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  1. Destroyed

    Crimstone Hoover Mafia

    this got leaked a while ago
  2. Destroyed

    Crimstone Hoover Mafia

    solid 900 replies
  3. Destroyed

    Crimstone Hoover Mafia

    Any questions or if you are interested in joining the faction, you can PM myself or jayjay on discord. (Destroyed#1842 & JayJay#0986)
  4. Destroyed

    Twisted Devils Motorcycle Club

    Best of luck to you guys.
  5. Los Santos Auction House - Residential Property Type: Residential Address: 6 Beach Road Description: 3 floor nice beach house, few bedrooms & bathrooms, nice view Exterior Images: Interior Images: Starting Bid: 90,000 Minimum Increase: 2,000 Buyout: 170,000 Auction ends: 11/09/2018 - 8PM EST Contact Information: Given to winner.
  6. Destroyed

    Character Kill Appeal - Matvei Dobrolyubov

    Not sure why you keep bringing up that you got kidnapped unmasked, that has nothing to do with the reasoning on why you were CKd.
  7. Destroyed

    Business - Boobie Bungalow [ENDS: 10/28/2018 - 8PM EST]

    Winner. Contact information will be messaged shortly.
  8. Los Santos Auction House - Business Property Type: Business Address: Majestic Street - Boobie Bungalow Description: Look at the pictures. Exterior Images: Interior Images: Starting Bid: 15,000 Minimum Increase: 1000 Buyout: 35,000 Auction ends: 10/28/2018 - 8PM EST Contact Information: Will be given to the winner.
  9. Destroyed

    Viviana ''Vivi'' Fernandez

    Mando sends his regards.
  10. Destroyed

    [Youtube] Dance Moves

    when is that skin being released
  11. Destroyed

    idlewood criminals syndicate

    deserves established already

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