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  1. Happy Birthday, slime.

  2. Markham Becker: "There was an incident at the prison. That's why I'm late, Your Honour. @ThatGuy
  3. *Markham Becker would walk into the court-room with handcuffs on. Markham Becker would look around with tears in his eyes. He'd would walk to his position and take a seat.*
  4. (( Tire marks spinning off > 19/10/2016 )) 


    It's been a while since that accident.

  5. Donut

    Hornets Motorcycle Club

    Chilling Riding Getting fat Paradise BBQing
  6. Donut

    2006 Peterbilt 330 Flatbed

    Name: Yabola Comment: No thanks. @Renegade Name: Yabola Comment: Congratulation. You won the auction!
  7. Donut

    2006 Peterbilt 330 Flatbed

    Name: Yabola Comment: Accepted.
  8. Donut

    2006 Peterbilt 330 Flatbed

    Los Santos Auction House - Vehicle Year: 2006 Make: Peterbilt Model: 330 Flatbed VIN: 12543 Mileage: 3000 Description: Lovely flatbed that can carry vehicles! Advantage by having a flatbed than a tow-truck: You can carry items and bikes! Even helicopters and other stuffs that fits! Images http://i.imgur.com/oc3lyM1.png Starting Bid: 30,000 (30k) Minimum Increase: 1,000 (1k) Buyout 45,000 (45k) Auction ends: 15/05/2017 Contact Information: Email: [email protected] ((Forum PM))
  9. Name: T Bid: Offering 75k as buy-out.
  10. Donut

    2013 Harley-Davidson V-Rod Night Rod Special

    Name: Yabola Comment: Awh, shi'. Was just tryin' earn a buck, mayne.
  11. Los Santos Auction House - Vehicle Year: 2013 Make: Harley-Davidson Model: V-Rod Night Rod Special VIN: 26686 Mileage: 674 Description: Selling a Harley-Davidson V-Rod Night Rod Special. This is a great bike for everyone with a bike license! Low mileage. Images http://i.imgur.com/987z6IA.png Starting Bid: $6,000 (6k) Minimum Increase: $500 (500) Buyout: 15k Auction ends: 03/05/2017 Contact Information: E-mail: [email protected] ((Forum PM: Donut))
  12. Donut

    Hornets Motorcycle Club

    *Mark would slowly open his eyes as the sun starts to shine through the windows, making the whole room bright* *Mark would lean over towards the edge of the bed to grab his phone that would lay on the floor, unlocking it to check the time* *Mark would open the wardrobe to take out a T-Shirt and a jeans, wearing it* *Mark would look around, trying to find his knife in the wardrobe. He would get upset, walking around the trailer, before spotting the knife on the kitchens' table. He would grab the knife with his right hand, sliding it in his knife-holster that would be located on his right front area of his waistline.* LET'S BEGIN!
  13. Donut

    Residential - #6 Park Avenue North

    Name: Yabola Bid: starting
  14. Donut

    [SOLD] Residential - Beach House #5

    Name: Beach House Comment: Sold to you!

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