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  1. Damn, brings back a lot of memories. Thanks for sharing!
  2. Username: Kaylee Summers Bid: Buyout.
  3. Welcome to Owl!
  4. Username: Alx Bid: $38,500
  5. ^^ Amazing, as always <3

    @Dynamo ;ddd

    1. Dynamo


      The video is a masterpiece! ;)

  7. Username: Alx Comment: Can I see the place in person?
  8. Hia, welcome to Owl!
  9. Username: Alx Bid: Buyout. @ZythuM
  10. You joined owl 19 days after it being launched ?

    1. Show previous comments  7 more
    2. wAFF


      No you're old.

    3. Lyricist


      Fuck off you spongebob looking ass motherfucker.

    4. wAFF


      Jk, you're 2 years older than me anyways

  11. Username: Alex Bid: $2.
  12. ayy sweet <3
  13. (( << :59))
  14. Username: Alx Bid: Withdrawn.