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  1. Kendrick Lamar's album is trash 

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    2. Serx



      50 cent who? he got bodied already 

    3. Resident


      GET out of Meeks ass and get back into sossa's


    4. Serx


      meek over everyone

  2. nigga it's fruit time


    " Quavo said he want some beef with me
    Fuck Quavo, fuck Migos, pull on your block with the Draco "

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    2. Swanker


       I bet you kick it to this @Serxcobar

    3. Serx


      na man I love 21 LMFAO but sthit is flames gotta admit

    4. Firebird


      ATL rappers still fuck heavy with ebonics

  4. how to stop the train in gta 5:

    1. press pause on ur controller or ESC on pc

    2. navigate to "game" tab

    3. exit the game

    4. never play gta 5 ever again

    1. Lyricist


      Erase GTA from hard drive, format hard drive, sell all your properties and assets IRL, make a counterfeit passport, move to a third world country where nobody knows of internet.

  5. Worth a shot though, factions may not talk a lot there, but I'm confident you can get something juicy out of it.
  6. Information that's being shared between multiple factions that have access to it.
  7. @TheNeonGuy I'll ask you not to come here to whore for a post count. You're part of the problem and if you can't formulate a strong argument just go buy a drift car and slide around in-game. This is not a topic for you to participate in. Otherwise, almost every other person has made a point in their post. Paying people for collecting information involves more RP, which I support. However, the majority on Owl are very passive and would rather come IG and afk until it's 20 minutes before payslip. Others might have an actual reason not to work with SAN - shunning previous experience,
  8. It is definitely something that makes you want to sit down and think. It affects the server in both positive and negative way. It is a stalemate.
  9. I can totally understand it, but then again you have people blatantly saying that SAN is inactive. Once again, this is up to scripters to decide. I'm perfectly aware of the fact that it harms realism, but then again it's already pretty low on the server. Knowing the community I can already predict the feedback.
  10. Script Suggestion What would be the name of the script(s)?- Connect SAN back to PD/FD/GOV radio. What kind of script(s) are you suggesting?- Faction What is the suggestion?- Connect SAN with law enforcement, emergency services and governmental factions once again. What are the advantages?- More roleplay for SAN, easier and faster access for press. Have SAN and every other official media faction connected with other factions. What are the disadvantages?- Perhaps less realism. Do you have any resources to support our scripters in
  11. use code "fouseytubeisarat" or "fuck off" for free in game game coins.

    1. Serx


      thx sir I got 150 gc's now

  12. accurate profile pic :) :) :)

    1. Firebird


      hEH' u know it john

  13. Let statwhore capitalize on stupid Santa hats now. *slow clap*

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