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  1. name: mt bid: withdrawn
  2. Destroyed

    Asherat Al-Muslimon

    was just talking about a arab faction today with someone else, best of luck to you guys.
  3. Destroyed

    LSPD Special Operations Bureau

    good taste in car mods
  4. Destroyed


    Stop commenting negative messages on the thread if it's about the recent situation, it'll get dealt with in game the way it should be.
  5. Destroyed

    [Richman Crisis] - Discuss

    Either keep the prices as it was before the change, or allow the owners to keep their houses with the new prices and they can do whatever they want with the house. I personally thought the prices there were already reasonable.
  6. Destroyed

    [Richman Crisis] - Discuss

    I don't own a house in Richman, nor am I affected by this. But, if somebody purchases a house for around $500,000, and as months go by the property value goes up or down, most likely going up. They would be able to sell the house for more profit. Now that the prices automatically changed to like $900,000 for a house in Rich-man, I don't agree with forcing the interior owners to pay up the remaining fee, allow them to keep the house, not disabled and let them make the money if they were to /sellproperty, as they can RP the property value raised in Richman and be able to sell it for more than what they paid for, depending if they bought it from the government. (Force-sold)
  7. Destroyed

    Boredom spares no man

    remember ur name o.o
  8. Destroyed

    Adding RP logs to your screenshots.

    Has to be a forum admin. @Unitts
  9. Destroyed

    Iron Giants Motorcycle Club

    Loving the faction RP every time I encounter with you guys, keep it going.
  10. Destroyed

    Almighty Saints 13

  11. Destroyed


  12. Destroyed

    Character Kill Appeal - Ja'Taveon_Hampton

    I personally don't believe this is necessary for Amigos to be CK'd. Due to the fact that Amigos was chasing after someone who snatched his chain, he pulled a weapon in order to get the chain back and was on John Harlend's property, aiming at the guy who stole his chain. He didn't pose a threat to John Harlend, although I could see where he's coming from because there's a guy with a weapon on his property. It's not like Ja'Tavaeon went to his property to threaten him, or point guns at him. He wasn't even suppose to be involved but he was just on his property, not purposely. I would understand if this was a PK rather than a CK. (Not saying this on an admin perspective)
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