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  1. The High Kings (An Ard Ríthe)

    We’re trying to get things up and running and not rushing anything so it shouldn’t be too long now @ToyYoda
  2. More than likely a repeat offense
  3. là breithe shona duit faggot <3

  4. Happy birthday Portside!!!!

  5. Happy birthday bruh, wish ya all the best!

  6. Happy Birthday!

  7. happy birthday bro

  8. hApY bIrThDaY pOrTsIdE B)

  9. happy birthday to you and me cunt

    nice coincidence m9

  10. Help me, PC Problem

    Try deleting and reinstalling your video driver. This could also be a problem with Windows 7's resolution itself so; as far as I remember go to control panel, display and change it to a smaller resolution and apply it. Restart windows, then try putting it back to your normal resolution that you always played on. Hope this works bud. P.s just upgrade to Windows 10 mong
  11. Character Kill Appeal - Manjot Singh

    @mahe You can respond to defend yourself, that's what it's all about buddy. No reason why you can't fight the facts and evidence presented by everyone. *shrugs*
  12. Character Kill Appeal - Manjot Singh

    I think you're blind to see the fact of what that rule states Involves surrounding perimeters and at the mall has a government body - Rodeo Bank. Manjot does not need to input his side as he has already stated int he first post. The reason for CK appeals is for admins to come to a conclusion. Not to disrespect you in any means, but you don't know me and this prejudice that you're showing is a prime example that your favouring your friends and your scene. Which is forgivable but don't question my abilities or make prejudice statements, thanks!
  13. Character Kill Appeal - Manjot Singh

    I thought you meant LokiHavoc, my apologies. And like I've said countless times now, everyone is entitled to their opinion, every admin can intervene and yes, his actions were questionable. But if you want to re-read what I said in the first topic, I "am not judging his roleplay by any means" or should I bring that in as another fact on the matter? I'm wasting my time talking to someone who would rather question my ability than fight the facts and evidence I have provided. Kind~Regards, Porty xoxox P.S Sorry Loki
  14. Character Kill Appeal - Manjot Singh

    I haven't dissed your points nor have I called them bullshit, I have literally just responded with the facts and rules. So I'm as neutral as they get.

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