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  1. I'm the same hi, may aswel of gave the fiver to ello, hehe... **Steam CD Keys** Forged Battalion:6RNR6-JWHFD-HWZAP # Pathologic Classic HD:6KEL5-4YPJK-6W36A Battle Chef Brigade:HV36H-2RWNW-L3CFB Zombie Night Terror:DDXK6-7F98J-NH7B7 Figment:AG0PH-947GK-5KGP2
  2. So, if what you're saying is a correct and is arms length away the shot would not affect anywhere else except the torso. @Portside is this distance correct?
  3. I'm more than certain you are unaware of what 3 feet looks like; three feet is the average length from your shoulder to the tip of you fingers. So, what you're saying it is was arms length away?
  4. @ThatGuy I will have to disagree with atleast one of the points you made, that being the spread of the shot. The spread of a buckshot depends on which choke was used in the gun, however more than likely chokes was not even roleplayed in the scenario. That being said, if the use of a cylinder bore choke took place, this can most definitely happen as this is mostly used for close quarters. This also depends on the distance, as it is self explanatory that if it is very very close, minimal if not none of the pellets would hit him elsewhere. What was the distance?
  5. Ireland lads! Tiocfaidh Ár Lá!
  6. Why didn't you just not tag the whole admin team @QueenC
  7. @Script Nice guy, very easy got along with, very upbeat, love his craic! @Heaton Yet again, another nice guy, always help me out with tasks in game! cheers brother! @Rauf Have to tag his fag brother... Nah' In all seriousness, very nice guy! Helped me with PC problems late at night when it wasn't needed! Appreciate it brother!# @QueenC Pretty nice girl! Very polite and upbeat! @TheLastReich My brother! Been friends with him a long time and still as crazy as ever! Keep up the dedication pal'!
  8. @Weelawn Haven't got an appreciation post so I'll do it myself. ^best admin evzzz
  9. Blanked my statement I see, pretty funny...
  10. That supervisor was me; just to kill the invalid point being made here, I did not say you weren't allowed into the club. You came demanding your money for some reason which I take to be opened "early"; which was very petty. At no point were you not allowed inside, once I said you can't have your money back when the event was still a go, I later said "that's exactly how it is". So, if you're going to try and quote my Roleplay, atleast do it appropriately and be fair instead of having it swayed in your direction.
  11. 10 yards up from the bank... In my eyes that still counts. Also @JohnM Tell me, was a 911 made at this moment also?
  12. With all due respects to both parties, I see where both is coming from, however the CK shouldn't of been allowed due to where it was situated, full stop. The rules is there, and given the experience of the people who carried out the Character kill, they should've known better.
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