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  1. Had some really good times on this server just found out it shut down, wanted to share some fun clips when I was around https://www.twitch.tv/videos/33622070 https://www.twitch.tv/videos/33624967 https://www.twitch.tv/videos/33675448 ( my fav ) https://www.twitch.tv/videos/52996408
  2. White, privileged, cis gendered male. How does it feel to make 1 dollar when your female counter parts only make 79 cents smh

    1. Lyricist


      what about a black female?

    2. FlickIDaWrist


      OMg people always hve to make it about blak people dnt they? Like White people r more likely to be killed by cops but blak peepo r more likely 2 be cuffed nd thrown against an wall k? 

    3. Lyricist

    Seig Trump


  4. pretty sure a kid with hot wheels knows more about cars than some of the new VCT members +1

    1. BrotherLouie


      Childhood memories

  5. When you get jailed for not roleplaying opening your backpack to take your boombox out, god I spend more time on the ticket center than I do in-game LOL

    1. Show previous comments  8 more
    2. Crowex


      but this reminds me to check the support ticket I made not too long ago.

    3. Dynath


      do it up broski

    4. BrotherLouie
  6. That unexplainable joy of fixing a cigarette that you accidentally snapped in half

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. awesomekaj


      That unexplainable joy of not voluntarily giving yourself lung cancer.

    3. Brandon


      0 fucks given

    4. Dynath


      if a fuck could be given, it would be given to my lungs. Alas none are there to be given.

  7. Got a random boner in public? Hit up BestGore to get rid of them fiesty hormones.. Unless you gots a gore fetish

    1. FlickIDaWrist


      I have a gore fetish lmao

  8. If anyone knows: Is it possible to wrap the tanker trailers to change the "Xoomer" writing?

    1. Jordan


      I'd presume so. Check in your gta3.img with TXDWS and then check the model's texture files. Not sure what name it is for the model tho.

    2. Fernando16


      I'm sure it's retexturable. Do as @Smithy said, go into the gta3.img and try to find it 'cause I have no clue neither.

  9. Why are IC laws being passed OOCly? This should be dealt by a mayor we elected ( OH look the mayor wasn't elected, but also placed by UAT/FMT :) wowww )

    1. Show previous comments  40 more
    2. Dynath


      Well to be fair, if it's all done IC and there's no problem with it then it should be the same for other things right man?

    3. Chaos


      Thats a whole different argument

    4. Dynath


      Yessir, i've come to a conclusion with Bartman over the incident on discord because apparently having a 1 on 1 conversation on it is much more effective than calling me ignorant... (Chaos) and i've come to understand the system and how it works properly. I was mistakened in a sense with my statement.

  10. #CutForOwl campaign now live in africa, come to one of our donation tents to aid the nerds and cure their disease OWS ( Owl Withdrawl Syndrome )

    1. Dynath


      Update: Our first pint of blood has been donated, HIV positive confirmed!

    2. Mills


      dynath check your PMs please

    3. Dynath


      Didn't even see the PM notification :P Replied

  11. When you come back after taking a toke to your PC : http://i.imgur.com/vQcintP.png ( Note the server time )

    1. Dynath


      What adds to this pictures value is the fact that it took me one minute to find my print screen button missing the actual 4:20 time

    2. MindScape
  12. Who's going to cave in first... Us or the DDOSer

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Jordan


      Imma cave the DDOSER's nan's skull in with a wrench and then Vietnamise landmine her

    3. Dynath


      12/10 Smithy would Vietnamese landmine nan again

    4. Rinkk


      @smithy I like you, I like you a lot.

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