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  2. Freebird

    Noah Stevenson

    We are ballin'
  3. Freebird

    We all know it.

    Prediction: thread derails and locked within 24 hours.
  4. >"illegal rpers dont have character development!"

    >mfw: 7fc9d20a23.png

    >http://gtarg.wikia.com/wiki/Jeffersontown_Mob just to mention 1 source


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    2. BboyEnzo


      rip kiya, realest niggette out there

    3. ChromeReloaded


      Everything is not for everyone.. Ya know, Tony Montana once asked a question.. You rather be feared.. Or hated.. Well Character Development doesn't bring fear.. Immersion does. We can care less about what one has went through or done.. You can get all the development in the world.. It's up to you to immerse your character throughout that development.. Or it's technically not development.. Aim for immersion, not development. 

    4. Matey


      Bro it’s so hard to immerse in GTA SA after all these years, you wouldn’t even know.

  5. Freebird

    (Shooting Cops?) We got em

    We can disagree on that. But to an outsider it really just looks like y'all painting the walls with your feces at this point. The video was fun but the "discussion" afterwards is just...
  6. Freebird

    (Shooting Cops?) We got em

    >ask not to generalize leo community >immediately generalizes illegal community
  7. Freebird

    Shooting cops?

    dont step on metey
  8. Freebird

    Iron Giants Motorcycle Club

    @TPG Give more passeeeve arpee to the server, please. It's Saturday.
  9. Freebird

    Properly RPing car crashes

    This month, 2018.
  10. Freebird

    Properly RPing car crashes

    Last two significant MVA's I saw both players got CK'd.
  11. Logic in math is not logical. How's that for a quote.

  12. axx74TK.png

    1. Freebird


      That a job offer?

  13. Freebird

    Noah Stevenson

    Noah Stevenson A Department of Public Safety Character Story "S.A TRAFFIC, FIRE 2, LIFTOFF DPS HQ, CONDUCTING FLIGHT EXERCISES IN STATE, OUT," he took a breath and switched between the preset radio channels, only to hold the PTT down at his cyclic, "County, Stevenson, correction, taking FIRE 2 for flight exercises, ready for calls, out." While in the air, Noah began to verbally use the internal communications system or ICS to document his findings for the survey. "Log on ICS. Saturday, August 18, 2018, at 1717 hours. Starting clearance limit survey of SA state. N-E PALMONIO CREEK, 175 AGL." "PD for DPS, urgent." "DPS, over." "PD, need EMS for a high speed motorcycle collission on upcoming beacon." A beacon appeared on his navsys console. "DPS, copies. Helicopter en route, can you prep a LZ? Will dispatch ground unit as wel, over." "MEDIC-1 one acknowleding last niner, responding." "FIRE 2, same traffic, out." "PD copies, gonna be a rough one, will attempt to secure something." Barely a minute passed in relative silence. "MEDIC-1 on scene." "DPS, LSPD, ground ambulance on-scene now. Helicopter intends to land just east of your northernmost cruiser, out." "S.A. TRAFFIC, FIRE 2, LANDING PLAYA DEL SEVILLE, OUT." After landing the helicopter ceases to make noise and the blades slowly slow down. "MED1, FIRE 2, ready to take critical patient in the helicopter." "MEDIC 1 to last, are you gonna do an air transport to the hospital?" "I can take the patient via air, yes. I'll disembark and go ahead and help you, start initial treatment of patient." Noah disconnected the ICS cord to his flight-helmet and headed on out, unlocked and opened the port slide-door only to prep a medbay while having grabbed a LSB, hurled a BOB around his shoulder and locked the cockpit. He set on off. Running. "MED1, FIRE2 here behind you. I got a LSB and BOB." "Pulse is 75 BPM." "Good pulse. Continue and tell me what you need." "I'll prep a collar for you ASAP." Noah took a knee beside Mitchel Martinez and splaced the board down between them. shoot the board up between them and by their patient, having it nearby for Hughes, the grotesque mass of trashed, ruptured tissue, muscles and sinews and broken bones left bleeding on the interstate. Hard to imagine that it had been a human being only moments ago. "I'll need C-Collar, backboard, and stretcher please." "Backboard is between you and the patient now. C collar coming up. We'll skip the stretcher. We can carry him via the LSB." "DPS to SEMC, trauma alert, significant MVA, one patient inbound via air. Can you ensure space on your helipad? Over." "He's dead." Martinez looked at his watch and was about to call it. But Noah couldn't let go. "Not our call," he barked out and commanded Martinez, "continue treatment. Start CPR. I'll help you. Roll him onto the LSB at the same time, on my count, 1... 2... and.... 3" Somewhere in the background Michael Duffy's radio spoiled what the police departmen thought of the situation, "T-51, it isnt looking good for this guy. DPS is airlifting to SEMC, over." Noah leaned in and took charge of rolling Hughes lower body. On his count, he did so, with Mitchel's help. "Once he's on his back, start CPR." "Collar incoming," he announced while applying it, "collar set." Noah worked on securing and minimizing further spinal trauma while Mitchel worked chest compressions on their patient. To Noah's surprise other government agencies pitched in, offering to help after he requested a safe LZ outside of SEMC. He knew that the two helicopters on their roof didn't make for a safe or efficient landing. That left with him the road option. "FTF to SEMC and DPS, can assist in blocking off the road for a safe landing, how copy?" "Applying a pulse oximetry while you continue with CPR. I will then push an initial dosage of drugs. We will then move him. Fly him to SEMC and push more while en route. Questions?" Noah asked while having built up a pant from both the stress and working in the flight-suit gear. "None," Mitchel answered. Finally a competent EMT. "SEMC to last, please go on, we need Saint Street shut down, in front of the hospital." Noah retrieved, started and applied a pulse oximetry device's clip onto Hughes' index finger. A device that assesses heart rate but also oxygen saturation levels. He took a knee beside Hughes and retrived his IV kit. "DPS, copy, thanks, we'll report when on final for landing, out." Noah prepared the IV tubing, picked a lower gauge cathether for rapid transfusion. "Check his leg real quick. See if he's got a major bleed. Cut his clothing wiht the trauma shear. Check. If he bleeds: tourniquet. Then resume CPR. GO!" He almost shouted at Mitchel, who ceased CPR to do as ordered. Noah was unable to find a good site for an IV line and the frustration grew. He drew a tourniquet of his own, fastened it around their bicep in order to provoke increased blood flow. But still no viable sites presented themselves. "Check his hips and groin also. Can't afford a major internal hemorrhage right now," he spoke while palpatating the vein by aligning his index finger onto the site and rubbed. Pinched even. But still he failed to produce a viable site. No fracture on the hips, and groin." "Okay. Did he have a bleeding at his legs?" "Right leg is bleeding." "I find no veins, gonna push 'em IM." "Okay, tourniquet. Quick. Then resume CPR." Mitchel reached into his jumpkit, took out a tourniquet and applied it to Felipe's upper right thigh. Or what was left of it. It looked like an overcooked sausage. Noah prepared a dosage of adrenaline 1 mg/mL (1:1000) and accurately measured the amount drawn into his syringe. "Tourniquet applied, resuming CPR." "Write a T on his forehead. Write down the time. My clock is 1739," he reminded Mitchel. Noah knocked the air bubbles out by slapping it across using his index finger, used the correct technique for intramuscular administration, pierced his muscle, aspirated blood into the syringe before pushing the drug. "Done," Mitchel declared. "Perfect, 1 mg adrenaline pushed 1740." Noah noted the details on his chart. "One second and we'll carry him to the helicopter." They got him into the helicopter, strapped him down and scrambled to liftoff. "S.A. TRAFFIC, FIRE 2, LIFTOFF PLAYA DEL SEVILLE WITH CRITICAL PATIENT.REQUEST FLIGHT PRECEDENT, INTENT TO INTERCEPT ALL OTHER FLIGHTS, OUT. " "Starting up. Liftoff in a bit. Weather clear. Instruments clear. Gas at 66%. Radios set. Environment clear. Liftoff!" "Got it Stevenson, Let's go!" He called out via the gangway from the aft cabin, still performing CPR. While in the air, flying ferociously in order to make time Noah took to department radio and sent a MIST report to SEMC. "DPS to SEMC, MIST report: Patient is a male of unknown age, time of injury is approx 1730. Mechanism of injury is significant MVA-C on MC. Injuries are catastrophic hemorrhage right-leg, suspected internal hemorrhaging. Suspected TBI. Signs are expectant, no spontaneous respirations or pulse. We've started CPR, pushed 1mg adrenaline so far and applied a tourniquet. Our ETA your LZ is 5 minutes, over." After having transferred the patient to SEMC's trauma team, Noah and Mitchel stood by, like an awkward third party. Stunned. Noah was exhausted and panting but absorbed in the moment. Surely they saved his life. Surely he would survive because they took extraordinary measures. They tried their best. "Time of death.. 18:01," a Dr called it. There is only so much death one can take. Especially when the paramedics give a damned. Noah was devastated. He had such high hopes.

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