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  1. Will you be playing on that v server? 

  2. Meow's it going?

    1. Courtez
    2. cat


      Y'know, just meowing n stuff.

  3. cat

    Why is your discord username bird? Birds != Trees.

    1. tree
    2. Syncer


      you're getting a +1 for the !=

  4. cat

    Let's talk.

  5. Your favorite, of all the systems, right?
  6. cat

    New Website and Sale!

    Mostly to show off. They've been there for years.
  7. Seriously that Start-Up center is all you could come up with to replace the gas station? Just a few shops instead of... a few shops?Nothing more innovative about actually using it to help people start their own companies? Disappointing.
  8. Not very impressed, I dare say.

  9. Not very impressed with your 24 hours' work.

  10. It's still the very same cat as was before.

  11. Hands up, police!

  12. cat

    Do I know you?

  13. Oh. Okay.


  14. If it was about that kidnapping, you've got the wrong person. I'm not in LSN.

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