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  1. stop playing in a dark basement and invest in a light bulb why don't ya
  2. You can already selectively transfer assets (specific properties/vehicles, specific amounts of money). If you want to separate assets across characters, do multiple transfers. If you can't afford to, tough shit. This is literally why tokens were added.
  3. Barriers: - Characters don't own the actual gas pumps script-wise - No fuel delivery system Fun consequences: - Non-LS stations always empty, - Whoever ends up owning IGS is going to make bank and hodl. - Noobs delivering gas and hitting the pumps.
  4. havent even changed your sig :3

    1. Toast


      Sentimental value man. It's priceless

  5. While we're at it, toss out all that metric shit, this is America for crying out loud. Miles! Gallons! Pounds! Edit: look at who liked this post. This is perfect.
  6. Los Santos Auction House - Residential Property Type: Residential Address: 1 Pacific Avenue, Montgomery - Gated garage Description: Gated garage w/ small living area and protected, fenced in backyard in Montgomery. Nice amount of space to store vehicles, possibly start or host a small business. Images: Starting Bid: 45,000 Minimum Increase: 2,500 Buyout: 65,000 Auction ends: Wed, Oct 05 2016 11:59PM Contact Information: Provided upon auction win (( OOC note: ))
  7. FT doesn't exactly have a lot of random intake like supporters or admins might though, so I'd say the risk is fairly low.
  8. Should be more like /canim [name] but yes.
  9. Could just make it so that you can't hide the bag if you're carrying more than the default inventory? Seems like a decent halfway point.
  10. Where people are deemed competent enough to. Makes a significant difference. Also way easier to drive on straight roads the width of your mom.
  11. rickjames

    Mike's Towing

    Did you just assume my species?
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