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  1. Hi, I’m having issues getting onto the Owl V server, when I connect I spawn as a pug and get this message https://ibb.co/ggWxgkJ can anyone help me out?
  2. I’m like 99% sure that Underground Roleplay was the server me and my friend started on SAMP, we switched between LS and SF a few times. I can’t even remember my friends name...
  3. Been role playing since forever. Moved to MTA from SAMP and played at vG and rG etc. Most of my RP has been with law enforcement, I was Chief of LSPD on a number of occasions. My my most popular character names were Peter Mitchell, Christopher Monroe and Kevin Moore.
  4. Cameron

    Show yourself!

    Myself and bae and me and my budgie
  5. Cameron

    Show yourself!

    Movie night with bae! (me on left)
  6. Cameron

    Show yourself!

    Me and bae - me on the right.
  7. Cameron

    Show yourself!

    Last weekend at a friends BBQ, excuse the face; was pretty stoned.
  8. Cameron

    Show yourself!

    New York City, Rockefeller Center
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