it's still shagged.
  13. Edit: You're right, but nobody has been able to find a "fix"
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