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  1. damn this shït hurted i love u owl gaming mta thank u for everything and thank u for introducing me to @Chasee and @ertidog my main boys forever
  2. Jezte

    Triage MC

    the triage are currently working on a massive project. stay tuned. i
  3. can u rp by gf :3

    1. ertidog


      100k and shes urs

    2. Poffy


      ay thanks bro

      meet at jeffy burger shot

  4. @Chasee this is the best news i've had all year .. i just hope you don't get swamped with ig admin reports x
  5. Jezte

    Triage MC

    Part 2. After suffering from serious blows to her head and heart, Luna decided to forget the past (mostly due to concussion) and move on. She forgave the boss and her sister, Jane and continued to strengthen the MC. The MC gathered and recruited another member. The girls ended the night by trying to earn some quick money... but ended in a quarrel.
  6. Jezte

    Triage MC

    Tonight's roleplay was really special. Really hard to decide where to roleplay and who to roleplay with. Thank you Owlgaming. It's been a great 5 years.. so many memories.
  7. sitting here trying to walk down the street i

    1. Chasee


      sitting here... trying to walk... 

    2. Chasee


      i dun lust my murbles

  8. Jezte

    Triage MC

    Thank you @ertidog. Please PM @ertidog if you're interested in joining.
  9. excited to see how this story progresses
  10. i'm british but i wish i had american in me @ertidog
  11. Jezte

    Triage MC

    Thanks everyone for the support. We're really excited to see where this goes.
  12. great to have you back

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