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  1. I see you're a man of O.C. culture: " medicare fraud schemes." :D

    1. LikeMike


      Word but it's quoted from the old Khram thread. Can't take credit for caporegime's writing 

    2. Ambidextrous


      niggas dont een kno about gas bootleggin

  2. ~ As the auto theft ring was collecting vast amounts money, nothing close to the medicare fraud schemes, individuals within the ring became disgruntled with the management. With several disgruntled employees, the OPG removed those individuals and made them disappear. It has been estimated that the OPG killed at least five people associated with the auto theft ring. Two individuals associated with the auto theft ring, a Mr. Boris Kaplan and a Ms. Olga Abkin, fearing for their lives went to the Los Santos Police Department and confessed their involvement. Now under police protection, both of the informants testified in a closed court their involvement and who was in charge of said Ring. Both Mr. Kaplan and Ms. Abkin implicated another Russian immigrant, a Mr. Solomon Chapsky. Mr. Chapsky immigrated to the United States in the 1970’s, having first settled in Brighton Beach New York, then moving to Los Santos in the mid-1980’s. Having consolidated the majority of Los Santos’ gangs to provide him expensive vehicles, he continued to export said vehicles up until his arrest in August 2015. As of today, the LSPD estimates that the Los Santos Dock’s auto theft ring has been shut down and the ROCs in charge of it have moved onto greener pastures. Although, Chapsky was arrested, he did not give up anyone higher than himself. So the LSPD is currently in the dark with how ROCs are organized in the City. - Khram OPG - faction thread ~
  3. (UPDATE - February 20, 2019) Print Shop https://imgur.com/a/pyA5pfG
  4. dont be beetlejuicing me on slob threads son

  5. To be honest MT should consider implementing the alhambra map with minor modifications. That club has been useless and kind of cancerous + it provides a better hood scenery right at the Idlewood border
  6. Username: justDatTnigga Comment: worldstar finally postin some fights ayy my nigga smoked that whiteboy
  7. Word is Jewels and the spook squad are still trying to find waldo @JTG811
  8. ( UPDATE ) 19th of January 2019 (NEW) Studio apartment https://imgur.com/a/PPGexUo
  9. (( Garage will be disabled due to the MT policy on realism so consider selling the building without a garage. More info: https://forums.owlgaming.net/forum/386-mapping-team/ )) @GeroXy
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