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  1. Definitely fond of it. Only issue is: - Do you take the money per online hour, - Or do you take the money per actual hour...
  2. Not sure if it's essential to have it, tbh. I'd much rather see an RP-intensive insurance scene. It's also way more complex to insure a building than a car.
  3. Good luck to the ones taking a shot! Definitely worth it.
  4. Good luck with this! Looks like a nice little project.
  5. Vehicle imports is heavily regulated (luckily), so that pushes down the profits. I'm guessing a good share comes from the generics. I just hope you pay correct prices for these goods. Not looking to get your details 😛 This thread is more about the concept of legal RP in oG.
  6. Correct. The most succesful factions are the ones that have a lot to loose. If you put your own money in it, you'll be more motivated. Cargo Group for example, was a mess (management-wise). There was a constant leadership shift and it became really more of an overvalued RS Haul. How could you compete with Dinoco Imports? Start a company with 1 truck. Specialize in a niche-market (special transport for large items, try to get a Gov contract for transporting something they have, transport money, transport gas/fuel...). Have members who can passive RP deliveries and post that on the forums. Get noticed and appreciation from the FMT for the content you provide. If you get noticed, they'll get in touch with you, or you can get in touch with them after some time. If they deem it worthy, you'll be receiving perks and possibilites. The vehicle scene is indeed a bit of a problem. I'm not sure, but I think a lot of dealerships are not as a ctive as they should/could be. But that's a matter for dissapoint to discuss/evaluate. That's because they get a wholesale price (at least I hope they don't spawn stuff for 1$ like CG used to...).
  7. Actually, a couple years back we explicitly avoided that. Making a new faction will hype for a little while. It'll hurt actual factions which provide services on the long run (like LSPD, ...) Last time, the goal was to have an island where people could get into something new. The goal was never to have people move there, spreading RP. But of course, that doesn't mean it shouldn't be tried this time.
  8. Actually you won't. If they have 4 activities, they put 25% of the resources in each branch. If they can put 100% of the resources in one branch, that branch will grow exponentially. Sure, you can say it's risk-spreading. And I couldn't disagree with it, if you have a couple million to spare. If you want to start a succesful, long-term project, you'll have to focus. And as I said, it's a problem because you lower the inter-faction interaction. People seem to like to be able to provide to their own needs, thus not needing outside sources. So basically, they want to make money by selling stuff, while not spending money buying stuff/services. If everyone thinks that way, which I have the impression is happening, only factions with special services will survive (imports, dealerships, generic items distribution, insurances,...) It's not truly a matter of monopoly. It's a matter of diversification. A monopoly is when you own the whole market in one specific niche. When you own multiple, meaningless companies in a diversity of sectors, you end up... there's not even a word for it. Either way, everyone does what he wants. But I'm sure that the people who've grown factions in the legal sector to big projects will agree that focussing is the best way. Spreading risk is for when your operation is big enough to handle it.
  9. https://iclg.com/practice-areas/merger-control-laws-and-regulations/usa
  10. It's good that you made a list. I don't think it's written anywhere. Or at least not as clear as you posted it here. In my opinion, it would be good to have a thread like this posted in the Legal Factions forums (and stickied by FAT) @disappoint. Second opinion would be that it's sad to have 1 company take out 2 spots... Talking about Dinoco, ofc. I'm not against them, they have a good organisation, as far as I know. But I much more prefer to see a balance. They can basically import anything that has some value (except boats, planes and Merc's). Couldn't there be a limit of 1 dealership licence per company?
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