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  1. As Jer said, this is known. That's part of the reason I left the option greyed out on the UCP so people would know it's planned.
  2. Agree with OP. Is this really something that requires an explicit rule? We could do the same thing we did in MTA where you had a soft limit of 3 factions that you could be in at once, and admins could set you in up to 5. Eitherway this seems like a redundant rule, since it would only tend to be enforced retroactively after noticing someone in a lot of factions. It also can be argued that it's just a basic RP rule as it wouldn't make sense that you could dedicate your time to holding 3 full time jobs.
  3. glad to see ur out of rehab and back on top of your game

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      @JohnM when you fixing your farcry then

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      it works prick im just waiting for you to migrate

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      hi i this alcohol anonymous ive got the clap

  4. Server Script Update (v1.5.3) | April, 2020 This update adds quality of life improvements and bug fixes. Missed OwlV 1.5? Click here for more info! Missed OwlV 1.4? Click here for more info! Missed OwlV 1.3? Click here for more info! Missed OwlV 1.2? Click here for more info! Missed OwlV 1.1? Click here for more info! Member Exclusives MDT has gotten some serious progress done since our last update. Become a member today to see some of the progress @Eloquent has been making on it! Additionally, we are opening up the plastic surgeon feature to members only on our Rage 1.1 server. The feature will deploy to all players later this week. To learn more about becoming a member, use !donate in Discord. Features & Adjustments Added /togads donator perk, allowing you to hide advertisements while playing. Notify players that /adcleargps exists Increased bus driver wage to promote the job over ones with less interaction like the mailman job /jobstats gives you details about your progress in the jobs you've tried Allow admins to PM users with PMs disabled Fixes Improved flow between bus driver checkpoints, no more U-turns! [UCP] Adjustments to footer positioning not always being stuck to the bottom of the screen [UCP] Intermittent 500 errors resolves Regards, - OwlGaming Community - OwlGaming Development Team (Yannick, Chaos, Jer, Daniels, Eloquent)
  5. oh my fuck you're already a shit driver @JohnM
  6. Server Script Update (v1.5) | Discord Roles and Sale! | April, 2020 This update adds premium discord roles, SALE and some quality of life improvements. By the way, we easily reached 5 days of uptime before we had to push this update! We experienced no crashes in our latest version. What do you get with these discord roles? (Make sure you link your discord BEFORE you buy a GC pack. You can link by clicking here) Access to beta tests of new features (including our new rage 1.1 server with improved sync!) Sneak peaks of upcoming features An easier way to share your feedback with devs Colorful roles that separate you in Discord and... perhaps other things as we come up with ideas based on your feedback Missed OwlV 1.4? Click here for more info! Missed OwlV 1.3? Click here for more info! Missed OwlV 1.2? Click here for more info! Missed OwlV 1.1? Click here for more info! Features & Adjustments [UCP] Stripe payment flow has been reworked [UCP] You can now link/unlink your discord account from the UCP [UCP] New premium discord roles have been added which can either be purchased with GCs or given automatically if you spend a certain amount Diamond Member - 10000 GCs OR spend at least $100 Gold Member - 5000 GCs OR spend at least $50 Silver Member - 2000 GCs OR spend at least $20 Bronze Member - 1000 GCs OR spend at least $10 [UCP] We now have a GC sale! Everything listed above now gives you 10% more GCs with your purchase! Limited time only. We now log V disconnections /stats added! (as well as /astats for admins) Job notifications moved to the upper portion of the screen Player list design refreshed, now includes hours played /givelicense for admins to create licenses You can now see the caller number in the 911 call Added /911 for admins to dial 911 !donate bot command to get information about the above roles and how to get them Fixes Vanilla Unicorn Doors now operable 0003574: Passenger can receive pay from other person doing the mailman job 0003589: Cut back on taxi ad spam Name added to automated taxi ads Resolved a memory leak Fixed paying back credit fully Resolved an issue where job markers would not be triggered Regards, - OwlGaming Community - OwlGaming Development Team (Yannick, Chaos, Jer, Daniels, Eloquent)
  7. bruh what why do you have so much reserved for VRAM
  8. We've compiled feedback from this thread into some of our priorities for when we release our next roadmap. Stay tuned
  9. the extension would do what you like, it would look good in some places like tickets maybe? but from a design perspective won't look too pretty most likely...
  10. no, not all the images have white borders that would make them work on a dark theme. Tables would look weird, etc. Inverting the colors is gross from a design perspective, but if that's your goal then https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/high-contrast/djcfdncoelnlbldjfhinnjlhdjlikmph?hl=en
  11. Server Script Update (v1.3c) | April, 2020 This update is a small one to fix some critical bugs identified in the previous release. Additions and Adjustments Added color to /g Fixes Fixed a server crash to do with certain vehicle livery options Fixed a server crash to do with boomboxes Regards, - OwlGaming Community - OwlGaming Development Team
  12. MTA will be phased out, but there's not a huge rush. V is shown well before the SA section. As for a dark mode... Maybe, but to be honest I don't really have the time to work on a whole new design right now.
  13. Server Script Update (v1.3b) | April, 2020 This update contains the addition of a username renaming feature, /air for pilots and the CAA faction, and bug fixes Additions and Adjustments [UCP] Username renaming added as a GC perk [UCP] UCP logs are now limited to Lead+ [UCP] Added a discord link [UCP] MTA removed from the footer, homepage, GC purchase page Last login is now recorded account wide Boombox permissions rework Interior owners can pick up and set channel on boomboxes On duty admins Trial+ can pick up and set channel on boomboxes. If the interior is owned by a faction, faction managers can remove boomboxes. /air if you're in a plane/helicopter or if you're in the CAA faction Fixes [UCP] Fixed footer cutting off ticket submit button 3530: Fixed a typo in ads Fixed /oban and /opunish not working without exact usernames 3537: Fixed /gooc only allowing one word [UCP] Prevent usernames with spaces If your username had a space, it has been converted to an underscore and you have received an email with the new username. Regards, - OwlGaming Community - OwlGaming Development Team
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