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  1. Runaways.

  2. Character Kill Appeal - Manjot Singh

    he could've just RPed it properly instead of saying its a tec9. He said withdrawing a gun but wasn't specific on whaaaaaaat haaaaaaaaaaaand kiddddd, (he wasn't specific on whaaaaaaaat guuuuuuuun kiddddd v2). You could do ride around with a gun indeed, that's the easiest part. Try riding a bike with your gun in the right hand as showcased in the video, he didn't RP what hand he had the gun in. He didn't RP the exact gun. It's not what happens what bothers people, it's how it is roleplayed. Ofcourse I could just RP being a druglord with 2 million while my stats got wiped but I could still post nice pictures about it on social media sites now could I but that's not realistic because it's PG Edit: I am wondering how is he gonna hold the firearm while driving off with speed too
  3. Rollin' Stones

    now we only need a mexican MC and an italian mob and this server shall be known as SOARP
  4. Sons of Silence Motorcycle Club

    So how is it copied from another community? Their logo is extremely easy to make and they didn't steal anything from the LSRP thread. There have been so many MCs IRL and virtually that you really can't create an unique MC
  5. Sons of Silence Motorcycle Club

    how are you gonna claim a state like that Sons of Silence is an IRL MC
  6. [SOLD] The Mercy House

    Name: DDMC Bid: 16,000 $
  7. [SOLD] The Mercy House

    Name:: DDMC Bid: 12,000$
  8. Owl Gaming CSGO Tournament

  9. Owl Gaming CSGO Tournament

    we are giving @JameZ a fair chance
  10. whole lotta gang shit

    Yeah, you're part of the problem now instead of the solution tbh.
  11. whole lotta gang shit

    I'm talking more about the fact that he can take it away in a second
  12. whole lotta gang shit

    Tfw we got superman here throwing down spikes and removing them in an instant like hello realism?
  13. I feel you bro.

    stop touching him

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