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  1. Freebird

    Blog: MEDEVAC 1

    Blog MEDEVAC 1 Earlier this week the St. Ernest Medical Center invested in a new aircraft, designated for the emergency medical services air operations, who now are tasked with not only urgent patient response, treatment and transport - but also helicopter hoisting operations (HHO), in order to drop/hoist both paramedics and equipment. This is something that we look positively upon. Improving MEDEVAC 1's capability to extricate and hoist patients when no suitable landing zone is available is paramount to a safe and timely response. Besides the new Sikorsky S-76C+ that we've acquired. I have decided to step down as commanding officer/project leader. I chose to promote: Mr Ethan O'Flynn, FPC - to Commanding Officer (CO) Ms Kelly Bourke, PIC - to Executive Officer (XO) I will continue with the project, wherever or whenever I am needed, but primarily as MEDEVAC 1's crew engineer (CE). As a crew engineer I am responsible for continuous monitoring of and supervision of the systems aboard the aircraft. In short I operate the hoists, lead the operations in the rear and perform maintenance as ordered every 100 hours. I had the pride and joy, to perform our MEDEVAC 1's, maiden flight. In cooperation with LSIA ATC, we've completed our test and trials on systems such as altimeter, magnetic compasses, VOR, VHF radios and transponder. This'll be my last blog post. With that being written... Stay frosty, Noah Stevenson Crew Engineer
  2. Freebird


  3. Freebird

    Blog: MEDEVAC 1

    Blog: MEDEVAC 1 The recruitment campaign for aeronautical crew members is a success. MEDEVAC 1 is staffed at a 166% capacity at the moment with more applicants contacting us. With that being said we're launching our second recruitment campaign for medical crew members. If you read this blog, I am sure you won't miss it but if you know friends, family or others who'd be a good fit for our work - send them our way. We'd love to interview them! Until next time, Noah Stevenson C MEDEVAC 1 St. Ernest Medical Center
  4. Glad nationaldag på dig med! Länge leve Sverige, hurra hurra hurra! 

    1. Glatoos


      Sverige fosterland! Hurra hurrahurra!

    2. Freebird



      Fram med groggen! Upp med flaggan i topp! 

    3. Tajiri
  5. Glad nationaldag på dig! 

    1. Krakkfaen


      Litt sein 17 mai?

    2. EDR
  6. Freebird

    Angel Pine Fisheries

    (( Absolutely love this. ))
  7. Freebird

    [SAAN] The iron lady

    Name: MIa Comment:
  8. Freebird

    Blog: MEDEVAC 1

    Blog: MEDEVAC 1 Wednesday, May 30, 2018, between 1800 and 2400 hours, a crew of two maintained readiness to deploy within five minutes in San Andreas to execute their mission of urgent patient response, treatment and transport. Fortunately the night evening has been quiet and MEDEVAC 1 haven't deployed. The task to maintain readiness in case of an emergency has been completed with a satisfactory result. In other news, the MEDEVAC 1 project with St. Ernest Medical Center, have been looking into investing more resources and ways to improve. This led to Commander Stevenson, who is ultimately responsible for the projects success or failure, to pay a visit in order to get a better understanding of other helicopters used in emergency situation. This time the Sikorsky S76, an all weather aircraft, described as a medium-size commercial utility, with twin turbo-shaft engines and a four-bladed main- and tail-rotors and retractable landing gear. The S76 is used in both emergency medical services as well as search and rescue. The visit, done on his own spare time, gave a better understanding of the advantages and disadvantages that other helicopter systems have when considering our own -05 Eurocopter EC145. The S76 has a greater capacity for patient access and transport but is among other factors, slower and more expensive in the air. Meanwhile the EC145 is a light-size commercial utility, better adjusted for deployments in and around the San Andreas State. If you'd like to join MEDEVAC 1, send your CV to [email protected] ((Freebird)) and tell us why you'd like to become part of St. Ernest Medical Center's most exhilarating project. Until next time, Noah Stevenson C MEDEVAC 1 St. Ernest Medical Center
  9. Freebird

    Suggestions to improve illegal RP

    Use the wikia.
  10. Freebird

    Blog: MEDEVAC 1

    Blog: MEDEVAC 1 Between 1800 and 2400 hours tonight, on May 27, 2018, the crew of MEDEVAC 1 conducted both education, exercises and maintained the readiness mandated by the executive staff at St. Ernest Medical Center. At which point, MEDEVAC 1 was ready to deploy immediately, to two different incidents. One a significant motor-vehicle-accident in Verdant Meadows, Bone County. The patient was in an unstable condition and rendered treatment en route back to the E.R. The other an, initially reported as a shootout incident with one patient, in the Whetstone area south of Mt. Chiliad. The patient turned out to be in a stable condition and transported back to the E.R. routinely. Stay frosty, PIC MEDEVAC 1
  11. @ititan

    Legends never die


  12. Freebird

    Another Nametag With Videos In It

    A masterpiece.
  13. Freebird


    Updated with new RP. Still not too late to join the party, hmu.
  14. Freebird

    Blog: MEDEVAC 1

    Blog: MEDEVAC 1 Earlier today, on May 27, 2018, I, the pilot-in-command (PIC) had a meeting with executive staff to determine the equipment, crafts and readiness MEDEVAC 1 will have for the summer season. Of course the meeting ended with a show around the aircraft with a short tour around Los Santos. For the night one of the new first officer (FO) candidates yielded from the recent recruitment efforts completed a safety related type education on the -05 Eurocopter EC145 also known as our MEDEVAC 1. Basic flight exercises has been completed with a satisfactory result. Stay frosty, PIC MEDEVAC 1

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