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  1. Though I wasn't active since 2017, I made some really good friends here years ago, and honestly when the times were good, this server was golden. Proud to have been an administrator at this community and spent as much time here as I did.
  2. on that uat shit..


    -feelin kinda fresh ?

  3. we should add norms fake death to owl gaming 2019 year rewind video

  4. are you an e girl

  5. outta forum jail.. thanks @Chaos

  6. can u rp by gf :3

    1. ertidog


      100k and shes urs

    2. Poffy


      ay thanks bro

      meet at jeffy burger shot

  7. who wants to make illegal street racing server on mta 

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Craazy


      i am down mayne, we can drift stunt thru the airs like zip zap

    3. Poffy


      lemme get a discord group going..................................................

    4. Poffy


      lemme get a discord group going..................................................

  8. does anyone still play here real question

  9. im in lvoe with a certain mta girl

    1. PriestlyWays
    2. Israel


      E-sex is a spiritual growth

  10. great script from owl gameing RP server on paleto bay RP! Hopefully my illegal raceing server is supported by faction team :3 Catch you guys in game !

    1. Norm


      This one is short i expect longer one next time always being proud reading your speech bro keep it up man next time write longer one quality stuff poppy keep it up man 

    2. Jezte


      i luff yew poffy!!!1

  11. holy shit dude thought you died

    1. Eternity


      but I’m still here and dats facts b 

  12. dono nain jatti de bhare ne kol sharab de..

    1. maramizo
    2. Manjot


      dooji heer rahe naa meri vich hazaaran de..

  13. haye andar andar se toota mai............................

  14. uat silencing me ffs

  15. hey if anyone wants to join my faction please tell me its a gang and you have to be black teenager ICly ( i dont care if you are from nederlands or whatever european country IRL :) )

    1. JameZ


      pakis allowed??

  16. fuck these irrelevant ass anims where are the dab anims?
  17. ya mom im pretty popular on owl gameing so what if im 29 and unemplyed i have a nice car in game and im married ICly so fuck u

  18. kingc fan club when

  19. we miss you and we need you more now than ever

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    2. Matey


      @Jevi man I could swear, weren't you some Roman Empire leader or smth?

    3. Jevi
    4. Ron
  20. anyoen wants to open up street raceing faction with me please tell me i have fast car i love street raceing on owl gaming

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