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  1. > Maxime > roleplayed say what now?
  2. stop playing in a dark basement and invest in a light bulb why don't ya
  3. You can already selectively transfer assets (specific properties/vehicles, specific amounts of money). If you want to separate assets across characters, do multiple transfers. If you can't afford to, tough shit. This is literally why tokens were added.
  4. I believe the technical term is "location location location".
  5. Yup, and it's not like the San Andreas community is exclusively made up of text-based roleplay either. There are already a couple of text-based RP servers running off GTA 5 (or at least the various mods for it) and their standards are comparable to ours.
  6. Barriers: - Characters don't own the actual gas pumps script-wise - No fuel delivery system Fun consequences: - Non-LS stations always empty, - Whoever ends up owning IGS is going to make bank and hodl. - Noobs delivering gas and hitting the pumps.
  7. havent even changed your sig :3

    1. Toast


      Sentimental value man. It's priceless

  8. ah, we've all had our first "the upper admins don't care" post do it, fight the patriarchy
  9. checking in edit: I also have emails from Valhalla Gaming from the same period. idfk what was going on back then.
  10. Am 25, basically haven't touched RP in 1+ year but consistently did so between ages 14-24. Stuck around because I had too much free time and RP felt less repetitive than most things. (imagine that) Waiting on Owl-GTA V to see how that turns out and whether it'll warrant redirecting time from other useless things, but I'm not holding my breath. Edit: want to clarify I finished school, have a job and usually remember to feed my cat so I got my shit all figured out, tyvm.
  11. While we're at it, toss out all that metric shit, this is America for crying out loud. Miles! Gallons! Pounds! Edit: look at who liked this post. This is perfect.
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