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  1. Though I wasn't active since 2017, I made some really good friends here years ago, and honestly when the times were good, this server was golden. Proud to have been an administrator at this community and spent as much time here as I did.
  2. on that uat shit..


    -feelin kinda fresh ?

  3. we should add norms fake death to owl gaming 2019 year rewind video

  4. are you an e girl

  5. because this community is an offshoot of rp communities that have been on MTA since 2011 and making black neighborhoods a hub is tradition
  6. lol don't make grove or rancho a hub keep it to mirror park we don't need IGS 2.0 please
  7. outta forum jail.. thanks @Chaos

  8. can u rp by gf :3

    1. ertidog


      100k and shes urs

    2. Poffy


      ay thanks bro

      meet at jeffy burger shot

  9. God bless you my son

    1. Poffy


      mere bhindiya maare lashkaare

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