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  1. GTA V CPQL rights With the upcoming GTA V, I need to compliment my last request of CPQL rights to include GTA V. Anyone, but perhaps @QueenC can resolve. Ref: @DrJoseEviI
  2. Request CPQL rights/perks @DrJoseEviI is my reference
  3. Freebird

    The Market Crew

    Looks like it's time to bring hookers to Market.
  4. Surprisingly well made tribute video:


  5. Thanks for the comment. I appreciate them. It'll only get gorier from here on. Be warned.
  6. Mia Sullivan The Los Santos War Doctor *** Contains gore! *** Despite the occasional differeces of opinion, practising emergency medicine in war was revelatory. It has long been recognized as a driver for technological progress, as combatant governments plough resources and expertise into trying to give themselves an edge over their enemy. But there are other, more benign, side-effects as well. One of them was the major impact war had on was the development of what is known as "damage control" surgery, from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Mia found herself inexperienced when compared to the other surgeons, who routinely volunteered at various organizations, all over the world and had been doing so for a very long time. War was nothing like home, she found. Syria, first day: Second day: Start of week 2: The hospital had moved about 5 miles south-east, along the main-supply-route (MSR), as the front had advanced. The hospital's capacity for housing casualties had improved significantly as they set up their theatre, recovery and admission rooms in a school. It appeared eerie to Mia. Besides the obvious fragmentation damage to the structure and bullet holes. It was an abandoned school. Children had gone to school here and now they were all gone. The other surgeon, Henry al-Hajez, a British national, who had arrived to Syria with Mia, was seen leaving the hospital with his camera in the early morning. Before the casualties used to arrive en masse. He told Mia, staff and the security officer, that he was going for a walk. Apparently, he wandered down a road and directly into the hands of the Syrian govenment forces. After he was reported missing his mother moved heaven and earth to try and locate him and he was reported to be in a prison in Damascus, far away. The security officer disclosed to Mia post-humously that they received unofficial assistance from the Indian and Russian embassies. All of their attempts to get him released failed and then, after Mia had returned home to Los Santos and enjoyed the full-time employment as an attending general surgeon, found that he had been murdered by the Syrian regime. The regime denied this, of course, claiming that he had hanged himself, but Mia nor anyone else belived it. Henry al-Hajez was married and had two children. Mia never met them. But she learnt that al-Hajaz's name was inscribed and revered in the halls of the King's College of London, where he had been a medical student. A medal in his name was established in 2019 and so; he is remembered. "The Dr Henry al-Hajez Medal was established in 2019 to provide a lasting tribute to the extraordinary humanitarian contribution of alumnus Dr al-Hajez. Dr al-Hajez graduated in medicine from King’s in 2006 and went on to become an orthopaedic surgeon. He tragically died in 2018 after he was detained for undertaking humanitarian work in Syria. In his honour, the Dr al-Hajez medal is awarded annually to a King’s medical student or recent graduate, who has made an outstanding contribution in the service of society, either in the UK or overseas. The medal will typically be awarded to someone who has shown courage in their humanitarian work, contributed over a number of years whilst a student and ensured that the work will be sustained." Week 2, day 3: There was no news of Henry, nobody knew anything and their work continued. Just before lunch, eleven civilians shot by snipers were brought in. With varying priorities. The leading cause of death, was exsanguination (bleeding out), from gun-shot-wounds. This was often taken care of in the field with relatively good reslts. Survival often depended on how quickly the casualty was transferred after the time of injury. Sometimes a sniper would maim a civilian. Pregnant women and children were ideal targets by snipers as bystanders or military forces would try and rescue them, only to get shot themselves. A consequence of this tactic was that most casualties bled out before arriving at their hospital. Mia found this to be heart-breaking and felt physically nauseous upon being informed on the history of events on her casualties but also that this was routine. One critical casualty was admitted into the operating theatre, by the triage officer and at this point Mia was allowed and trusted to run her own theatre. The casualty, a pregnant woman in her twenties, had received a gun-shot-wound to her abdomen. Upon exploration, the bullet had missed the baby, but gone through the placenta. The woman was quickly sedated by the anethestist on the teacher's table, that had been covered with surgical drapes, after approximately thirty (30) minutes plus time of injury. Mia decided to deliver the baby via a lower segment incision, but the placenta had been completely destroyed by the high-velocity round. The consequence of a ruptured or shattered placenta is that the the oxygenation of their fetus ceases and this was the case for the casualty's baby-boy. Mia quickly clamped the cord and gave the infant to one of the nurses to resuscitate, but she was unable to revive and reported. Mia carefully sewed up the mother's uterus in the hope that she would be able to have another baby in the future. She was determined to ensure her fertility in defiance to what the snipers had tried to take from her.
  7. @[email protected]@[email protected]@Radhwan "1... 2... 3... Lift," Noah commanded Sophia and with that she went for the drivers seat while Noah tucked their patient in under a ready-heat-blanket to preserve her body temperature. "I'm loading her up!" He shouted and grabbed his shoulder-mounted radio PTT and signaled: "FD, PD, we're clearing from the MVA scene, out," and then immediately initiated communcations with St. Ernest Medical Center, "SEMC, RB98, INCOMING TRAUMA. SIGNIFICANT MVA WITH EJECTION. INJURIES ARE HEMORRHAGING LEGS AND ARMS. SUSPECTED SPINAL INJURY. SIGNS AS FOLLOWS: UNRESPONSIVE. TREATMENT IS FULL SMR, HEMORRHAGE CONTROL AND QUICK EVAC FOLLOWING SHOTS FIRED IN OUR AREA, OUT." At the same time someone called out that an officer was down and screamed for help. Noah hesitated and then told Sophia to drive along without him. He grabbed his advanced life-support bag and jumped out the back, telling her to come find him when she was done; and off into the dangerous, unknown he went. He ran, and he ran, getting information that the injured officer was at the 7/11. He got there but found no one. Instead he saw the scene across the sewer system and immediately sprinted over. He began to heave as he grew tired but went on. When he first ran into the scene he saw one person, Caine Anderson, laying down on the ground. A patrol car was shot up and more than a dozen SWAT officers talking with a patrol officer. One SWAT officer presumably guarded the downed person, giving Noah a tentative look. "Alright, take a breath," Namira Carter said, clad in full SWAT Gear, to Alessia Maddox, a twenty-year-old something, patrol officer. She complied, took a deep breath and exhaled with a shiver. Clearly shaken from the scene. Both ignored Noah coming sprinting in. He unsling his bag at his feet next to the only obvious casualty at the scene, "am I good to go, sir?" He asked of Rallog Riggs who stood guard over the motionless adolescent. "Yea, check up on him," he replied. His partner Sophia Sage arrived on-scene and came to his support. Noah took a knee, tried to get his patient to talk and immediately assessed, established and maintained their airway using the jaw-thrust method. He concluded, "no breathing, get the AED, Sage!" Namira put a reassuring hand on Alessia's shoulder and said, "you did good, after this though I think you should head off-duty." Alessia replied, "this is terrifying, I actually got someone... killed." Namira wouldn't have any of it and concluded, "no, you had no choice," and Andrei Mednikov, another figure in full SWAT gear piped in, "you put that rifle to good use." Noah tugged out his trauma shear and began to cut apart their clothing in order to expose and examine the obvious multiple gun-shot-wounds to their chest. He cursed under his breath and unzipped his ALS bag. "Hold with the AED, get it ready though, got multiple GSW to the chest, his box is fucked." She did so while Noah expeditiously retrieved a dozen HyFin chest seals, opened the vacuum packs and removed the plastic covers only to apply the adhesive and occlusive dressings directly onto their entry wounds. He brushed them down and ensured good application. "Get the AED pads on, Sage. I'll check his backside," she placed one of the two electrode-pads onto their chest and the other down their ribcage, while Noah leaned in close and buddy-hugged his patient in order to get a good swab at his backside for indications of exit-wounds. He then sat back on his heels and looked at his nitrile gloves with no blood on them, "No exit wounds, I'll start CPR!" Mednikov asked if it was okay to clear from the scene and Noah shaked his head, looking exhausted, tired, stressed and frustrated all at the same time while performing chest compressions. "Call if you need us," a police officer said. But then Alessia offered to stay behind and safeguard the paramedics, "I'll stay here." Noah replied, "Good, now turn the device on and let's listen if we've got a shockable rhythm." "What's his status?" Alessia inquired about the man she had just shot moments ago. "Not good. He'll probably not make it, " Noah admitted. Their interventions were unlikely to restore circulation, but manually preserved brain function, delaying the inevitable. They relieved one another, so that Sophia performed CPR while Noah recuperated. Two minutes passed, "no shockable rhythm, continue CPR, when you get tired let me know and I'll resume, meanwhile you work I'll check him up," Noah told Sophia. Noah performed a second blood-sweep in order to detect secondary or hidden injuries. He cleaned his gloves off his knees and then tapped at the patients chest. "No other injuries detected, holes in the chest are occlused. No radialis, patient under 100 mmHg in systolic." He wielded his trusty flashlight and inspected their eyes and in particular their pupils reaction to light. "Pupils are dilated and rigid, consistent with death criteria, continue CPR for 5 minutes then we call time of death. Questions, Sage?" She shook her head. Five minutes passed, Noah checked his watch and still sat on his heels with the AED close, ready to intervene should they get a shockable rhythm. " Still no shockable rhythm," he announced, while checking their carotid pulse. He found no signs of life and hesitated. "Discontinue CPR. Time of death is 1902," he ordered and told eventually. Alessia sighed. "SEMC, RB98, SITREP, DETERMINED PREHOSPITAL DEATH. PATIENT WITH TRAUMATIC ARREST WITHOUT SIGNS OF LIFE ON EMS ARRIVAL. COUPLED WITH POLYTRAUMA, TIME OF DEATH 1902, END SITREP, OUT," Noah signaled and then ripped his gloves right off and cursed under his breath before exclaiming out aloud, "Jesus H. Christ, this is just some fucking bullshit." He looked flushed, blushing and then glanced at Sage while managing a short order with a dry sob stuck in his throat, "can you please cover him up?" He turned away and ran his forearm under his nose while trying to facilitate some kind of privacy despite the crowd that had gathered. "Fucking bullshit," he summarized.
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