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  1. (Insert sad quote here with a story about vG being da place to be at one point, how we hopped server to server after DDOS attacks and we ended up here, now I'll miss my homies etc etc) Nah, there were some good times when it all started. But GTA SA old man now, he need rest. GTA 5 young buck, now he take over yeaaah.
  2. Mat.T

    pee pee and also poo

  3. Hi Mat,


    Do you have a wife?


    It's only been 10 years since we chatted ish. How'd you do?



    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Mat.T


      Nope - I had a bit of a funny moment and went to space, so I came back a new man. There is no Mathew on FB anymore.

    3. Freebird


      Make sense.


      Well all is well here as well. Been embarked at a ship as an engine cadet for 2 months now. On tuesday I debark and get to go home (to beer and MTA)! 

    4. Mat.T
  4. Mat.T

    Engine Swap.

    Get famous? Elaborate? Please advise. If not good night and dog bless.
  5. Mat.T

    Engine Swap.

    Get famous? Explain in a few words, possibly without having to reiterate your previous words. Get famous on an online forum? I have bigger fish to fry than do that. Read what I previously said and you might be able to determine the original post's meaning. GG once again, though.
  6. Mat.T

    Engine Swap.

    Calm down fuzzy little man peach. A bit of dry humour, a bit of piss taking riled you up? Sorry. I think we can all agree on what makes car RP good, especially if you understand basic mechanics IRL. Calling people a retard on an internet forum circa this year is considered a sign of low intellect. GG, though.
  7. Mat.T

    Engine Swap.

    /me takes out screw drive /me uses screw driver to take out engine (don't forget to countdown from 1 to 10 in a /do e.g 1/10 2/10) /me put new one in and screw in bolts ??? A nice, new block you can add some power to. Sweet.
  8. (insert jaded 'I am an old school RPer since '94' quote here) Nah. 2009 into 2010 where I was a nub in vG and eventually got pretty good if I say so my self. From there pretty much; Vedic, Arsenic, United Gaming, Root and LSRP (SAMP sucks, don't care..it sucks) There are probably a lot of other vG clones I played on in between (remember when the OG vG script was passed around like a shit whore in a shit party?). I couldn't remember the life of them. I also remember Jay Ess's little idea of a 'realistic' server, but I don't know what happened with that. I also don't know what I have done with my car keys, help. If Oskar ever came back with a faction like Ganton Gardens again I would consider playing more seriously. If you see this Oskar, you did a good job of keeping a relatively active faction when vG was dying and led a good faction that reminded me how much passive RP is v important. I carried on that 'tradition' when I did Rifa 13 with Uzi. Eh, good times. Anyways, MES once sang ''Ours is not to look back, ours is to continue the crack''. Goes to show how forgetful I am - posted here twice. w/e
  9. juicy melon.jpeg

    1. Bum


      nowt there

    2. Mat.T



  10. what a bunch of cunts

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