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    looking deadass mad lit b
  2. @Craazy @Wright say some nigga
  3. - VM encourages player to player interaction more than expected, leave it be and add more options to it (illegal weekly routines or events, idk) , automatise the system to keep people interested in the quick money illegal life brings without killing the faction team brain cells with every form we send in - There's no options but some bureaucracy for money, see first phrase - add a stock market already, millionaires actually exist in real life don't believe what communists say and work on your marketing, you're losing players sadly for lack of innovation make an investment, hire people for the work edit: add some damn casinos scripts, i want to lose my virtual money not real money anymore
  4. Me and @Notorious need manager perms for Western Solutions LLC. @DylanW can confirm.
  5. Rule Discussion Subject: Rewriting LEGAL VM I want to...: Revise Elaboration: If you have any questions about the systems whatsoever or have any realistic suggestions that are not obviously providing a benefit to yourself, feel free to contact myself via a private message or send in a contact that myself and my team can discuss on. Thank you for reading, ResidentPeach FMT Legal/Government Supervisor That is the current Legal VM rule we have, updated 3 years ago. It is time to rewrite it and make it more desirable. I'll start: Owning a general or dedicated shop This is why we buy shops, to have employees that produce us income, and it happens on a player-player basis, but we need to add the passive RP element in it. I suggest the FMT creates a system that allows passive RP population on the area to play a role in it: -devise a map with the amount of population from different areas and their social status -devise a "desire to spend money" type of percentage in the area on each product the present NPC sells [(summed up price of all the products by NPC) + (summed up desire to spend percentage)] -should only be applied for standard shop NPCs, custom ones shall be player-player only -the final calculation could look something like: (presumably summed up products available in store stock) x [random number from (1 - WXYZ) based on the population in the area] / (amount of products in store stock) - [summed up desire to spend percentage for each product by NPC] + [1x advert = +0.5%] = final income E.g.: General shop = $1000 (presumably summed up products available in store stock) x 100 people(random number based on area population) / 25 (amount of products in stock) + %30 (summed up desire percentage by area and type of NPC, in this case the general shop) + 50x adverts 25% = $6500 income per week | (1000 x 100) : 25 = 4000 + 30% = 5200 + 25% = 6500 | OR Simply a standardized payout influenced by amount of adverts IC and amount of views on forums adverts. (and other influencing factors) Player that owns the business should send to FMT: -time stamp roleplay with managing the stock -time stamp with screenshot of the stock at the start of the week -time stamp roleplay with blocking stock entrances until the end of the week -time stamp with screenshot of the stock at the end of the week -the math done yourself, don't depend on FMT to do it, they only review it, accept it or deny it then pay it out or not. Weekly or monthly procedure, at the leisure of the business owner. REGULATIONS: You need to have a number of products in your store to function, you can't act like selling only chemistry sets to break the system. Store desirability by area. Yes, every advert must have a log with a time stamp. Spend your time picking them out your logs folder. _________________________________________________________________________________ Whatever you want to modify, quote it and modify it. _________________________________________________________________________________ Write your own ideas down below and let's make it happen.
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