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  1. Tajiri

    The survivors

    Great RP experience. I only wish that admins / community would support the apocalypse setting more than one forum post.
  2. nibba whats ur discord

  3. all these that got accepted??? https://forums.owlgaming.net/forum/11-accepted/
  4. since when are u back

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    2. Tajiri


      i remember ur nick, a bit. used to hang with killazer. we used to tell you're his pedophile. some nigga RP way back.

    3. Najkwiin


      I remember that name. But I don't remember anything about the rest there... xD

    4. tweaker
  5. he actually has been admin on mta server in the past, not on owl but still.
  6. greatest joke ever
  7. wow this hasn't been deleted like they have been in the past
  8. Tajiri

    Wright DTO

    gg this faction official in week, where ur m4s after week of rp???
  9. Great summary. My character was CKed (no problem with it) but Wright and his faction managed to get 4 re-rps with PD. I've never heard of this happening with anyone else. Obviously the situtation ended in their (Cartels) favor. I had talk about this with UAT but didn't have enough interest to make ticket as Chaos protects his UAT.
  10. +1, this "certain UA group" basically killed multiple factions and made over 10 players leave. I hope you understand your mistakes.
  11. Tajiri

    Crusader Kings II

    i dont suggest playing it
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