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  1. vote for trump for your free flight #DJANGO #WALL
  2. SHUT UP JORD If you disregard your life, agent 47
  3. can u add me on skyp (x1pl0xx1) and tell me? i like zombie
  4. Self-Made silencer are mostly one-time use. However, it would be good to allow people to turn silenced pistols into normal ones (There is a script where you can click the silencer item in order to do so, saw it on a zombie RP server once, lmao.)
  5. This isn't the ticket center, LMAO. I just wanted a script which tells you that you owned the gun before on another alt. You should get a warning, for example: "This weapon was previously owned by your character ... , do you want to accept it?" There is a DB which logs all the characters to the gun serial, so it should be easy.
  6. The tint script has also a distance where the nametag gets changed to "unknown", should be easy to make.
  7. pl0x

    happy b-day, wish i would be unbanned so we could spawn some drugs again and make that garage LOL 

    old gold times

  8. todos los italianos son putas

  9. Las mentiras son necesarias cuando la verdad es muy difícil de creer.

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. pl0x


      Perú tiene más cocaína

    3. EdwardDabson


      Dame un poco que acá esta muy cara

    4. pl0x


      yo sólo vendo armas

  10. CR7SucksBalls

    1. MichaelNL
    2. Shaderz


      no fuck you all ronaldo is life

    3. UnrulyBoss


      Kys, Ronaldo is bae, Ronaldo is lyf, Michael kys 

  11. Fuck Iceland and their whole generation, waste of land.


    #CR7 #Portugal

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