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  1. this is sick, keep it livid
  2. yall remember when 2/3 of the server was a part of uzi's faction when owl opened?
  3. Yeah and quit updating your activity feed.

  4. Damn is this who I think it is?

  5. I asked you to stop, ain't in the mood today. Stop posting on my wall. Thanks.

  6. And who scared away and killed off capable scientists and technicians and ruined his economy and war projects. Who also bungled every major offensive he ever made? For real though man, I'd rather not do this today so let's call it quits. Thanks.

  7. War is costly. They still won. They survived and the Nazis did not.

  8. ikr. Oh sure they won a few battles, but who won the war and guaranteed the world's freedom from slavery? ;)


  9. bitch made #certified

  10. deli_se_da look for DeGlopper (Deli)

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