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  1. Portside

    Forum Perms

    The discussion of this topic is no longer seen as necessary, thus this thread has been closed from further discussion.
  2. Portside

    Forum Perms

    Done @DylanW
  3. Portside


    Dear Zica, Please contact Christopher Hughes or myself via email ((Discord - Portside#3403)) to arrange an interview.
  4. *AUCTION WEBMASTER* The seller has stated on several occasions now that the starting bid is $275,000 USD. The next unrealistic bid is going to be treated as direct disregard to Auction Guidelines therefore resulting in a penalty fine which can be paid in your local state. Kind~Regards, Auction Webmaster J. Hutchinson
  5. Portside

    The Provisional Republican Movement

    "We haven't gone away you know" - Gerry Adams Today we present some IG gathered pictures, the following content is to be treated OOCly, any use of this information for IC purposes will be considered as MG and could result in admin punishment. Due to the closeness of the organisation, names, chat and locations may be covered up in the following screenshots. Sensitive roleplay scenarios have not been shown on the screenshots in an attempt to avoid metagaming. More broader scenarios and some topics on what the faction is about will be revealed at a later date upon careful editing and altered information to maintain privacy of the members. *A short description will be given under each picture to help understand what is happening if needed.*
  6. If someone PGs sex does it become rape perms?🤔🤔🤔 #thinking

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      You mean...


      /do The pinus would be about the size of  ones male pornstars have because i need to feel manly.


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      No, I meant...


      Darnell Hamilton: (( I've never actually roleplayed this before on this alt, we'll luck from one to twelve the sizes. ))
      ((OOC Luck)) Marcel Woods tries their luck from 1 to 12 and gets 1
      ((OOC Luck)) Marcel Woods tries their luck from 1 to 12 and gets 3
      ((OOC Luck)) Marcel Woods tries their luck from 1 to 12 and gets 3
      ((OOC Luck)) Marcel Woods tries their luck from 1 to 12 and gets 2

      ((OOC Luck)) Marcel Woods tries their luck from 1 to 12 and gets 9

      Marcel Woods: (( We're going to go ahead and roleplay the nine. ))

  7. Portside

    Keybinding software

    Using keybinding software isn't against MTA regulations nor is it against the server rules. It's just an external binding software that virtually allows you to bind more things to your keys. Autohotkeys works again after a recent MTA update so it can be used. It doesn't give players any advantages whatsoever. It works similar to the following example: MTA Layout for key binding. *Use of F8 console* Key: command key action data "bind key_to_bind action_to_use data_to_be_set_if_required" Examples. bounding key, action, data 1. bind num_1 me reaches to their duty belt removing a Glock 17 handgun, cocking it. bounding key, action (no data needed as it's an animation we're using) 2. bind num_decimal smokelean bounding key, action (data set is a custom animation via /animselect) 3. bind num_0 anim driveby1 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Using AutoHotkeys to bind keys. So, keyboards can become cluttered with all these binds that we may have. Binding a /me to start the car, using numbers 1-9 for /me gun shit. "Oh ffs I can't use num_binds because I have teamspeak assigned to it fml) So here is where autohotkeys help. Auto hotkeys work by using two keys, threes if you're advanced and need even more binds (be careful though, if you don't code it correct the software can become buggy). Here is an example of auto hotkeys. I have key 0 binded using MTA's formula like we previously stated. Key 0 has the following data binded - status James can be seen walking around with his hands in his pockets. So, instead of binding another key to clear the status we use the same key aka key 0 by using autohotkey. it goes like this. command+key: in this case it's right-control+0 >^0:: -- execute the following. sendInput: t sleep 50 sendInput: /status {enter} Return P.S (Forgive me if I haven't wrote the correct layout for AutoHotkey, I don't remember the layout exactly but that should be a pretty close resemblance.) So now we can hit the 0 on our keyboard, it'll display the MTA formatted: *James can be seen walking around with his hands in his pockets.* Then when we hold down right-control and press zero, it sends the following information: Here's what the software is doing in simple terms: Key: Notes, actual code Once right-control+0 is pressed, do the following. Press the 'T' button on user's keyboard (which is what Owl uses to execute written commands) then, do nothing for 0.5 seconds then, send the next input which is "/status {enter}" enter just means to execute the command by hitting return button. then end the hotkey macro bind. Here's what it looks for a side by side comparison: Key: Notes, actual code Once right-control+0 is pressed, do the following. >^0:: Press the 'T' button on user's keyboard (which is what Owl uses to execute written commands) then, sendInput: t do nothing for 0.5 seconds then, sleep 50 send the next input which is "/status {enter}" enter just means to execute the command by hitting return button. sendInput: /status {enter} then end the hotkey macro bind. Return I hope this helps and clears up some stuff. Obviously, you can't bind /mes which can't be used IG for powergaming... for example, /bind key me runs towards the nearest person stabbing them in the neck. I hope this clears up some stuff for people, I know this may sound a little confusing, but it is what it is. It becomes easier the more you use it. You can learn more about AutoHotkeys from the following: https://autohotkey.com/docs/commands/ Just don't use autohotkeys for everything. Here are some examples that I use it for: Locking the car, putting down the handbrake and putting on the seatbelt using one key. Using W as a bind to /walk (command doesn't be executed obviously until right control is submitted. Binding commonly used /status and unbinding using the same buttons. Typing in information through the MDC. They can be handy, but don't take away from the fact of roleplay. For example, the binds I use are ones that are commonly being used over and over, walking, entering a car, using the MDC. I hope you all enjoyed this short little explanation of how to use them and the uses they are for.
  8. Portside

    rip steven woods

  9. Portside


    Name: Dreaz Comment: 10/10 would ask again
  10. Portside

    The Provisional Republican Movement

    Spine as in driving force. Thanks!
  11. Portside

    No more naming of your own generic phone.

    Like @EDR said. Phones cost around 800 dollars in stores. The problem isn’t having a rename his/her phone. The problem is what @iii said; stop spawning phones with players.
  12. Portside

    Character Kill Appeal - Steven Woods

    Like I said. I’m just here to give my version of events; not to defend the CK like I previously stated. What I had at hand is what I used, I’ve no issues with anyone appealing any CK nor am I going to sit and justify this one. KillerBoy gave his side of the events, I then gave my version of events. There is no “I’m in the right, he’s in the wrong” or “no he’s in the wrong I’m in the right”. I just said why I thought the CK was justified.
  13. Portside

    Character Kill Appeal - Steven Woods

    CK situation was made aware and here is a quick snippet of the rules All in all you guys did not have to rush into the room like that, three or four tear gas canisters could have been thrown in and all you had to do was wait for him to inevitably come out, pass out or the more unlikely version of events was him killing himself as he wouldn't come out of the room the teargas would more than likely have over-fumed him. You died script-wisely so, you died... buckshot spreads, meaning it would have dashed to more than just your vest; regardless of that you can't argue a script-wise death. All of that aside, I'm not saying you don't deserve for this to be overturned. I'm just merely stating why I thought the scenario deserved to have CKs for all parties involved. No one told you that you had to run into the room like rambo after you threw the teargas, but that is the approach all of you took knowing that the CK was on the table. Me personally, I don't mind if you're unCKed or not, but you never disputed it at the time, and I just acted upon my decisions after I had made it clear to all involved. 3 SWAT members, State Police and LSPD on scene, and the only viable option that you guys thought was to rush in after throwing the gas even after the snake cam showed that he was obviously in the other room? @yannickboy15 Could you handle this? P.S don't feel as if I'm being a cunt, just saying it how I seen it!
  14. Portside

    The Provisional Republican Movement

    It's not the IRA. Secondly most factions have ranking systems lmao
  15. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Back Story The Republican Movement is that of a dissident gorilla group from Ireland. The Irish Republican Army (The Provisional IRA) is the spine to the PRM. Following the troubles which ended in 1998 due to The Peace Process many dissident groups assembled after the disassembly of the Provisional IRA. Some groups used Ireland's cause and its flag for a flag of convenience; others were in it for money and drugs. The entirety of the Provisional IRA was to ensure Ireland's cause was just, the killing of British forces (UDR, SAS, RUC, UVF & BAF) along with many more were to blame for the creation of the gorilla group. The Irish Republican Movement was created by Seamus Lyner and Patrick Kelly who reside in Los Santos to gather as many resources as they can to help Ireland be freed from British power. Their battalion works with close criminal organisations within the city as a resource; to help their cause for Ireland's foreseeable future. Sanctioned by the Army Council itself, the Provisional Republican Movement operates under the infrastructure of The Provisional Irish Republican Army who back the PRM's political and revolutionary means. The PRM are also a political group who are closely bonded with Sinn Féin in Stormont. Albeit their political agenda is to free Ireland from British rule, they will do anything to ensure that their dream becomes a reality. The main objective of gathering resources (guns, ammo and money) to fuel their comrades back home is going to be tough, a struggle. However, with almost 90% of the world being very sympathetic towards the Republican movement they shouldn't find much difficulty with allies who are willing to help them as long as they return the favour. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hierarchy ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ranking System The known ranking system of the PRM is as follows (from leaders to affiliates); 1. Officer Commanding (OC) 2. Assistant Officer Commanding (AOC) 3. Quartermaster General 4. Head of Operations 5. Head Operative 6. Operatives 7. Recruitment & Training 8. Commanding Officer of Soldiers 9. Foot Soldier 10. Contributor ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ((OOC Ranks)) 11. In Hiding 12. Suspended/Medical Leave ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Known Members According to the hierarchy (shown above) The OC is UNK; AOC - UNK Quartermaster General (on left) - Aiden McGinchey Quartermaster General (on right) - Dominic O'Leary (Head of) Operations (on right) - John McDermot (Head of) Training (on left) - Barry McKearney (Head of) Training and Operations (middle) - James Murphy Solders - UNK Contributors - UNK ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- RULES ((IC)) Each member will be given a small book with the following rules; *Each member must contribute to the cause equally. *Each member must not speak of affiliation to the PRM. *All members should not talk to anyone about the organisation without conducting with the OC or the AOC beforehand. *All members should not carry anything that would otherwise give away their position/affiliation with the organisation. *Each member will be subject to interrogation if intel were to be leaked to any governmental authority. *After being sworn in by a senior member to the organisation he/she will give their all in providing the contribution to the cause. *After being sworn in each member will not do unjust to the cause or turn Supergrass. *Each member will be entitled to protection if he/she feels as if though they are in immediate danger from anyone. *Members must consult if he/she has a suspicion that a follow comrade is doing unjustly to the cause. ((rules are subject to change)) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- RULES ((OOC)) *Anyone who has knowledge of the faction and is contributing (though does not have to be within the F3 is exposed to CK clause. *Anyone who joins the faction and otherwise turns supergrass (informer) to any governmental body (but not limited to) is exposed to CK clause. *Any member who leaves the F3 unto bad terms (leaves within notifying and talking to the leadership) can be exposed to CK. *Anyone who makes it clear that they are leaving the faction upon good terms is obliged to keep everything top secret and must not share that knowledge. *The rules above does not mean you need to limit your roleplay with the knowledge you may have gained within the faction. *Unsanctioned operations or actions against governmental bodies could result in FMT intervention (due to the severity and realisation of the gorilla group). ((rules are subject to change)) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- More to be added as time goes on.

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