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  1. No. The player notes is quite sensitive information and at the Supporter stage the player has not shown that they can be trusted or that they are reliable yet. I'd stick with /check notes avaliable at trial Admin.
  2. i'm back

    1. Theno


      That's a real shame.

    2. maramizo


      that's why they call you slim shady?

  3. Yeah we all get it, mate. It goes without saying that the server is very script intensive, which makes the lag/stutter understandable in that respect. Let's just hope our man Chaos can save the day.
  4. Looking forward to this, as I think it's far more important that adding new scripts.
  5. lj148

    [Faction] - F3 addon

    It means that I'm really pleased with all the hard work which you put into this server! You're simply non-stop scripting. Keep up the good work!
  6. [MENTION=384]Chaos[/MENTION], all you've done for this server is goodness. Good on you, mate. I hope you go far.
  7. Yes, I can imagine [MENTION=384]Chaos[/MENTION] will sort out the blips.
  8. [MENTION=15759]Burner11[/MENTION] - Really helpful Supporter.
  9. Based purely on the amount of work put in to being an Administrator: [MENTION=107]Mirazoka[/MENTION] - Does a lot of work behind the scenes here at Owl, which should be appreciated. [MENTION=120]Belgica[/MENTION] - Turned out to be a really hard-working and dedicated member of the UAT since his promotion - really glad to have this person particularly as my higher-up. [MENTION=1305]Chase[/MENTION] - Works his ass off on both the Forums and in-game, and a genuinely nice lad.
  10. This is what you make me do when you don't answer skype


  11. omsj.gif

    When you picked up yesterday XD

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