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  1. Character Kill Appeal In Game Account Name- NeverSay Character Name- Abram Vorona Date of Incident- 01/25/2017 Supervising Administrator- Charlotte Carrasco Narrative- Basically I was stealing a vehicle from a location in Blueberry, as I was stealing the vehicle I was told to stop RP mid roleplay which caused me to have to wait until a lot of people begin to come around the area. Anyways after the pause I continued the RP, while I'm switching the vehicle key someone randomly comes up behind me and shoots me in my head and CKs me. During which I RPly had the key before the shot and during the switch of the key as well as the man begins to walk up behind me I had already finished my roleplay. I was told by Hank who I guess was a helping admin that he had talked to VT team and he said the RP was bad quality but I used a exact video where I used the exact same method as well items that they had in the video. The reason I probably wasn't as good as it could've been was due to the fact I was rushing because of the early what I had minutes into the Roleplay. Evidence- http://pastebin.com/ZncgM2J4 Method of Death- Gun shot from a distance to my head. Have you attempted to resolve this already with the supervising administrator?- Yes Video link too the actually RP idea, which is taken in real life. I just wanted to share that. Since someone told me the key wouldn't switch.
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