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  1. sup party people

  2. idk I also dunno why my signature is in russian, given that I can't even read a single russian letter. Oh almighty court wizard of ez, why is that so,
  3. That sounds like you have less power than I thought you would. You're ruining my immersion!
  4. Just download a new one, how hard can it be
  5. It's about 6 pm for me. If it picks up in a few hours, that sounds suboptimal but eh. Maybe you could entertain us with your very entertaining story of moving on your YT channel.
  6. So you bring shame upon your family by ignoring the feast of the gods, the breaking of the fast, I mean... who can you even trust in these trying times... idk lol I don't even have V installed and I have no idea how to check how many people are online, which isn't particularly helping me want to install it.
  7. But you see, my good Sir, I'm just a lowly cat. While you are a most powerful *cough* let me look it up *cough* lead guy! I mean adminstromato! I couldn't ever hope to match the quality of even so much as the bread you eat in the morning. Or cereals.
  8. Will there be more quality content at some point?
  9. yo niggu what yo AIM?

  10. Will you be playing on that v server? 

  11. Meow's it going?

    1. Courtez
    2. cat


      Y'know, just meowing n stuff.

  12. cat

    Why is your discord username bird? Birds != Trees.

    1. tree
    2. Syncer


      you're getting a +1 for the !=

  13. cat

    Let's talk.

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