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  1. Name: Dav Comment: Shit's fire as fuck!
  2. CQS X3

  3. Yakuza Yamaguchi-Gumi

    Something different, best of luck boys.
  4. The Grajales Familia

  5. GAT Update - March 1st, 2018

    Grats to everyone who promoted, gl to anyone applying c;
  6. [Items] - Able to pick up safes.

    Very minor, but useful, makes sense as well to pick up a safe and re-use it for a diff int. +1
  7. Would it be an advantage if you buy a shop ?

    Depends on the location, probably not going to make as much money because most people go to the ones in Los Santos, primarily the one on Saint Laurence BLVD, all depends tbh. (How many people have tier 1 & 2, and where they purchase it)
  8. Majestic X8

    Ready for this, let's get it.
  9. The Zanetti Crew

    Very good feeling about this faction, take this far.
  10. Fornite or PUBG?

    100% agree, after they did the shitty crosshair thing as well, ruined the entire game imo.
  11. How are we doing? 2018

    Doing great imo, lost interest a while ago, but it's doing well right now, keep it up and more motivated to RP.
  12. Name: Dav Comment: Bars'.. this song is fire my nigga.
  13. HAppy 28th x

    1. Destroyed


      lmfaoo ty, 16th ;)


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