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  1. TC123

    Vehicles IRL?

    My Speedfight 2 Came up at a local dealer, he wanted 400 but got it for 300. Carb cracked like fuck now, so it's just sitting in my back yard, until i cba to fix it..
  2. TC123

    Vehicles IRL?

    Haha, My bud's got one of them, he's got a 110 kit on it, but some chinese parts..
  3. TC123

    Vehicles IRL?

    Be quiet;) If i'd a known it was you, and A 70cc Malossi? wow Im working towards a 80's kit.
  4. TC123

    Vehicles IRL?

    Just curious to see what you guys have IRL:)Me?I have a Little 50cc Peugeot Speedfight 2.
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