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  1. Hi



    Kann I have download link, please?

  2. love you baby

    1. ertidog


      sick interview guys loved it


    2. El Mariachi

      El Mariachi

      we aims to please


    3. Brandon


      I aim to please u bby

  3. but that's bound to happen irregardless of this suggestion being approved or denied mostly cause a lot of people here use usernames that they either share with other social media accounts or even go to the point of using their real names and providing people with actual access to their e-mail or social media - any basic semi-thorough background check done by someone with half a brain is bound to reveal that at one point or another in your life if you've done any of the things I've mentioned above. my point is - coming up with a good story or a story itself about these topics is already complicated and complex for recognized writers so there's no point in pretending like you're gonna have some deep developed plot about it cause you know you're on Owl Gaming and all you're gonna get it is some random moron trying to get attention from the server by as usual being the weirdest guy in the room.
  4. but I mean the whole server and the activity itself is ripe with legal implications and the wet dream of any concerned parent or the moral panic media - you've got teenagers from all over the world playing a game where they murder each other and are encouraged to perform realisticly criminal activities like drug trafficking and manufacturing to prostitution and to top it all off they cybersex each other under the guise of "roleplaying characters" and "e-sex". its true though that allowing stuff like any of the three actions described on the thread is moronic and dangerous because you're pretty much asking for trouble to come around - I access the forum and the server itself on campus wi-fi most of the time I'm online and the single existance of a faction thread or character thread or even an extended discussion about it could lead to me being blocked and who knows even prosecuted and I don't really feel comfortable being at home browsing shit in the living room next to my family and friends while having the activity updates or hottest posts being some guys pedo faction thread. even though the chance is low (although not as low as people think) there's still a pretty good chance of somebody's mom and dad or teacher or whatever stumbling into this and reporting it to law enforcement or even law enforcement itself finding this - don't expect them to stumble upon a forum where there's open guides on how to murder people and smuggle cocaine and take the time to read in on what roleplay is or even give a damn about what roleplay is and if that does happen.
  5. why do you post screenshots?

    1. Goat


      it's my constitutional right

    2. Mickey


      why else would you roleplay

  6. @@Wright what happened to guy that used to play Edward Valachi in GCF that was like twelve at the time - they had to like bend the rules to accept him in the adminiatration team cause he was really twelve
  7. what system are you guys using? the actual cyberpunk 2020 or another cyberpunk system?
  8. what are you talking about? everybody knows real gangsters do /wait when they take screenshots.

  9. ghost141 is @@undercover. he was here running factions even untill he got banned sometime ago and judging from the forum activity hasn't logged back since. --- I remember shaqr as the guy who was involved in Unity Gardens X3 along with Lars and Shoddy back when I first joined and started being more active but the most important question here is - where are you @@Mirazoka and what the hell are you doing?
  10. what happened to him? we used to talk a lot and we were even in factions together but after the rG crunch and the coming uG we kinda lost touch and I've lost his skype details in the meanwhile.
  11. does anybody remember a slovakian guy that went first by Serrizim and later by Genesis?
  12. I might be wrong but aren't you the romanian guy whose character was a part of the DA's office and tried back then to bring SASP into court over a series of violations?
  13. why do people have their characters sigh in pretty much every emote made in court?

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    2. Goat


      it's because you are disenfranchised and helpless in the shadow of the lumbering system before you to which you can only let out a quick sigh of discontentment as a last sign of disobedience before it swallows you whole.

    3. Goat


      all. the. fucking. time.

    4. Biggy


      i myself sigh more than 100 times a day.

      PS: im egyptian, thats why.

  14. a lot of the rest of the time I was in vG is very fuzzy but I remember being a complete menace from that point on till pretty much uG prob even worse than a lot of people here cause I'd just be shitposting on the forums and getting into fights with random people and making a lot of throwaway horrible factions where I was the only member - that was when I went by Gonvilela or Tomerr and had my yeezus avatar. I remember that ethnic enclaves back then felt real - you had the irish in Jefferson, the italians in Glen Park and later in Idlewood and even later in East Los Santos where they bordered with the Russians in Little Moscow and you had a Japanese pop in what they called Little Tokyo back then with that alley in Central Los Santos with the ethnic chinatown-looking buildings and you had black and hispanic gangs in other places in the South Central like the TAO corner boys in the benches in the Idlewood Stacks and the main core around in the apartment blocks next to Alhambra which I think were called Brimstone. I remember that roleplayers were pretty ruthless back then and didn't really pull punches - you'd be in trouble if you'd walk around doing stupid factions and trollish shit cause most of the forums would come down hard on your thread and we had really none of this PC goodness "positivity" way that really only started to gain traction in uG. roleplayers would kill to get into factions cause the people running them most of the times made people work like fuck to get in - I remember seeing screens and screens of Gaccione associates being murked cause they either didn't earn or were just stupid and I remember that some people were actually mad. I remember that time where JTM ended in a murder spree and everybody got OOCly bitter for years cause of that - I remember people trying to roleplay Irish characters or factions getting splatered by former surviving JTM associates and people making pressure for Jefferson to stop being roleplayed as a irish enclave. I remember that the vehicle scene in rG was pretty much Donut and his Toxico Street Racing Crew faction with the toxic bright green cars being pretty much hated by everybody else on the server. I remember one of my guys finding @@Goat's character's head laying in the middle of East Los Santos.
  15. but wouldn't it be a interesting shitstorm to see? I moved a lot from school to school and frankly I'd say that some of the people here who I've met probably three or four years ago are probably the oldest permanent acquaintences I've had in all of my life to the point that I've been talking to some for so long and about so much beyond roleplay and GTA RP in general that I've got no real problem calling them friends. And the weirdest part of this all is that I've shared so much with people who I've never even seen and who have never seen me and we've all kinda seen each other grow not only as roleplayers but as dudes - that's kinda cool if you take a moment to think about it.
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