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  1. what a bunch of cunts

  2. Mat.T

    Happy 10 years, vG!

    Valhalla, Vedic, Arsenic, Root, United... All those spring to mind and there were probably more that I have forgotten about. Dare I say, the 'golden' times of RP on MTA? Now without the unnecessary reminiscing and boring details I can cut it down to that 2009-10 was that time when I joined and 2011 was when I really started to mingle with different factions, rather than doing delivery runs and RPing as my self. Ganton Gardens at the tail end of vG was definitely my favourite faction of all time and introduced me to passive RP, along with general gang RP. I 'member all the passive RP and chop shop RP with paint in Rifa 13. Does anyone remember Ello DDOSing the fuck out of many smaller RP servers including uG at a few points in a year? That shit was genuinely a PITA.
  3. Mat.T

    Los Malvados X3

    Might check this out. Good work.
  4. JOB

    Fuck you at boy?!

  5. Mat.T

    What are you currently listening to?

    Mac Demarco's This Old Dog - crafted and layered well, needless to say his best work. (would post link, but I cba as it's 03:04 and I doubt anyone will actually check it out).
  6. Mat.T

    [Items] - Drug Potency

    This was the guy; But to stay on topic, I plus one the shit out of this. +++++++1I haven't played in ages but I've played MTA long enough to know there needs to be something like this implemented in order for people to make the sell of drugs and taking them realistically. (It'll be good to rip people off with, too).
  7. Mat.T

    Older roleplayers

    Man, how do I post in this without sounding bumlicky? Over my time RPing I have spent some time over at Valhalla, Vedic, Kinetic, Root, United and there's probably a few others I forgot. I mean, how many 'vG clones' were there in the wake of Valhalla? I started on vG way back in 2010 and was a massive nub for a while (you know, doing delivery runs all day and then driving around in the car you bought from those runs.) I can't remember all the details, but I had applied for factions that I dabbled in (I was in FD for a hot minute, yep) and sold cars for this dude Gareth, as well as driving taxis for his firm. I did have a little faction with Max (Freebird) in which I started to get the ropes of my RP together, it was a un-organized mess of a group of friends but it was fun. Towards the end of that year I think it was Shem's faction, the Uptown Bloods (?) and that's where I got my gang RP ropes yadayada. A few things were fuzzy after that but, Ganton Gardens was one of the last things imho, to come out of vG in it's dying days. I remember logging on to see 13 people on MAXIMUM and I still RP'd at the corner. I think after that it was over to United Gaming. I was a faction with some finnish dude called Cobrabastard, who was pretty new but knew his shit. That ended and it basically became me and Uzi leading it. It wasn't the best, but I had been out of RPing for about almost a year at this point. I think JTG wiped us out and took over us, which then I can't really remember much of from then. Then, uG was the time I was fully engrained in RPing again and was loving my time with Rifa (remember SF for a short while?) And lastly over to LS where we continued it for some fair time. I was second down from Uzi, my character name was Rodrigo Mendo. Essentially the guy that washed his car a lot, smoked blunts and just hung out at the little basketball court haha. That was probably one of my favourite factions besides Ganton Gardens and everyday there'd be someone there to make passive RP with. I can't remember much after that other than coming over to here and being in with Lars for Montalvo Connection, but at that point I was busy all the time and hardly played. That's all the details on top of my head, probably forgotten some other shit but that's probably because the most fun I've had are with the factions I've mentioned. It's good to see some of the older heads are still about and still playing, I'd love to come back and play again some more but I do not have the time any more. Man, I got all nostaglic then haha.
  8. Mat.T

    What are you currently listening to?

    As much as I like Netsky, putting him next to Goldie or Kemistry's mix is nuh-uh. If we're talking modern day, you got to have S.P.Y with this Essential Mix. Like the comments say, probably one of the best before it was High Contrast's '03 mix.
  9. Mat.T

    What are you currently listening to?

    For all the OG DnB heads. One of the biggest mixes I've heard in a while, straight from Blue Note, Hoxton Square circa 96. Probably the pinnacle of the DnB era before it got all dark and fast.
  10. Mat.T

    Oh butt, where 'ew from en?

    1. Bum
    2. Mat.T


      Fuck off, really? Where abouts in Swansea? I'm from Port Toilet.


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