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  1. Most of the community has problems IRL and will try to fuck over things ICly for a dumb reason to get happy IRL Just let players report to an admin to validate a legit reason, if not accepted and the player still does it well you know what happens If it gets accepted and not properly RPed there is this ancient rule no one knows about
  2. Diejenigen, die pubg spielen und in deutschland, der schweiz oder in österreich leben, könnt ihr mir bitte eine PM geben.

    Aber ich spreche kein deutsch, brauche aber jemanden mit der deutschen. österreichisen oder schweizerischen staatsbürgerschaft.

  3. /check /recon /disappear ;dddd
  4. i thought this was obvious already lol why r u maining rp in here anyway
  5. Happy birthday!

  6. Vinceeez

    Rant I guess

    How does one think that factions are gonna thrive if you can't even get a question answered by FMT. How does one think that a Faction Management Team is gonna be active, if everyone's too busy answering admin reports. How do you think that an unorganized illegal faction menu is gonna look like to new players who think, I'll have my faction here. I won't listen to that dude on discord that said FMT is pretty much dead. Then he sees the inactive threads that should have been long been L&A'd and thinks maybe I should've listened to him. Where are the election results? This takes so long, we think you're hiding the results for us. How does this look for us players? I thought Owlgaming was gonna be great when @Chaos took over. I saw updates and updates flying through and even though I didn't like the people nor the factions at the given time. I liked Owlgaming again. People seemed to enjoy roleplaying again, but now.. What do we have? Threads get locked because admins argue instead of simply deleting obvious troll questions. Admins crack down on players who are angry when they have legit questions but they just get told, ask this one. Ask that one. Then that person who is mentioned does the same. Loki shows off with Khram and their subfactions to "help save illegal RP" while at the meantime he's also the reason that factions get destroyed. Not directly but still. I know that he just took over the reigns of Caporegime and was just lucky to have good RPers under his wing. When you control the gun market as FMT member, move the guns down the pyramid and the prices are so high before they even touched another faction's hand, you've failed as illegal FMT. The FMT could've seen a flaw in that and make a FMT sponsored faction or character that would quickly dump cheap guns in factions. Letting Khram know we need to adjust prices or they're gonna buy from the FMT. People were told to just make a faction so they can get a hand in weaponry. They tell us that they want to make Owlgaming great again, how can you make Owlgaming great again when we see Khram, the undefeatable faction that has a seemingly unlimited amount of guns that never L&As because they continue in the same way under a different name. How can we make Owlgaming great again when they hide us election results when half a dozen of times before they came up with statistics the DAY AFTER voting was done? It looks like Wright wants to hide the results, does he? I don't know. Can we take his word for it? I don't know. What I do know is that they've bashed other RPers, other factions, other times for what they have done while in reality, They've just done the same. They've bashed Al-Najjar for CKing who ever they liked to, because they occupied gun trade. Then we see the baited CKs of the Rednecks. We see Khram coming up again after a long time of inactivity. They've bashed Georgi, a government RPer who has RPed a corrupt government official and banned him from ever making a return. Was his ban lifted? I've no idea. In comparison we get Wright who has won by elections tons of times before, I respect that. Release the stats of voting to see what really happened. But what do I know? I'm a mere player. Who doesn't know what goes behind the admin team, the faction team, the government, khram, the UAT. Best thing they could've done is atleast open up a bit. If this thread get's locked or deleted. I'll have enough info. Thank you for reading.
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