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  1. Jetson

    San Andreas District Telegraph

    SADT - Security Is Everyone’s Concern… But It’s Our Business. ELECTRICAL INSTALLATIONS - What we do General Electrical Repairs We regularly carry out both small and large repairs to Electrical Installations. Electrical Fault Finding If you are having issues with your Electrical System we can fault find and repair the installation. Inspection and Testing Landlords Inspections, Homeowner Inspections and Commercial Inspections are carried out regularly. We can carry out the inspections and any remedial works. LED Lighting Upgrades We have carried out LED Lighting Upgrades for various customers including Schools, Domestic and Commerical customers. Fire Alarm Systems Various systems of Fire Protection are available. We can supply and fit the best system to fit your needs. SECURITY - What we can provide. SADT expert installation teams can provide you with a number of different services. Each with its own options and levels of security that can attain to all your security needs.SADT wireless alarm systems complete with motion sensors that will alert our 24/7 security staff to any break-in or actions to your property. Choose one of our home security systems and get the best protection for what you hold dear. CCTV Systems Home CCTV is a great way of enhancing your security. It lets you keep a watchful eye on your home and loved ones, and acts as a visual deterrent to potential intruders – sending a clear message that nothing goes unseen. These cameras are monitored 24/7 by our expert security team, so when the alarm is triggered, you know we are already watching. BURGLAR ALARMS The mere sight of a monitored SADT burglar alarm is enough to put most burglars off targeting your home. Having such a visual deterrent on the show helps reduce the risk to you and your family.Choose an SADT wireless burglar alarm and you’re choosing protection that features the very latest security technology – because only the best is good enough when you’re securing what matters most to you. Like the CCTV if this alarm is tripped our expert security team will be at your place of business or residence to investigate the cause. If it is a true threat the LSPD is notified of an active break in immediately. So you always have peace of mind that someone is there FOR YOU. This type of security is only available through SADT, and with different packages to suit your financial and security needs we are the best option for your safety. CALL #346482 TODAY FOR A FREE ESTIMATE.
  2. Jetson

    GTA 5 Server

    100% a yes from me, from what I am imagining, its gunna be MTA SA like it is now. With better graphics, better world physics, better cars and more possibilities. Unless you can't run the game because of PC issues, I don't see why we shouldn't give it a crack. If we can get a regular 60/70 people player base at the start and we only focus on say Paleto bay or Sandy Shores I can see GTAV OG being fucking awesome. I doubt (but am hopeful) a playerbase of more than 100-120 at any given time but imagine 120 peeps running around Blaine county, there is enough houses, business and such to accommodate us all, and to be honest I can't see anything better
  3. I'm not against the screening of these immigrants to make sure they are not a threat to your country or my country where ever they choose to try and reside. Of course you have to check people out before you can let them in. However the point I am trying to make, is that if your sweet as fuck little house in fuck knows where USA looked like this Because on a daily basis you have countries from all over the world, wading their feet in to places that didn't really concern us in the first place. To try and "police the world". But to police the world its just easier to drop 100 bombs on innocent people every single day, and you ask why do these people deserve a better life? In your own argument How can we all sit back, myself included because the UK is a part of this problem too, but how can we all sit here and think that its acceptable to have people living like this and not offer them a handout in life? The Haitians coming across to the US in search of a better life... because everything they owned and knew is a great big pile of rubble now. IM NOT SAYING DONT SCREEN PEOPLE. Your MS13 Gang members, sure fuck em dont let them in because they are proven criminals. Killers, rapists and drug dealers, anyone even remotely connected to terrorism or sympathies with the cause of such countries, NO ENTRY. THATS FAIR ENOUGH. But what about the people that are fleeing such things? Just how me and you sometimes sit and think, maybe the terrorists will start going fucking mental and bombing every fucking place on this earth. ITS ALREADY HAPPENING TO THEM. You really dont have a fucking clue in to what is really going on with the world. HELP PEOPLE, instead of sitting in your kushy little home, typing on a forums about how the "the immigrants do this and they do that wah wah wah", OPEN YOUR EYES TO THE WORLD AROUND YOU. Have a heart for the people who genuinely need the help of big countries such as the USA and the UK. I'd like to end by saying that @DrJoseEviI and @Gambit I agree with what your saying of course I do, I dont want immigrants in my country raping people and killing people etc, who does? But do some research, compare the number of attacks that can be PROVEN links to terrorism on US soil, to the amount of Mass shootings in the USA carried out by US citizens. So its okay to let someone who is a citizen of your country to go in to a school and shoot as many people as possible and then get sent to jail, but if an immigrant was to do it we'd all join forces and bomb their country of origin for a few extra weeks. Its the same here in the UK, how many crimes, such as murder, rape and kidnappings happen every day around the country (obviously on a smaller scale) but its only a real problem when they don't come from the country you live in? Give over
  4. How many tax dollars do you pay every week?
  5. What does it matter to you? Or anyone else for that matter? They are people, like you, like me and like everyone else that plays in this community or lives on this planet. Who are YOU? To say where someone can or can't live? Or where they can or can't have kids? This whole world is a fucked up place, but people like yourself or the other people that hate on illegal immigrants for trying to have a better life are honestly the cancer of this world. When are we going to stop dragging people down just because of the country they come from? Or the colour of their skin? Illegal immigration is a HUGE problem all over the world especially here in the UK, but unless they are killing people, raping women or kids or in any other way violating the moral laws of being a human, why can't they live where ever they like? Whats the issue?
  6. Jetson

    [HIRING] SADT Security.

    Any work completed by you, a % is paid to you. So for example if a job is priced for $5,000 and you do all the work you would take 50% of that with the other 50% going in to the company itself
  7. Jetson

    [HIRING] SADT Security.

    Security is everyone's concern...but it's our business Due to a rapid and expanded growth, SADT Security is hiring in several positions across the board. You will join a young, bright and enthusiastic team that works on multiple projects ranging from domestic houses, commercial business and industrial complexes. We offer a great rate of pay based on price work (the work you do, is the money you're paid) We also offer a company vehicle, benefits and a pension scheme after 1 year of employment ((1 month)) The current openings include Lead Field Technician - As the lead field technician your main duties will include the oversight of specific jobs carried out. You will go to a job with a team of technicians and advise customers on the works that are being completed. You will be in charge of the job in question and make sure they are completed to specific deadlines. You will also play a vital role in the management of technicians as well as putting on your tools to help the work get completed faster. Field Technician - A field technicians main role is to report to your superior every day and complete the tasks assigned to you in that day. You will travel from job to job at the request of the contracts manager and complete each job to the best of your ability, this includes CCTV Installation, alarm systems and electronic gates. Apprentice Technician - We are currently recruiting young and vibrant people to train as part of the latest government apprenticeship schemes, you will start off on a basic salary and be paired with a technician to learn as much as you can and become qualified in the technician role, after that you will be able to go out on your own and complete jobs at the request of the contracts manger. Drivers - Some jobs require a lot of equipment and as such we require people to take said equipment from the yard to each job. This is a basic job but can lead to other opportunities within the company. Use the format below and email it to us at [email protected] ((forum pm @Jetson))
  8. What if it could be made so that it could only be purchased if the character has been inactive? So people cant just buy them. They would have to have been stripped by the inactivity scanner before they appeared on the premium features.
  9. *Jamie Murphy enters the courtroom, quietly shutting the door behind him. He slowly looks round the room for a seat, Sitting down in the back row of the public seating area.
  10. Jetson

    GAT Update - March 1st, 2018

    Congratulations everyone
  11. Jetson

    San Andreas District Telegraph

    SADT - Security Is Everyone’s Concern… But It’s Our Business. After a lot of work by our fantastic team of installers, CityScape apartment complex has had 33 of our finest cameras installed to aid in its protection and crime prevention. We had a lot of fun working on this project and hope that we can be of service to CityScape again in the future. Domestic Gate and Security upgrade We also completed our first installation of a motorized gate for a customer. The same customer also had 6 cameras installed. Email us for a free quote at [email protected] ((forum PM @Jetson & @DylanW))
  12. Jetson

    Vehicles IRL?

    This WAS my car, shame I'm a fucking lunatic xD, and the photo of me is proof you should always wear a seatbelt haha
  13. Jetson

    [DINOCO] - 2008 BMW E65 750Li [ENDS: 05/03/2018]

    Name : Jamie Bid : Starting
  14. Jetson

    [Age Rules] - Revise

    It comes down to each to their own I suppose, if people wanna RP as a kid, thats down to them. If you're gunna do it, do it right. If you don't do it right, you lose your right to do it. My personal opinion is its fucking weird to wanna RP as a child. I mean there is fuck all for a child to do in LS as far as I can tell. We don't have schools, we don't have play parks. So what compels people to wanna RP as a child?

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