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  1. Portside

    Car Roleplay Mini Guide

    Not this freak
  2. Portside

    Car Roleplay Mini Guide

    Holding down the button on my Audi allows me to slippy slide the slippery slide
  3. Portside

    Car Roleplay Mini Guide

    Electronic handbrakes work like levee handbrakes. Just hold up the button. Js
  4. Dear seller the building is found to be safe. You can extend the auction by 12 hours for the closed period if you so desire. Kind~Regards, Auction house ((after review Mapping is fine @Novanard))
  5. Auction House: Dear seller, your property auction has been put on hold for the following reason: 1. Assessing property's current safety state. ((Property has been disabled by MT for reviewing)) Kind~Regards, Auction House @Novanard @Alaina
  6. Los Santos Auction House - Residential https://imgur.com/a/pIX9iTZ Property Type: Residential Address: Blueberry Hilltop Farm Description: This lovely farm comes completely reonovated and kitted out with high-end security systems and CCTV cameras with alarms. The Property comes with the following; 1. Main ranch house w/ one bedroom, kitchen, living area and garage. 2. External garage. 3. Survival bunker for storms with ration supplies. 4. Guest house with bedrooms and bathrooms etc. ((all properties come with 34 days inactivity protection)) ((OOC & IC comments disabled)) Exterior Images: Interior Images: Starting Bid: 350,000 Minimum Increase: 10,000 Buyout: 800,000 Auction ends: 14/10/2018 - 03:30 Contact Information: Given to the winner.
  7. Portside

    The Provisional Republican Movement

    Put it on hold due to working on a new char development.
  8. Portside

    Appreciate a Staff Member!

    @Swanker great activity he says, I think he got me mixed with someone else
  9. Portside

    Welcome to America, Vlad...

    Killin ma vibe fam
  10. Name: Vladimir Plutinvich Date of Birth: 27/08/1988 Sex: Male Nationality: Russian Traits: Profession in CQC art. Distinctive features: Scar above his right eye, old and blunt appears to have aged. Backstory Vladimir Plutinvich, a name soon to be heard of in the local surroundings of Moscow. A young member of his family of 4 brothers and 2 sisters had the most intelligent brain. His father and mother (both formally known as *English Translation* Maria Plutinvich & Viktor Plutinvich). Their eldest son, Shurik had gotten into trouble with the Russian Mob located south of Moscow, later to be dead. Vladimir had witnessed many things in his early years where he could not have unseen any of it. At the age of 16 Vladimir had brains to burn whilst he studied in many areas working alongside his mother, Maria at their local shop. One night upon locking up his mother’s shop by himself two men had stopped by, both in their forties, Vlad slightly scared could not move a single bone in his body. He turned to the men, asking them what they wanted. They gave him a note with a blood-stained picture of his dear brother, Viktor. Vlad, upset sat to the ground and could not understand what the subliminal message had meant. Fast-forwarding to a twenty-one year old Vlad, still deeply upset by his brother’s murder had wounded up as a member of the KGB. Devastated he seeped for vengeance and used all utilities of the KGB to do so whilst performing his every day duties. For years he had held on to that anger to find out answers and find out who those men were. Vlad became a very intelligent member of the KGB resourcing all of his skills he built upon his trait-tree. He is a very skilled and has been classed as a lethal weapon to most locals. After working for the KGB for many years he had become even more involved in the Russian government. His wife and kids were at risk with the type of work Vlad was doing for the government, so he had to rethink his game plan. Vlad figured out some information that allowed him to find the whereabouts of his brother’s murders to be in San Andreas. Upon up and leaving the Russian government and Russia as a whole he had shipped his family to a safe and unknown location outside of the country. This is to allow him to hopefully find his brother’s murders in America to seek his long over waited revenge. In light of this Vlad is to try and make friends of local Russians as he has gathered information of a small part of Los Santos known as Little Moscow. He will gather allies to hunt and kill the filth that wrongfully slaughtered Viktor. He will hold no prisoners as he attempts to kill everyone that stands in his way. Vlad is now thirty years of age, still in his prime he is dedicated to become wealthy and grab closure of his brother before returning to his family so that they can live out their life as an entire family. Vlad occasionally calls his family from burner phones at a new number every time. Main Objective · To kill Viktor’s murders. · To grab enough money to secure his and his family’s life forever. · Get acquainted with Russian members of Little Moscow. · Use his skills to further his personal and professional gain. Keys to infiltration · Vlad calls his family of a new phone every time dialling in a new number. These numbers can be infiltrated and be used against him. · His mother and father still alive have both new names; this information is obtainable and can be used against him. · Each new burner has one number which is most likely his wife. Weaknesses · His mother & father. · His brother. · His wife and children. · Information leading to the killing of his brother. Criminal Record Vlad’s record was wiped by his friends in higher places and is not an outstanding wanted member of Interpol. Favorite Weapon Mossberg 500 Tactical Execution traits Hands tied behind the victim’s back one shot to the head at point-blank range with the Mossberg with a depicted blood-stained photograph. EXEMPLAR: *Not exact representation as the calling card has yet to be disclosed* Residency Unknown **All information is to be considered OOC and any use of this information without IC knowledge could result in administrative intervention**
  11. happy birthday, mate

  12. Portside

    Character Kill Appeal - Javeon Brooks

    @QueenC @ItsMelodyy @yannickboy15 Anyone care to take this? There’s nothing more to add from my side. I told him why he was being CKed and the logs prove as to why as well.
  13. Portside

    Character Kill Appeal - Javeon Brooks

    @Zebulon give your side of events. As I’m the handling admin there will be someone assigned to deal with your case @ToastyBud if no one has been redirected within a sensible period of time I will try to get an admin to resolve this situation for you. Kind~Regards, Portside
  14. Portside

    Getting bored?

    Anecdote So I've took it upon myself to help you folks out with some questions that I've been getting personally recently. Merely, for the sheer privacy of those people we won't discuss names or anything that could possibly give away their identity as their concerns came to me expecting confidentiality. Over the past month or so with my absence along with many other administrators due to holidays, work and so on have apparently drawn concerns to some members of the community. I've responded to those members with both a personal response to each individual addressing their concerns, rather giving everyone the exact same response. I'm not aware of anything that has happened in August due to holidays, work and exploring new adventures in general, however I'd like to take the time and update you guys and gals with some personal beliefs and helping as many of you overcome this what appears to be stressful period. Looking through the window So a lot of people are tending to draw some conclusions as to what is happening, and they feel as if though they cannot express their concerns due to them having no voice. A lot of people think that the UAT is still unapproachable even after they addressed this concern themselves. Now it's not all sunshine and roses in the GAT or UAT, some admins simply cannot be approached sometimes due to toxic behavior or having a personal vendetta against a certain person or group of people. We as admins try to resolve this, and of course sometimes it leads to UAT stepping in to help fix the problem. However, whoever them admins are, they don't last. They get demoted, kicked, infracted or they resign. Friendly faces within the GAT are the ones who have been around the longest, sometimes it doesn't always work out like that but the majority are. People like myself, and others who have been in the team on and off from the server opened aren't still in the GAT today for no reason. We always encourage people to come to us if they have any enquiries, and I don't mean in the regards of making a ticket or having a meeting. If you need a personal conversation to decide on what the next step is to take in your dilemma then come forward. A lot of us will try to take the time if we have it and assist you and your needs. Likewise with the UAT. However, I'd just like you to bear in mind that we're all just humans, just like you. Sometimes we get hot headed, sometimes we don't act how we should and a lot of the times we get staff reported for the most idiotic things known to mankind. I can't account for all of the admins within the team when I say this, but I'm here to give you the most honest account and give some clarity. I've had my fair share of staff reports, and it annoys the fuck out of me. Admins are here voluntarily, to help all of you. People have this tendency that admins "need to be professional". Well fuck that, we're not working on Wall Street where there's a multi-billion dollar deal hanging on the edge of a knife. Admins, yes, should be professional... but how professional, should 'admin professionalism' be? We're here to enjoy the experience as much as you guys. I hope this goes without saying, but it's a game. Sometimes people act childish, as do admins. No one is saying we should all act like a bunch of clowns and mess around. No one is saying you shouldn't staff report admins if you believe you're right. Just know that for people who are butthurt and want to make every administrator's life as hard as possible, you're only damaging yourselves. Good admins have left in the past, and I'm sure good admins will leave in the future for whatever the circumstance may be. Just chill on flexing that e-dick mmk? Let's talk UAT Every single one of them are arseholes. Let's move on... I'm joking. Of course they're not. Chaos - Server management = Responsibilities Responsibilities = Bills Bills = Money Money = Funding Funding = Reliance of ads and donations No money = No server No server = No fun No fun = Death It's simple logic really... However, the rest of the UAT have a lot of jobs to fulfil and you might not even know about it. ThatGuy tries to bring a newsletter and keep the community involved, Shanks and Wright do a hella lot for you guys and sometimes you don't realize the half of it. Swanker... well swanker deserves a thread of his own to be frank, but the man is managing the entire GAT to keep professionalism, respect, functionality, dependency, fluency, consistency. Have a bumped heads with any of these guys before? Every single one of the cunts lol. Are they bad lads? Not a fucking chance. Why? For the mere fact that Owl is still on its feet today and they're still bringing new ideas to the table four years later. People think we as GAT and UAT don't listen and that we have to be "called out" for a response". Mate... what the actual fuck do you think this is? This ain't no KSI v Logan Paul ye freaks. We're people, we respond, communicate.... sometimes it takes times, and for the clowns we just simply ignore you. Sorry xoxo. UAT have a lot on their plates, so if they don't reply, it's not because they don't want to. Daniels, Chaos and whoever else is involved in OwlV is simply under pressure trying to bring to you guys a new product that can be enjoyed by everyone who doesn't own a potato. Owl is more than just a server on MTA, as Chaos will agree. It's a business, and whether you like that terminology or not. It is what it is. Businesses need maintained. So he doesn't reply to you, does that mean that he's unapproachable? You think if you dropped Elon Musk a DM on Discord he's gonna respond? Similarities are relevant here. Likewise with the rest of the UAT; that's why they ask you to follow protocols that they have in place to assist you if and when needed. Concerns of the people For those of you who have concerns drop any of us a message on the forums or Discord, or even try us IG but don't be upset if we don't respond in game as we have duties to fulfil as well as we're often tied up in situations. Even vent your concerns here, let's hear your side of the story. We're trying to continue to make the community better, constantly striving but sometimes our resources are stretched. I thought this would be a good time of the year to post something like this, with people coming back for holidays and lads getting ready to get back to school. When you're spending less time on the computer due to work or school, changes will be made; whether they're front-end changes (changes you can see) or back-end changes (changes you don't see) they will be made. Regardless if it's for MTA Owl or OwlV. Getting bored? Which finishes off on our last topic of people getting bored, people getting worried that the player-base is going to drop and Owl is going to close etc. Well, here lads if you've been here from 2014 you'll know the craic. Owl has always had its ups and downs, people has always left and come back. New people have always joined and so on. It will continue to be that way. The roleplaying community is always expanding regardless if you think MTA is dying. People who enjoy roleplaying don't worry about the platform it's on. Even big developers are new branching out into roleplay areas. If you're really concerned about that, put up a few ads on the MTA blog or any other related roleplay website (as long as it coheres to their T&C's and doesn't violate their usage. If you're getting bored, let us know how we can help that. As we are here for the people (mostly, some people are here for the esex but we won't point out anyone in particular @Cosa) So let's all circle-jerk and address any concerns that I personally can address or anyone else within the team. Obviously ideas and shit go to the suggestion page, but you can link them here. Last thing, smash that like button, hit subscribe if you already haven't and click that bell icon to be updated and notified of the newest releases so you don't miss out! Have a nice one lads. Kind~Regards, Administrator, Portside
  15. Portside

    The Provisional Republican Movement

    Just a lot going on in the past month or so. Landed back from America last night, will be definitely continuing this.

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