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  1. holy shit dude thought you died

    1. Eternity


      but I’m still here and dats facts b 

  2. Poffy

    What happened to me?

    glad you're safe kardeş
  3. dono nain jatti de bhare ne kol sharab de..

    1. maramizo
    2. Manjot


      dooji heer rahe naa meri vich hazaaran de..

  4. sounds like something a ricer would say
  5. haye andar andar se toota mai............................

  6. uat silencing me ffs

  7. Poffy

    We all know it.

    its ok i still got my buddies in the UAT that are always there for me when i need something at owle gameing
  8. Poffy

    We all know it.

    thank god i'm still in the UAT and can get away with literally anything on this server lelelel
  9. ((btw we are a gang not A black mafia ( in case someone thougt so be cause of the story but in case u were Wondering well be doing gang stuff in stead of organized crime stuff so if u have too much money IC its no problem just buy a cheap car or something and dont show off!))
  10. hey if anyone wants to join my faction please tell me its a gang and you have to be black teenager ICly ( i dont care if you are from nederlands or whatever european country IRL :) )

    1. JameZ


      pakis allowed??

  11. Idlewood crime mafia is an official bloods set stationed in idlewood that has sets all around los santos the gang was formed in the 80s and had a lot of beef with the crips in los santos The OG of the gang leads now STORY STILL BEING MADE ooc rules: no snitching IC no QQ especially with admins if you agree to join this faction you automatically fall under the faction CK clause reserved
  12. Name: jatt_soorme47 Comment: Ghaintttttttttttttttttt 22g Sanu mufat di Ticket de dyo #GhareebBanda
  13. Poffy

    Los Diablos Del Rato

    yall our shit be active as fuck still if u binna hit a lick on crip then catch us in the game
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