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  1. Faction is going elsewhere, please L&A.
  2. Just a quick update, we ask that you DO NOT post screenshots unless granted that right by your made man IG, once granted he will PM you telling you that you're able to post. Thanks.
  4. OOC Once affiliated with this faction a CK can get put on you at any given time as feel right by the leaders. You must abide by the server rules and present a high RP standard when affiliating yourself with this faction. When affiliating yourself we ask you keep a mature and professional attitude and you will have a fun time in the faction.
  5. *A wooden stained chair would slide across the room as an old aged man would slowly tuck himself under a desk and grip onto a sharpened pencil, the man would then place the pencil down towards the paper while turning the radio on low as he begins to write. The pencil would gently slide across the paper as a soft song comes onto play.* The Gargano Street Crew is primarily an Illegal La Cosa Nostra crew making It?s mark in Los Santos, producing crime around the region, small scams and different types of robbery?s. They are a low key typical crew with the strive for one thing and one thing only, money. Violence has been a known factor with the Gargano Crew at different times. As the crew grows they grow in numbers and power learning small tips and techniques on the way. Arthur Gargano a normal Italian American man on the street, behind closed door a full time mobster. Born in Chicago Illinois, Arthur was brought up fairly well. Doing well in school and doing what every parent would want their kid to do. But the neighborhood was beginning to cause problems for Arthur, his parents were unaware of it but it soon caused a dramatic spin to Arthurs life. When Arthur hit 14 Him and his new group of friends were getting into trouble with the cops and parents daily. Arthurs parents were furious with his decisions kicking him out of the house with a small amount of money to support his needs, Arthur had no other option but to scout for a job looking for any quick buck to make in the street. Luckily, a man provided Arthur and his friends with small packages of drugs hustling them on the streets day by day making a good profit to live off of. As time went by Arthur got addicted, addicted to the life style and the money. More and more affiliated each day and he had no problem with it. This ?unknown? man was actually an associate for the current mob that was ran back in the day. Showing Arthur the ropes of a mobster Arthur soon got a name for himself with his violent and brutal acts he would portray to let everybody know who?s who. Climbing up the ranks on the La Cosa Nostra Arthur was soon granted his own crew.. ?The Gargano Street Crew?
  6. Let's keep IC what's IC, if you can't handle the heat IC don't fuck with the gang it's simple. How else do you get fear threw all these other gangs heads without enforcing it? Just let him do what he wants and let's keep it professional
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