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  1. Ah, I wasn't aware that it's actually a complete move, or at least that the main focus will be on the GTA V game. Then I can understand a lot more. I thought it was going to be a bit more natural. But if the focus is put on there, then you do need to offer a lot more than what you'd have when you're only getting when starting fresh.
  2. @Immaculate The goal of this thread has never been to involve any administration team or certain rules/protocols in the discussion. I don't believe in staff having advantages over other people. Staff are in a staff position because they are competent or show charateristics of potentially competent people. That's quite simply the same characteristic you need to run a succesfull faction. Either way, as @TheNeonGuy mentionned, you're free to do what you want. A positive attitude and being well informed will get you a long way. Good connections (without special perks) will
  3. I understand where you're coming from. I'm just asking questions. I'm relying on what I know from MTA. Up to now, I've found a lot of opinions very usefull to also get a view of what these factions will get to, how they got built up and what their goal is. I personally find it hard to set up something when I don't know what you're going to get. I've checked most of the previews, which look promissing but of course only show a glipse of what will be once the community is in there as well. I'll be looking in-game and see what's possible and do-able (with the time I h
  4. Kind of dissapointed in Jetsam as well... Why do factions also copy-paste their leadership from one 'universe' to the other? Can someone explain why that's interesting? I'd think it's actually quite hard to lead a faction in MTA and GTA-V at the same time, with the same team and staying original in both... We can see that Jetsam is also a copy-paste from MTA (with the only difference being in the names and a few changes in some businesses). The originality is kind of disappointing.
  5. You're not entirely right, as far as I remember. He didn't start off as an imports company. @Mogs and his team really need to get the credit for what they built up! I remember their original faction thrad and I believe it was a vehicle dealership buying cars from players and later on importing them. All the rest followed after probably 6 months of building up to their momentum. However, you're right for a big part. MTA is flawed in the fact that the imports are limited to 1 or 2 providers. Especially for items which are almost spawned for free, or at le
  6. You're right. Conglomerates are a natural way of expansion. But that expansion for your faction was natural in the MTA-universe, not in the GTA V-universe. I find espacially one part of your explanation a bit troubling: Just because of this quote (from the main thread of the launch): What's the advantage of copying your succesfomula to another universe? The confusion you speak of, is simply due to the unnatural growth. You're most definately not tied down to one sector. However, a naturally growing company pu
  7. Don't worry, I'm not looking to get rules out of this Just a constructive discussion and I'm happy. I agree that in a regular environment, these sloppy companies would loose customers and money (eventually) for offering a poor service. However, due to being in a micro-economy, the laws of demand and offer don't -fully- apply. As mentionned by @Effect, it might push away players willing to throw themselves in a niche, just because there is already an official faction active in it (even if they're not properly active). Being official also means having cert
  8. Hey there, First of all, I'm only looking for opinions in here. And I hope it may be some interesting input for the people taking care of the launch of GTA V.µ Second of all: The TLDR is at the bottom... In the recent days, I noticed some thread going up in the legal and illegal factions of GTA V. I have an impression that a lot of people want to be involved in all possible scenes. Within illegal RP that's not as much as a problem. I noticed in the past that, when a faction profiles itself, it goes quite wide in the story, allo
  9. Because it will most likely make the "MTA-universe" (to give it a name) shrink. I'm afraid you might notice that a high on players in the "V-universe" will lead to a low in the "MTA-universe" and vice-versa.When a faction leader is online, the members are more likely to be. The risk is also that, when taking the same leaders, you get the same faction-composition as well. That would be unfortunate for the diversity and storylines. The same will happen with the administration team, I think. But there, the actual RP/storylines will be less affected. B
  10. Definitely fond of it. Only issue is: - Do you take the money per online hour, - Or do you take the money per actual hour...
  11. Not sure if it's essential to have it, tbh. I'd much rather see an RP-intensive insurance scene. It's also way more complex to insure a building than a car.
  12. Actually, a couple years back we explicitly avoided that. Making a new faction will hype for a little while. It'll hurt actual factions which provide services on the long run (like LSPD, ...) Last time, the goal was to have an island where people could get into something new. The goal was never to have people move there, spreading RP. But of course, that doesn't mean it shouldn't be tried this time.
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