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  1. yo niggu what yo AIM?

  2. Will you be playing on that v server? 

  3. Meow's it going?

    1. Courtez
    2. cat


      Y'know, just meowing n stuff.

  4. cat

    Why is your discord username bird? Birds != Trees.

    1. tree
    2. Syncer


      you're getting a +1 for the !=

  5. cat

    Let's talk.

  6. Syncer

    hi i see legend

    1. cat


      Do you know? Where would that be...?

  7. ...I heard you like mudkips.

    1. cat


      That's not actually true, though.

  8. Your favorite, of all the systems, right?
  9. cat

    New Website and Sale!

    Mostly to show off. They've been there for years.
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