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  1. Looking forward to the next updates, Owlgaming will make me to buy GTA V in the future. Added the game to my wishlist on steam as it still is 60 dollars (OMFG). Great work!
  2. Name: Nora Bid: $55,000
  3. Please come back, I miss you.. didn't hear of you since 2015

    1. Resident


      Latvians cant rp

  4. Wow this trailer is so dope!
  5. Wait what? That's ur char's name? I requested that NPC like 3 weeks ago and the first name which came up in me was Daniella Hudson.
  6. Add my skype: artic1236

  7. I'm not your mama sweetheart, how many times I've told you already :$
  8. Hey tyler hahaha! Your signature is so fucking funny haha! I LIKE it!! :P

  9. Add me on skype yo ThaDuck101

  10. Haha nothing wrong with the first one? __________10 mins later;WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT IN THE MIRROR MAN?!
  11. Dude that last picture you look like a Belgian musician >
  12. Okay guys, after watching you all i got a lill' bit scared.. just because.. you all look so uhm damn strong and cool haha..
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