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  1. Don't be sad friend. Roleplay be like that sometimes.

  2. Need an owner online to burn one property down, but not to burn down a whole block of apartments or rig a car with explosives. hmmmmmm

  3. If someone doesn't talk they usually get killed, right? If he doesn't talk within two weeks I doubt you'll make him talk within two months or years.... So PK rules (amnesia) would deal with the issue of memory of the incident. It can be RPed that the victim doesn't remember anything. Either way you're punishing the player for following it's characters traits and if you did have a sufficient reason to kidnap him and keep him for ever, you probably have should have a reason to CK them.
  4. Kidnapping can be abused to go around CK rules. You have nothing to do and you have to wait for the kidnappers to either get CK app, PK you or leave you there for ever in which case they have to feed you. Which is vague rule. In favor for change where there is a limit on how long you can hold a victim. But it should be a week or two at least.
  5. The Fight Event video in case you missed it Was fun little project. Since we got rudely disrupted IC (no hate, that was actually nice turn of events) let me at least thank those who came and made it possible OOC aaand SSs
  6. @Wright Props for keeping forums family friendly and ensuring that everyone has level playing field in game.
  7. *An ad interrupts the video if there's no adblock showing a logo of sneakers shop in Ganton and then after 5 seconds continues*
  8. Youtube Channel: Phantom Entertainment -Fight Night- *Spectator faces in the video would be blurred out and sound replaced with music* *Location of the IP comes up in Indonesia due to VPN being in use*
  9. Now you're talking my language. So mapping would be a bitch and a half to do then because for one building you'd have to place the image then find appropriate colliding object or objects because one might not cover the whole structure and fit them in the texture so they'd be on the edge but still hidden which then would hog the whole server and clients because of the amount of extra objects? Technical limitation is a good reason why adapting is much better option. I'll be waiting on that video since I'm curious.
  10. That's positive thinking. but if we average 50 -100 players expanding won't do no good. The reason to even choose paleto is to increase the density of of players in close proximity and when people start talking about expanding to Sandy shores or whole county area this goal is lost and it will end up same as RPing in Los Santos. Why MTA and GTA San Andreas is so successful of keeping interaction high is because everything is around the corner since the scale of the map is skewed due technical limitations at the time when game was made which then turned out to be best thing for MTA anmd relatively low player bases. That's why I raised the question of mapping since that would be one way to keep everything "around the corner" since you can diversify the area. Because as much as I love driving in GTA V I think people would get fed up with driving more than RPing. Also the interaction can be manipulated by making sure that points of interest and their routes overlap if we'd for example roleplay in Los Santos. which would require some deeper analyzing when choosing where to put what interiors and activities. TL;DR Custom mapping would diversify the immediate Paleto Bay area (shown in picture on my previous post) therefore making people stick close to one another. That way making the experience much more immersive and genuine.
  11. Hopefully spreading out won't cause Los Santos effect though. Because 50 players across Blaine county might be even worse than 50 players in Los Santos county. Just for the idea if people are curious where half and half comes from, because at least half of the industrial area can be cut down.
  12. -Projects type of setting for lowest income roleplayers -High income area for ballers Most of the area is average income and Industrial. half and half So unless we all roleplay Lumberjacks and coal miners I feel we're lacking. I'm alright with adapting, just curious.
  13. What are your plans for mapping? Because Paleto Bay won't exactly supply an environment for every kind of roleplay so additions might be required off the bat. Or you expect people to adapt until avarege server population actually calls for expanding in which case you add lacking ecosystems or move to Los Santos?
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