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  2. JamalWalker

    [Robberies] - Rule Suggestion.

    We're slowly turning into cops and robbers, roleplay is becoming optional. No, let them learn what an investigation and a crime scene means and how it is done.
  3. JamalWalker

    CPQL - Online Q&A

    Name: Akecheta Apenimon District: 3 Question: Is the Public Security Services still under the CPQL? Or is it still in active duty? And how one gets to join the PSS? @JameZ
  4. JamalWalker

    Crimstone Hoover Mafia

    "But I ain't goin' out unless 30 niggas die" - Eazy E
  5. JamalWalker

    CPQL - Online Q&A

    Name: Akecheta Apenimon District: 3 Question: What are your long term plans for economy and the life of businesses small and large around the county? Will you fund a platform for entrepreneurs and businessmen/businesswomen to reach out to the global market and not be stuck in the domestic one? What is the current administration economic trend and investment strategy? Will Los Santos County have a stock market soon?
  6. BIOGRAPHY by various sources that interacted with him. MEANING OF NAME: "Warrior Worthy of trust" RACE: Native American AGE: 30 MILITARY STATUS: Veteran / In Reserve PLACE OF BIRTH: San Andreas, Los Santos County, District 3, Montgomery EDUCATION: College of Los Santos OCCUPATION: Entrepreneur, security officer, musician, marketing specialist. HOBBIES: Singing, touring, classic cars. WARS: War of Iraq (2003 - 2011) SERVICE: 2007-2010 Operation Iraqi Freedom 4th Brigade, 2nd Infantry Division ("Raiders") 2nd Battalion, 23rd Infantry Regiment ("Tomahawk") PERSONAL DECORATIONS: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MELISSA ANDERSON Montgomery Independent News Journalist "Tell us about yourself. Who is Akecheta Apenimon?" "I usually don't talk much about myself but I'll try my best just to not be rude. I was born on April 6th 1988, here in Montgomery, from land owning wealthy parents Viho, my father, and Wenona, my mother. We were a very traditional family, hence our solely native american names, but aligned ourselves to the wealthy strata of the county. So my house was a mixture of expensive furniture and electronics with Cheyenne rugs on the floor and a smell of sage surrounding you. I went to elementary school here in Montgomery, where I met my crazy friend Chris, who I'm still friends with, and I began my little story. My family and Chris's family were close, so we practically grew up togheter. Chris parents pushed him to learn instruments,and he ended up mastering the drums, and I mastered the guitar plus advanced vocal training, because you can't just play the guitar to impress girls, you need to sing for them too, right? Ha. Anyway, life in Montgomery was quite simple, it was fun for a kid. Teenage years, well, nothing really changed except we now could drive motorcycles, drink beer and hook up with highschool girls. Usual rebellious teenagers. Until college, where me and Chris split, he went to San Fierro, and I went to Los Santos...." ANTHONY MEUCCI IT Engineer Former college roommate "Yeah I know Cheta well, are you nuts, we were roommates in college. For most of the time he was the party animal, the weird in a good way rocker boy who flirted with everything that breathes. Funny guy too, can't forget that, every course was hilarious with him inside the room. He kept connections with his friend from the hometown, Chris I guess, sometimes he came over from his college in San Fierro, got drunk with Cheta and played their instruments. Honestly college without them would've been hell, but I guess they brought a little life to that shithole from time to time. What a tragedy about Chris' parents, honestly. That's the day Cheta went quite silent and one day I found out he dropped out and joined the U.S Army. What can I say, great guy, and I thank him for his service, he has seen war." MELISSA ANDERSON Montgomery Independent News Journalist "And what happened after college?" "Well.. I only finished it few years later. Something happened in between and I joined the army. After the training and qualification, I was deemed necessary for the snipers, and not long have passed until the troop surge of 2007 the president required, and I was deployed with the 4th brigade in Diyala, Iraq. As for the war itself.. I don't want to talk much about it, I had a job to do and I've done it well. I've been put in reserve in 2014 when the brigade became inactive, and I was back in civilian life. That's when I finished college, after the war." Major FRANKLIN TYLER JOHNSON United States Army "First Lieutenant Apenimon distinguished himself on the war against terrorism within the 4th brigade during Operation Iraqi Freedom by great leadership skills and combat prowess, thus earning the Distinguished Service Medal and Silver Medal decorations, alongside the Global War on Terrorism Service Medal. He was put in reserve as a result of his brigade becoming inactive. If brigade's activation is deemed necessary, he will be reinstated as First Lieutenant. MELISSA ANDERSON Montgomery Independent News Journalist "Thank you for your service. What else could you let us know about yourself, about past and future endeavours?" "Well after that I finally found Chris, he was working for a company in Los Santos, and he got me a job with them too. Manual labour for most of the time. Paycheck over paycheck, we raised money to manage a bar we proposed to the company's owner. After all, we weren't dependant on our parents anymore, mine retired and bought a ranch in Montana, living their golden ages stress free. Basically the bar brought the teenager in us, we named it Drunkard Deer for a reason I still don't know, well not like I was sober night after night when we opened and served the customers. Anyway, the craziest days where those. Teenages over and over again, beers, music, soft girls, loose girls, lunatics, anything you dream at night was happening inside the bar. The company we were employed at closed down, the bar was contracted under our name, we ran independently in Montgomery. After the huge success the bar had, I wanted to go all professional and start a company of our own. I signed all the papers and built up a little business conglomerate, but you know, if it's not meant to happen, it just won't. Had no real profit, employees were hard to find, all the paperwork to sign. I just sold all the properties in my name, then me and Chris decided we should go on a vacation, make up our minds. He went to Ibiza, I went to Africa. From nowon, we have a new project we thought and planned, and it's going to happen in Montgomery. It's going to be big." "Thank you very much Akecheta. This will be it for today about notable people of Montgomery, thank you very much to our readers and as always see you next time with another notable figure of our town!"
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    Twisted Devils Motorcycle Club

    💪 💪 💪 💪 💪 💪
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    Back again!

    hyppytyynytyydytys 👍
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    [Instagram] roova

    Name: minecraftfreddy Comment: i like turtles
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    Fulver Online Store

    Name: lentokonesuihkuturbiinimoottoriapumekaanikkoaliupseerioppilas Comment: i need a dozen suomalainen kinkku in my system how much thx

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