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  1. D1SA Street Legal - An easy way to start competetive drifting Autosport Club of San Andreas is organizing a four round entry-level drifting series in the state of San Andreas! This series is going to be featuring four different kinds of tracks & venues to pull new drivers into the world of competetive drifting! We have kept the rules so simple, that you can basically take part in the series with a street-legal car, thus minimizing the investment required to compete! All cars are going to be running the same sized tires as well as governed steering lock, so it´s going to be solely up to the drivers to make their way into the number one spot! TL;DR Version of D1SA Street Legal Street legal drift cars with governed tire supplier & steering lock. Cars can only create up to 500HP. One-stage bracket competition with a lucky loser list, four races across the 1st season. If you have a PRO-class road-illegal car, you are able to downgrade it to a similiar specification with the street legal cars. Cars do not have to be street legal. The series name just suggest that the specification of the car can keep them street legal. Series Calendar The official series calendar will be announced shortly. The calendar will offer the drivers four different venues to compete in! Series sign-up Information regarding sign-ups will be announced shortly. D1SA Street Legal - Official Regulations These following regulations are subject to change at any time during the season.
  2. ' Motorsports since 2016 - The Kings Of Motor racing are back! Autosport Club of San Andreas (formerly SACMA) is one of the most successful organizing parties when it comes to motorsport venues in the state of San Andreas. We have a long history and heritage for enjoyable quality motorsport venues that are being organized all across the state. We always ensure that the participating parties are always served the absolute best when it comes to our events. We hold the appropriate licensing to organize any event that includes driving in a competitive manner with a vehicle in a closed race course. This way we ensure the safety of the participators and spectators, and the overall legality of the venues. Autosport Club of San Andreas does not support any kind of illegal vehicular competitions nor driving in reckless manner in the public. All maneuvers associated with extreme performance driving shall be executed within a closed course supervised by professionals, and that is exactly what we are here for! Let´s go racin´! Due to the recent downfall of activity regarding San Andreas´ vehicle culture, Autosport Club of San Andreas is on a mission to restore the great heritage of motorsports and car culture that this city once had. The road is going to be a long one, but we´ll be pushing ourselves and our events further than ever before to create some truly brilliant spectacles. Be ready to witness motor racing like you have never seen before in the history of San Andreas! We are back baby! What´s in store for 2019? We are going to continue our long-living heritage of sanctioned motor racing with various different leagues spreading across different disciplines. Here´s a bit of a teaser of what is waiting around the corner. Stay tuned for more information on upcoming serieses! ASCOSA 2019 Official Sporting Code Underneath you can find the full-length sporting code, which is applicable to all of our events and competitions.
  3. Another happy client racing around the tracks of San Andreas with a D1GP -themed starburst styled livery! "Experience was great. The staff were friendly and eager to make sure all my desires were fulfilled, and overall the final product delivered was of fantastic quality. I could not be more satisified or reccomend them more." We can deliver any specific type of a livery to our clients ranging from historic group C/5 liveries to Formula Drift/D1GP themed drift car kits. Reach out and ask for a quote on your dream livery and we´ll make it happen swiftly!
  4. MrPinkPanda

    Car - 2017 Lexus RC F [ENDS: February 15, 2019]

    In that case, I´ll edit my original post and go with the auction rules so we´ll get over this by the book. Thanks for the heads up! ^
  5. MrPinkPanda

    Car - 2017 Lexus RC F [ENDS: February 15, 2019]

    Name: EC Bid:$80,000 as buyout (edited)
  6. And I will always loooovee yooouuu! ❤️ Borat likes. Thanks! Thank you very much! Thank you!
  7. How you mean? I don´t do simple. ❤️ My no.1 competitor. Love you! Thank you!
  8. Photogenic is an exclusive supplier of quality automotive- & interior design in the city of Los Santos. Our roots go hand in hand with the automotive culture of the city, as many of the most recognizable competition liveries has been designed by design shop Photogenic. To create these art pieces, we strive to produce undeniably aestethically pleasing products time after time with the greatest focus on our client´s wishes and preferences. Lately we have included a new area of expertise in our line up of high-end services. We offer exquisite interior design solutions for the most demanding arcitechtural projects without sparing any quality. We can handle anything ranging from industrial layouts to nightclub set-ups. Our pricing range starts at $25,000 dollars for an automotive designwork, and $60,000 for interior design. Please contact us with your brief and wishes, and we´ll get back to you with an quote as soon as possible. Please note, that we do not do any sort of replicas nor copies of work. Re-designs are negotiable. Contact the following address for any quotes/orders: ((PM @MrPinkPanda )) Please see the attachment for our portfolio pieces.
  9. MrPinkPanda

    Things only owlgaming oldfags will remember

    This makes all the effort worthwhile. Thanks guys. ❤️
  10. MrPinkPanda

    [Fund Raiser] Vittu Niggerit Ville

    (( Viimesin tapa millä aattelin törmätä suomalaisiin täällä.. 😂 ))
  11. MrPinkPanda

    Flynn's Investigation Agency

    Cool idea! Will be following for screenshots! Just heads up. The international motorsport federation (Federation Internationale de l'Automobile) has the same abrevation..
  12. MrPinkPanda

    Next Event

    Saku, you know that is impossible cause I am not here
  13. MrPinkPanda

    Threads Deleted

    Following topics deleted.

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