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  1. This is so damn clean, pure quality and entertainment.
  2. This is some A+ grade shit
  3. @Script one lil question to throw on your testicles - where the hell do you take those before-screenshot images from?
  4. Strickland

    Eight Deuce

    supposed to be what, a drive-by? this lame ass shit been introduced by garry's mod you do knob head
  5. Strickland

    Eight Deuce

    *flashbacks* *flashbacks*
  6. Ey dude, chill with your avatar picture man, this shit is reserved long time ago my [email protected]
  7. The squadron pullin up, that shit on fire yo
  8. Strickland

    Majestic X8

    If yall show a little bit of interest into the project and dedication, this can go heights.
  9. @LeiFeng, having a problem with your eyes? Is that the reason for the excessive blur you are putting? It stays out of place and destroys the entire scene of the screenshot.
  10. Strickland

    San Pedro 13

    Fucking surenos. It is always surenos... Generic fucks @Craazy @Ted
  11. @Chef your ass is loud on this screenshot game, homey, you reaaally is.
  12. the faction is a few days old, how could it be well developed lmao?
  13. Dis some top dog shit. Gnome'sayin?
  14. We all know you "deal with that shit" but it is a bit excessive and kinda slaps a bit of unprofessional and or immature light over the faction, you call it.
  15. Kinda off-topic but why do you pose with a gun on every screenshot batch you post?
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