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  1. Republican in the streets, terrorist in the sheets.
  2. Tiocfaidh ár lá, orange fuck ye.
  3. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA my nigga I'm fucking crying oh my god this is GOLD @ertidog @Kevin
  4. Name: ShakhtarTheGod Comment: Whoever organized this riot in the first place is straight up retarded. Everyone that attended should swallow a cyanide pill.
  5. Well, I know you'll do it better than the others TPG. All the other black factions are TRASH. Just try not to lose your cool when they start provoking you, trust me, it's coming.
  6. Just close this shit. To be honest we were being provoked constantly and I'm surprised we didn't shoot the guys doing it sooner. That's what happens when you're constantly being provoked. We're being provoked by Crimestone and the retards at Liverpool, the two factions clearly wanted a beef and we just wanted to focus on our own stuff. Maybe if @Resident spoke to his boys every once in a while, shit like this wouldn't happen. I mean yall spent more time in our hood than you did on your own. Pathetic ass roleplayers on a pathetic ass server. This can be L&A'd.
  7. Username: Shakhtar Comment: Trash. Stop making music, please.
  8. server is filled with corrupt UAT members and factions that think good rp is shooting shit up all day #booty
  9. The Money Over Bitches Crips (MOB), are an African-American street gang located in the deprived district of Ganton. There's no strict hierarchy present within the gang. Although there are a few notable members that stick out like a sore thumb, older gangbangers that seem to have a negative influence on the young affiliates. Ganton is known for its density in gangs, and it should be no surprise that many of the local youth are influenced by this culture either through acquaintances or family. The gang is not known to flag the traditional blue, preferring a more stealthy approach to blend in with everyday law abiding citizens. Ganton is mostly known for its high crime-rate and for housing several notorious gangs throughout the years. Research suggests that increased unemployment and the crack epidemic in the 1980s playing a vital role in the increase of crime in the area.
  10. @Kevin wants to know where the stash is located. I'm guessing he's up to no good...
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