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  1. Where are bikers doe???
  3. dont put 12 shelves in a wardrobe now
  4. I don't see that as a bad thing, less friends to get mad at me for not picking them. :^)
  5. Ah, right on time for the vote for my friends awards
  6. No one can Chapo like Blueberry. Not even Joaquín Archivaldo Guzmán Loera himself, let alone some freelancer named El Cocko.*
  7. The problem with all that is. Clay Mayson was behind the house shortly after the phonecall. As seen above. The phonecall was done at 1:19 AM. Even if it took him max 6 minutes that still doesn't give a reason to stay there for a hour without trying the door. Why six minutes? Six minutes after the phonecall an advert was aired. 2017-07-13 01:25:06 ADVERT: ♛ Big Ounce Pawn Shop | RESTOCKED! New and exclusive items in stock. - Infront of Pizza Stacks, Idlewood. ♛ We can't see it on Clay's screen so it has to be earlier than 6 minutes after the phone call. Unless Clay Mayson used GCs but an admin can check that easily. Back to the point. We heard the shout at 2:32 AM We can assume the duo got shot after as dead men can't talk. That still means that they've done nothing from 1:19 AM till atleast 2:32 AM. If the president has something in his house that is illegal, someone for sure would rush inside to grab said item. If you can find me a reason to stay outside the house for over 1 hour without doing anything, I'd like to know. Edit: If you find 2 suspicious men outside and kill them, wouldn't you flee? We had a key to the door and the door was locked with no signs that we broke into the house (broken window, door bashed in etc) Why would they still stay at the house after they killed 2 suspicious men for over a hour. I got killed at 03:40 AM. They clearly camped this house, knowing someone was inside. Even if they kept an eye on me, they wouldn't be standing infront of the door with guns drawn with 5 people. Clay told them to come after he checked the house. If you are a criminal, would you wait 1 hour to tell your members to come to the house? If we look at these two sentences it went like this. Clay came, no cops around 'suspicious' apparently because Martin got arrested. Keep in mind Martin never said where he got arrested. He called his members right after. They arrive max 1:30 AM. That still leaves an open space from 1:30 AM to 2:30 AM. tl;dr They didn't arrive at 2:32 AM as they said we came short after Clay checked the house. Clay checked the house before 1:25 AM. The two suspicious men got killed at 2:32 AM, they didn't flee or anything. They were still infront of the house, knowing PRETTY SURE that someone was inside and finally killed me at 03:40 AM
  8. Deactivated just because her instagram got wiped smh
  9. after 3 years in owlgaming i'm circusised this whole play is a fcking entertainment ground
  10. oh shit is ernis paige molina here
  11. Character Kill Appeal In Game Account Name- Vinceeez Character Name- Elliot Blackburn Date of Incident- 07/13/2017 Supervising Administrator- Law Narrative- With a group of four we decided to kidnap Martin Grain to get answers on a scene that has caused earlier in the day. The Stinger had been shot up and Hornets suspicion had been set upon Reapers as a day earlier they had dropped a body at the reapers bar. Everything goes to plan and Martin Grain has been kidnapped inside his house. This is somehow where the trouble began. As five minutes pass Martin Grain suddenly gets called a dozen times, the reason for that is beyond me as Martin Grain was baited by someone. He thought he was gonna get his dick wet and have sex with a woman he has grown accustomed with. Never the less, can happen right? People get cockblocked everyday.. https://puu.sh/wIaN9/4336634e8f.png This is what Martin Grain answered with. Never the less, we continue with our plan after. We go up and torture him to get some answers, for 3 solid hours we've been torturing him. We hit him several times to break his nose, we cut his right thigh open and penetrated the muscle. As last resort we even cut off his nipple but none of this really matters. As we think we're smart, we go out to muffle Martin Grain while torturing him so people outside can't hear him. Smart choice, right? Except, Martin Grain PGed shouting. (At the time we had not noticed it was in a /s, mind you.) https://puu.sh/wIdMB/06a2bda074.png Ollie however vaguely described it in a /me and soon after corrected it. But that was after the shouting was already done. (We were tired but that doesn't mean a /me that is poorly described doesn't mean the action didn't happen. It only means that we choose a wrong time to do it.) http://puu.sh/wKCkN/360784ebad.png Ollie re-made his /me and a /do to make it perfectly clear. Alternatively, Jakobe Raymond accidently shot and Martin Grain could have replied to that with his shouts. But to give him an advantage, he did it because he was so afraid of the torture. We continue on torturing him and around 2:30 AM we find this shout. http://puu.sh/wL29k/8155140a97.png We don’t know what’s happened and we feared they MGed. Soon after nothing happened so we were like,might just be a random person. However if we go to The Reapers MC faction thread, we can find this screenshot. http://puu.sh/wL2bh/5e8cc5e214.jpg We were never notified of any shooting around the house which we could have clearly heard unless Martin installed sound proof foam in his house but that would also stop his (PGed) shout from reaching outside the house. The thing is, if we knew shots were fired outside we could have anticipated, call someone of ours to scope out the place or straight up call the police. Any decision to this could have prevented the death of Elliot Blackburn. Also mentioning they killed two men. We could have clearly heard this. A question of myself is were the police ever called on scene when the duo were CKed? Considering many gangs have been in the area & it’s a ghetto RPly. Normally the police would patrol frequently to try and catch the suspects. Another question: Why were the duo killed? Did the Reapers have a legit reason to kill them beside knowing OOCly that we are inside the house? Couldn’t they have told them to go away? Now going on knowing the location of where Martin was. As we scroll up we can see that he said via the cellphone that he was going to fuck this ‘chicken’. ‘Chicken’ being a code word for being arrested by the police. https://puu.sh/wIhGy/17753acbea.png The thing however is. He said ‘chicken’ so he was having trouble with the police. He never stated where he was nor did anyone know where he went. Leonardo Rhys counter argued with this: https://puu.sh/wIhPl/31e0ad1c16.png Let me get this straight. The police gives you 1 oppertunity to make you a call, right? That’s in the station when you’re getting put in the cell and they’re busy with the administrative stuff they have to do to officialy say you got arrested at this time stamp and you got into the station at this timestamp. What I find most intriguing is that Clay went to the president’s house to ‘find’ Martin however as said earlier, he used a code word for getting arrested. What brings Clay to this house? Maybe Martin has something illegal in his house HOWEVER we never received a knock on the door. We never heard the door open. He couldn’t have stared through the windows because the house has none. (Law can confirm this.) Clay Mayson has shared an imgur that shows him behind the house as if he was hiding RIGHT after the phone call.( http://i.imgur.com/1tZ5iYa.jpg ) I suspect MG as normally in the automated /ame’s you can see a locking /ame and an unlocking /ame. http://puu.sh/wLa4T/bcd39d435f.jpg How come, Clay Mayson can be hiding right behind the house and on the chat it only shows the phonecall, one radio line & auto /ame’s of the phone being used. We have a few options He didn’t RP a single cent as he drove & had a phone call. His bike was already parked behind the house & he was with it. He was in the area on foot and the bike in the screenshot is Martin’s. Those options still lead me to a question. Why is Clay Mayson hiding behind the house on this screenshot? Why isn’t he infront of the house? Why is the bike in the backyard while the driveway has plenty of space? If Martin had something illegal in his house, shouldn’t Clay get inside as quick as possible to remove said illegal item? My guess is that they MGed via OOC ways and out of MTA:SA itself. Think of Discord, Teamspeak, Whatsapp, Facebook and there are countless more programs to do this with. Going back to Leonardo Rhys his counter argument. https://puu.sh/wIhPl/31e0ad1c16.png ‘There are bikes in the vicinity.’ This is not true, the only bike he knew about was in the garages at the broken billboard of Sprunk. (Law can confirm this.) A quick google search on Harley Davidsons sold per year shows us this site. http://www.harley-davidson.com/content/h-d/en_US/home/events/press-release/general/2017/harley-davidson-reports-fourth-quarter-2016-earnings.html In 2016 alone, 26 thousand Harley Davidsons got sold in the USA. If you do the math and go for 51 states (San Andreas being the 51th state). You get 509 Harley Davidsons sold in the state per year. I’d like to argue that we’re here for 3 years now. So 3 times 509 is 1.527 Harley Davidsons in the state of San Andreas. Yet a common motorcycle at a GARAGE in an area of residence only. I’d also like to remind everyone that since recently we’ve had three factions pop up that use Harley Davidsons. The Armada MC, The Coffin Cheaters MC and the Berserkers MC who at the time were Las Colinas Trailer Park Community but used Harleys none the less. However one Harley Davidson at a perfectly normal garage has believed them that the Hornets are behind Martin’s ‘disappearence’. Except, Martin didn’t disappear. He said that he was being arrested by the police. https://puu.sh/wIhiH/2512499f58.png https://puu.sh/wIhji/63e6674924.png https://puu.sh/wIhB5/c9da4e8d16.png But how do they know he is in his house? Normally when the police arrest you, you get taken with them to the police station. https://puu.sh/wLcqM/cfcf5c0d2a.png They’ve killed my character for knowing that I kidnapped their president but they have no evidence ICly at all to know A) Martin is inside. B) He’s being kidnapped. C) I’m the kidnapper. What if I was just a burglar that took his chance to rob a house? They never cared to ask questions. As soon as I got out, they shot upon me. (Take note that they don’t even properly know what the reasoning behind ‘Chicken’ is but they’ve used the police in all examples so there is no reason to let them suspect a rival group.) I come to the conclusion that the Reapers have MGed all the way through and made up reasons to hide behind it. Evidence- Most of it is written with the narrative so you do not get confused. After the phone call which was done at 1:19 AM they've camped the house. 2017-07-13 01:19:41 Martin Grain [Cellphone]: Sup, Clay. At around 2:32 AM they've shot someone outside the house. 2017-07-13 02:32:58 [English] Carl Montana shouts: ey! This means they've camped the house for over a hour without any IC evidence nor did they ever bother to knock the door or try to open it. Method of Death- Shot to death. Have you attempted to resolve this already with the supervising administrator?- Yes @Law

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