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  1. I present to you, the carrying script...

    seems kinda useless to me.
  2. Idlewood Ink

    "Open for business"- First day at the 'Idlewood Ink' ★ Fayth Belmont presses the sketch on the moistened desired location, leaving the print of the design. Once she has the design prepared, she continues to select the tip that is suitable for the size of the needle to be used. ((Fayth Belmont)) ★ Fayth Belmont ultimately turns on the tattoo machine, dipping the needle into the ink before assuming a comfortable stance right next to the chair on which Shemar is seated. ((Fayth Belmont)) [English] Customer says: How long you been doing this? [English] Fayth Belmont says: Since I've been sixteen. [English] Fayth Belmont says: So eight years now. [English] Customer says: So I ain't got nothing to worry about? [English] Fayth Belmont says: Unless you start moving around like crazy you should be good. ★ Fayth Belmont carefully pierces her customer's skin with the running tattoo machine, tracing the lines of the sketch with the needle. ((Fayth Belmont)) ★ Fayth Belmont chuckles as she keeps her full attention locked on the seated man, following the lines of the small crown with light strokes, wiping any excessive ink and blood residue away with the sterilized gauze. ((Fayth Belmont)) ★ Once she's traced the lines of the crow, she quickly cleans the needle to start shading the piece, adding more defintion to her work. She uses waving motions, swiftly wiping any excess off. ((Fayth Belmont)) ★ The crown's lines are traced and shaded perfectly, placed right above the man's left eyebrow ((Fayth Belmont)) [English] Customer says: It looks good. [English] Customer says: Perfect actually. [English] Fayth Belmont says: Make sure not to use your pool for a while. Keep the tattoo clean, no sun or soakin' in water for the next week or two. ★ Fayth Belmont perfects the piece with a sigh of relief, eventually turning the tattoo machine off to marvel at her work with big eyes. ((Fayth Belmont)) ★ The woman ends up getting two colored roses tattooed on her stomach, the design made personally by Fayth. ★After Fayth is done with her work, the word 'Outlaw' graces the customer's skin on her stomach, refined with a colored violet flower and a star.
  3. Idlewood Ink

    Crew and location section updated!
  4. [WSHH & Youtube] Bankroll Baby - First Day Out

    Username: yanan Comment: shit str8 fire
  5. Idlewood Ink

    If you are looking for high quality and personal service, you have come to the right place. The 'Idlewood Ink' tattoo parlor is situated amidst the lively locale of Idlewood and attracts clients from several different locations. After several years of being in the tattoo industry, we provide all the best and perfected methods of tattooing. Known for creating unique tattoos that are done using only highest quality pigments, we guarantee using the best practices; from precision to attention to detail. A sanctuary of creative self-expression, the studio withholds a zero-attitude policy. Each client is treated with integrity and respect, and we do not discriminate against race, nationality, religious background or sexual orientation. Our artists are fully licensed and highly experienced. We offer the best in custom work, black and white color, portraits, cover ups and body piercings. Please do not hesitate to stop by or contact us with any questions ((Forum PM)). We are looking forward to meeting you. The Crew: Fayth Belmont: Originally a Liberty City native, Fayth relocated to Los Santos in 2017. After years of working in her father's tattoo studio and juggling art school at the same time, she is able to do many styles in tattooing and prides herself in not only giving her clients a great tattoo, but a great experience. She focuses on making each piece original for the individual client. Book appointment here ((Forum PM)). Quintrell Chambers: Quintrell, also known as Q-Loc, has first started tattooing at the early age of seventeen by practicing on one of his friends. Ever since then, he has honed his artistic skills and continues to work on several clients. He favors imagery that proposes a creative challenge for him, mainly focusing on black and grey tattoos. Q-Loc is also interested in street art and likes to work out in his free time. Book appointment here ((Forum PM)). Marques Washington: Originally starting out and making his mark as a local underground graffiti artist, Marques learned his trade by the age of sixteen. Since then, he's applied his expertise to the field of inking, mainly specializing in tattoos celebrating the lifestyle that comes within living in Los Santos. Book appointment here ((Forum PM)). Location: 1779 E. Washington Street
  6. joker__s_birthday_party_by_craigcermak.j


    gettin closer to death tbh

    1. Jokerr


      harleys boobs r fallin out

  7. SAPP ~ About Vincent Moreau

    Name: yanana Comment: lol thank fuck u arent a lawyer no more
  8. Ku Klux Klan of San Andreas Sub-Group.

    Username: dno Comment: does ur briefcase tick
  9. Ku Klux Klan of San Andreas Sub-Group.

    Username: dno Comment: we ain dying 4 this country to have brainwashed isis cocksuckers tellin me, a white christian man, to go away. GO BACK HOME TO ISLAMISTAN. jjesus ain died 4 this
  10. Ku Klux Klan of San Andreas Sub-Group.

    Username: dno Comment: fko ff u muslim terrorist fuk this is a pure white zone
  11. xYGjM.gif

    u today tbh happy bday vincess :)))

    1. Vinceeez


      Thanks habibi :DD

    2. Lyricist


      Happy one day closer to midlife crisis!!!!!!!!!!!!

    3. Vinceeez


      Thanks you lyrcyst : )

  12. my night

    powergame cya at the ucp

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