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  1. Can we discuss "Fullface, gloves" Immunity?

    Those systems should pretty much instantly call 911, so maybe PD should ICly improve their response times? Guns and cars are higher value than TVs and game consoles. When you go rob a million dollar house you don't look for the TVs and game consoles.
  2. Can we discuss "Fullface, gloves" Immunity?

    How is that a joke? To target high value items? There isn't much of a draw back to wearing full face IRL either except for maybe some discomfort. And you'd think million dollar homes would have half decent security systems or a community watch etc. You're picking and choosing your facts very carefully to benefit your argument.
  3. Can we discuss "Fullface, gloves" Immunity?

    I honestly don't think this is as big of an issue as you are making this out to be. Yes there is vision and hearing impairment but it's not really enough for an admin to be going "you should RP saying 'what?' because you can't hear him very well". You're bringing up house robberies which really don't need full mobility or vision. It's not a super critical crime where you are sprinting around 24/7. There are other ways to catch criminals, PD not investigating those fully is probably because a house robbery does not mean PD should waste the time and resources to CSI fucking hair strands. House robberies are extremely low value, usually being around $2500 stolen from houses per robbery (https://ucr.fbi.gov/crime-in-the-u.s/2014/crime-in-the-u.s.-2014/offenses-known-to-law-enforcement/burglary?kbid=62750). They are extremely common(source above), and PD rarely catch house robbers(source above). It is hard to catch burglars because law enforcement simply doesn't care enough about $2000 to waste the resources to CSI Miami it. I've had my house broken into IRL before, it happens. You get insurance, you get a security system, you move on. In cases that matter, detectives actually do catch criminals. They build cases and they run operations just like a department IRL. In the event that this becomes a real issue, PD should ICly start to open a case into the burglaries and see what they can do. The limitations of wearing a helmet will be taken into consideration for crimes where that actually matters.
  4. [Age Rules] - Revise

    Yea so you're saying you have a poor argument then? If it's not RPed properly it's the fault of the RPer and they should be punished, not the rules fault and it shouldn't affect the entire server. For the most part Administrators should not care and just do it. They just need a simple history check to allow it and a couple questions about like you said backstory. If you're changing you suggestion to have guidelines for admins when the accept child RP then sure. But I don't think there is a need to remove and ban that kind of roleplay on the server.
  5. Hi

    Welcome back
  6. [Age Rules] - Revise

    Meh, I'm not for or against it but your argument for removing it is pretty weak. As long as it's RPed properly it's not really an issue. People bringing up how they portray their characters sexually or violently should be punished for not roleplaying accordingly. To the people who suggested that you need UA approval to RP as a child, no. There is no need for UA to get involved in a small decision like that. The reason we get involved in mental disorder ones is because they tend to be used as an excuse to superman otherwise extremely emotionally traumatic experiences.
  7. [Properties] - Mailbox Work

    Feel free to work on some accepted suggestions and submit the code so we have more time for your priorities.
  8. [Properties] - Mailbox Work

    It's not even an accepted suggestion.
  9. [General] Fishing System

    I'll move this to accepted however it still requires work on our end to get this working properly. Therefore I have no idea when time will be dedicated to it.
  10. [General] Fishing System

    I have to agree with Tailor, I see this becoming forgotten very quickly being separated.
  11. [General] Fishing System

    I'm not sure how. It's simple design. Put yourself in the shoes of a new player, using the fishing job to make some money. They go out on their boat or on the dock and do /cast instead of /fish, confusing the command. They then go to sell what they caught but become confused, they have no blip to sell their fish, yet it exists in their inventory. They need to /report and ask an admin, which would disappointingly tell them what they caught is useless for selling at the virtual market. It's unfortunately bad design.
  12. [General] Fishing System

    This itself is a major issue of implementation. Two very similar commands have very different outcomes. The only way this would be implemented is if it was made more user friendly, concise, and consistent with the existing script(if you aren't looking to replace it).
  13. [General] Fishing System

    The commands and purposes conflict, creating a duplicate and confusion. One gives physical items, the other stores a value of the weight of the fish obtained, and they are not interchangeable. Therefore they cannot reasonably coexist at this stage.
  14. [General] Fishing System

    Is the intention for this to remove the payout element of fishing? If so I don't see a lot of people actually using this except for the first month after release. It seems pretty ambitious to call it the fish capital and saying that people will serve it in restaurants/fish market. Also this seems to be missing a lot of features that the current script has. Such as: Help markers for new players with the job A location to sell your load of fish Fishing lines that can break Integrations with our hud for notifications
  15. Character Kill Appeal - Dimitry Lagunov

    ?? They are responding to your CK appeal defending their actions. Would you have it any other way?

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