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  1. Where do you live in Israel bruv?

  2. cheers you now follow a transexual microwave 

    1. Cross125


      had it worse

  3. Israel

    Robocops vs Robocriminals

    I'm an academy student of LSPD but I personally plan to let minor shit slide... Robocops fucking suck.
  4. Israel

    Donated 750GC =

    Nope you're buying the Silver Membership with the 750GC's...
  5. Israel

    Back after 2 year break

    Well after taking a two year break from OwlGaming, and roleplay in general I've returned. Tons of new updates and new old faces I've seen so far. Loving the new content, and the quality of roleplay is still going strong. Happy to be here!
  6. Israel

    ENB Series on Windows 10

    Worked like a charm! Even got it to work with Click Clack's ENB, had to copy the .bat files, and the enblocal.ini to my main directory! Thank you!
  7. Israel

    ENB Series on Windows 10

    I tried it with original bat, and edited bat to start up mtasa. echo. [startup util] Done. Starting Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas start mtasa.exe pause Original bat only worked with SP, and edited bat didn't work at all.
  8. Israel

    ENB Series on Windows 10

    Copied both .bat files, and the gta_sa.exe to my game directory. It manages to get my ENB (Click Clack's ENB V1) to work in single player, but when I start up MTA, the ENB series isn't showing..
  9. Israel

    ENB Series on Windows 10

    Going to try this, will update on how it goes.
  10. Israel

    ENB Series on Windows 10

    Looking to get ENB Series to work on Windows 10, not a timecyc.dat mod
  11. Israel

    ENB Series on Windows 10

    Intel Core i7 2600 @3.40GHz Quad Core Nvidia GTX 970 4GB GDDR5 24GB DDR3 1333MHz RAM 2x1TB HDD 7200RPM in Raid 0, and 120GB SSD for OS
  12. Israel

    ENB Series on Windows 10

    That's weird, I wonder why it won't work for me. Doesn't matter which ENB I have installed, it requests for DirectX 9.0c to be installed, which I've already installed it, and have Legacy Components, and Direct Play enabled.
  13. Israel

    ENB Series on Windows 10

    Did they work on Windows 10 for you though?
  14. Israel

    Newsletter - End of November 2018

    Honestly so grateful for everyone who dedicates their time an effort to improve the server at the kindness of their hearts. Us community members are grateful for your service.
  15. Israel

    ENB Series on Windows 10

    Has anyone managed to get any ENB Series for GTA:SA to work with MTA on Windows 10? I've found several fixes, but they only support single player, and SAMP, no fix for MTASA.

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