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  1. Wow I mean, shootings do happen in the US, believe it or not, but there are people who open fire on officers for whatever their reasons may be. And I'm expecting immersive shootouts whenever they happen, however, proven by the videos I posted, it won't always be immersive due to desync and FPS issues. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXMYxKMh3prxnM_4kYZuB3g/videos There's a channel filled with police videos from all across the US, posted this just to back up my claim.
  2. vs PC parts prices are the same everywhere (+ or - a few bucks), it's not about sugar daddies.
  3. 0.4 update is coming which will fix most desync problems, then again, it's constantly developing. Perfect time to upgrade 🤷
  4. Edited with another clip and reason.
  5. RageMP is constantly developing, while MTA will most likely stay at its current level (despite the upcoming server-sided animation mods), the current desync MTA is facing won't give you the full experience you're most likely looking for. Edit: Here's another reason, MTA uses only 1 CPU core, so if you have 40 FPS at Stacks you'll most likely have over 60 on RageMP. (that's only if they don't overload the script and break it like they did with Owl on MTA, yes it's the vehicle script you all love so much that's causing FPS drops.) Look at my FPS spikes l m a o, and also the desync, I was the one who killed him, there was nobody else shooting.
  6. Matey

    OwlGaming - Paint Ball

    ^ my paintball experience so far
  7. Matey

    OwlGaming - Paint Ball

    oh shit it's time to catch some bodies
  8. Matey

    GTA V Activation code issue

    I and a lot of other people have had the same issue the past few days, you just gotta wait it out.
  9. Matey


    Don't trip, I fuck with his story and reasoning big time. No need go to all philosophical on me.
  10. Matey


    Next story, railways worker steals train after learning how it works from Train Simulator.
  11. Matey


  12. Matey


    Do your thing man, don't let these self-proclaimed MTA vets and illegal RP researchers tell you how to have fun.
  13. Matey

    Morra Organized Crime Group

    You just gave me SAMP flashbacks with this post 😂 Keep it up, best faction around. s/o to @YRN for the proper screenshots. @Flluroz best RPer
  14. Not every white /lean'ing rs hauler has to even take part in this roleplay. Considering ricers have spent most of their time grinding a job and basically obey to the society, they clearly have nothing to do in the criminal world unless RPing drug addicts.

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