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  1. hahaha big bum

  2. (Insert sad quote here with a story about vG being da place to be at one point, how we hopped server to server after DDOS attacks and we ended up here, now I'll miss my homies etc etc) Nah, there were some good times when it all started. But GTA SA old man now, he need rest. GTA 5 young buck, now he take over yeaaah.
  3. Hi Mat,


    Do you have a wife?


    It's only been 10 years since we chatted ish. How'd you do?



    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Mat.T


      Nope - I had a bit of a funny moment and went to space, so I came back a new man. There is no Mathew on FB anymore.

    3. Freebird


      Make sense.


      Well all is well here as well. Been embarked at a ship as an engine cadet for 2 months now. On tuesday I debark and get to go home (to beer and MTA)! 

    4. Mat.T
  4. juicy melon.jpeg

    1. Bum


      nowt there

    2. Mat.T



  5. what a bunch of cunts

  6. JOB

    Fuck you at boy?!

  7. Mac Demarco's This Old Dog - crafted and layered well, needless to say his best work. (would post link, but I cba as it's 03:04 and I doubt anyone will actually check it out).
  8. This was the guy; But to stay on topic, I plus one the shit out of this. +++++++1I haven't played in ages but I've played MTA long enough to know there needs to be something like this implemented in order for people to make the sell of drugs and taking them realistically. (It'll be good to rip people off with, too).
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