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  1. I've been around the MTA Roleplay scene since 2009-2010ish. First I found a vG copy server called ShoDown Roleplay then eventually I found vG and I spent years in the community. Roleplay was there for me all day everyday, I was a cop, a mobster, a paramedic, a firefighter I even got to RP being Channing Tatum's wife for a special event on this server and @Freebird was Channing Tatum, lol Been admin once on most RP servers but I always had to retire because I was more of a casual player who would sometimes play 24/7 but sometimes disappear for months. Left the server few months ago so I missed the chance to play for one last time. Tried OwlV but I didn't really like it I'm too oldschool for that, I guess. If I was 14 again I'd love it for sure. We grew up in a different San Andreas, but maybe one day I'll give OwlV another shot. In the mean time I want you guys to have fun and increase the playerbase so there will be a chance for me - and other oldschool guys - to return!
  2. Noted. Comment: They only care about fast cars and Vinewood residentials. Auction is ending @ 23:59 today, good luck!
  3. Los Santos Auction House - Chevy SS Complete Exhaust System 2014+ Item Name: Chevy SS Complete Exhaust System 2014+ Description: Brand new exhaust system for your Chevrolet SS models, completely useless for me. Starting Bid: $1 Minimum Increase: $100 Buyout: - Auction Ends: 08/16/2018 Contact Information: Given to the winner
  4. Name: Vimka Offer: Starting ($6,000)
  5. Name: Daniel Comment: Go ahead then, noone's forcing you to buy from me
  6. Los Santos Auction House 7 ft Pool Table Description: I'm selling this 7 ft pool table in the picture. Originally it's coin operated, which is ideal for bars, but you can choose to disable this feature and just play with your fellas. Great condition, balls and cues not included. Starting Bid: $800 Minimum Increase: $50 Buyout: $1,100 Auction Ends: 06/30/2018 Contact Information: #750-238
  7. Los Santos Auction House X-Flow Front Bumper - Jester series Item Name: X-Flow Front Bumper - Jester series Description: I'm selling a front bumper identical to the one in the picture. The bumper is brand new, hasn't been painted or installed, yet. Starting Bid: $850 Minimum Increase: $50 Buyout: $1,050 Auction Ends: 06/30/2018 Contact Information: #750-238
  8. Now this brings some realism to both illegal and law enforcement factions, big fat SUPPORT from me.
  9. dmob85

    Will you be there?

    Kids these days ask for GTA V from their parents the same way I did as a child when San Andreas was released. Ever since I got it, I couldn't get bored of it, eventually ended up on MTA vG in 2010 (5 years after release of the original game on PC). What I'm saying is that players come and go, but the RP won't die any time soon. If today's kids find San Andreas old, well let's move on to GTA V so they can enjoy what we enjoyed back in days. Long live the GTA Roleplay!
  10. SA-MP RPG too much. You can just Roleplay this stuff, like I did earlier. Make sure you do this at a busy location around Los Santos and you'll see how interesting the situation turns out.
  11. Yes, there are cities and states where they use them, but overall it's not as common as it would be in Europe, for example. Definetely not in Los Angeles for examle.
  12. Speed cameras are not that common in USA, so it's not realistic. OT: I remember this was implemented on one of the 'earlier RP servers' and for some reason it didn't work. Default GTA infrastructure is terrible, so in order to make it look like a normal infrastructure you'd have to write a script for that. The effort it takes is not worth the gains.
  13. This would be useful and realistic. I support!
  14. dmob85

    Vehicles IRL?

    1999 Volkswagen Golf
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