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  1. Honestly, I think everyone is so worried about the player-base and isn't allowing the server to grow. Like can we all remember that the server opened a month ago? Lol Like everyone is forgetting that Owl-MTA opened with repeated scripts and built on the old Valhalla scripts that got leaked in like 2012 once they shut down. From Valhalla it was United-Gaming which continued to build on those scripts then to OwlGaming in 2014. Like everyone needs to remember we're building a server from the beginning and allow it to grow into what it will be. It might take a few years to get back to the stage of OwlGaming having a consistent 50-70 players. We're rebuilding a whole new player-base, instead of people moving from one server to another, we're in a whole new market attempting to create traffic in a whole new world. I think we should remain in Shandy Shores, allow our scripters to build on the server and if later down the line in maybe a year or so we repeat the vote and we've all decided to change places I think that would be better. Let's actually allow @Daniel to create separation from other server so we stand out, which eventually will allow players from other severs or new players in general to see what it is we have. If players actually want to help the server grow bigger, start making introduction videos, video with what it's like to roleplay in game. If you're an illegal RPer lets try to create more traction that people who are looking for new games to play to see it. What we all want which is more people to join our community isn't something that happens in a month. It takes years for this to catch on. KEEP IN MIND VALHALLA AT ITS PEAK WAS OVER 100,000+ LINES OF SCRIPT ON MTA WITH MULTIPLE PEOPLE WRITING IN NEW IDEAS FOR THE SERVER. THIS IS A YEAR TO YEAR THING and I think we're growing fast enough. As long as we remain consistent without closing or whatever we're at a really good pace. PS: IF we really want to grow the player-base and that is what we're very concerned with, I believe putting together a team of individuals who go out to blog sites, gaming sites, role-play sites and are willing to comment and create more ability to traffic our server is what we need to be doing. As well as having admin take role-play courses on teaching new players on how to role-play better and more efficiently. (Not saying anyone is not capable of roleplaying, but I remember Valhalla having Gamemaster, that would take time out and would have to teach player by player how to roleplay. I think that is very important.
  2. If we do this we should included Certificates of Deposits (CDs) So we can gain more interest with loaning the bank larger amount of money. And should also be the only way banks get money placed into their faction bank.
  3. I figured this is something quick tbh, and later we can get more detailed with it but I figured we can go back to how it was on the old scripts with a generic box as the item. Being that there already an item system you’d basically be adding a command to create the item. I agree there are other things that can be added but this is something I ASSUME would be quick and that would 100% change the course of role play, adding a whole new faction even so creating more RP. As well as illegal items that u might need for simple things
  4. Script Suggestion What would be the name of the script(s)?- Generic Item What kind of script(s) are you suggesting?- Items What is the suggestion?- Generic Item such as the one we've had on MTASA for the longest, with the item name of whatever it is we have. What are the advantages?- Allows for more roleplay with actual items, instead of passive RPing you having it. What are the disadvantages?- Not to many I can see, as long as it is being roleplayed realistically Do you have any resources to support our scripters in making said suggestion?- We've had it in MTA for the longest, but I think adding the generic box as the dropping item. How would you go about implementing this idea?- Not exactly sure.
  5. All we’re Missing now is LarZ
  6. Character Kill Appeal In Game Account Name- NeverSay Character Name- Abram Vorona Date of Incident- 01/25/2017 Supervising Administrator- Charlotte Carrasco Narrative- Basically I was stealing a vehicle from a location in Blueberry, as I was stealing the vehicle I was told to stop RP mid roleplay which caused me to have to wait until a lot of people begin to come around the area. Anyways after the pause I continued the RP, while I'm switching the vehicle key someone randomly comes up behind me and shoots me in my head and CKs me. During which I RPly had the key before the shot and during the switch of the key as well as the man begins to walk up behind me I had already finished my roleplay. I was told by Hank who I guess was a helping admin that he had talked to VT team and he said the RP was bad quality but I used a exact video where I used the exact same method as well items that they had in the video. The reason I probably wasn't as good as it could've been was due to the fact I was rushing because of the early what I had minutes into the Roleplay. Evidence- http://pastebin.com/ZncgM2J4 Method of Death- Gun shot from a distance to my head. Have you attempted to resolve this already with the supervising administrator?- Yes Video link too the actually RP idea, which is taken in real life. I just wanted to share that. Since someone told me the key wouldn't switch.
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