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  1. this truly hit me in the feelings. the nostalgia i felt when i read the headline is just over overwhelming. love yall, thanks for the amazing moments we've had together.
  2. Making a new rider? Motorcycle Association needs new members? Oh boy, shed a tear lmao
  3. what happens when you fuck with cosa nostra!?!?!?
  4. It's the playerbase that keeps people from playing. Simple mindset. There is nothing more to be told on the subject.
  5. Strickland

    Triage MC

    Jane Doe... Soph never fails to amaze ???
  6. Paleto Bay itself feels like a ghost town if there is no event ongoing somewhere, whether it is private or government organized, how do you expect to roleplay in Los Santos? This thing is huge. Nonetheless, I agree about the factions topic you mentioned. Paleto and Baine County in general are situated for specific type of roleplay when it comes to the illegal sub-branch. It limits the street gang's roleplay opportunities heavy, as well as the OCG scene, especially Eastern-European organizations and the LCNs.
  7. gamecoins for activity? i want you to hook me up with the dealer you buy your drugs from, mate
  8. as much as I agree with you on the topic, this is the hot reason why people generally would donate their money - to buy a stat-transfer. the server needs its donations, therefore the option have to stay.
  9. Shisha brother, shisha
  10. as much as the deveis idea is cool, i am unsure whether it is possible. let's not forget that this is V and not MTA, the second had a lot of scripting possibilities which the V lacks in general
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