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  1. As per title. https://forums.owlgaming.net/forum/1955-los-santos-police-department/
  2. Episode 1 of OwlV Video Guide Hey everyone! I've been spending the last couple of weeks working away on a new Video Guide, which is designed to help new players or people otherwise unfamiliar with our script, get to grips with what to do when they start playing here, the videos will cover everything from getting started all the way through to things such as starting a faction or finding the roleplay hotspots. I'm really excited to announce that Episode 1 - "Getting Started" is now available on our YouTube channel, and I've included it below for your conven
  3. Great stuff, particularly liking the Mobile Banking as boy is that going to save time.
  4. We can confirm we have rescheduled the event for as per our above announcement, we look forward to seeing you all tomorrow!
  5. Our First Event We are pleased to announce we have now confirmed the date of our first event of the 2020 season! In celebration of this being the first event of the season, it is free to attend (a saving of $800 per person)! you will have the opportunity to join us on an adventure to Mount Chiliad, providing some of the best views of our State, see the cityscape of Los Santos in the backdrop against the lovely Blaine County all the way round to Paleto Bay. It is scheduled for 16:30 on Sunday 21st June! The meet point will be the Main Car Park at Del Perro Beach, and
  6. ** The webpage has been updated to include the subscription package information, job adverts and changes to its formatting. **
  7. Escape from Reality Tourism & Activities Est. 7th August 1971 Escape from Reality is a company established within the fine state of San Andreas, many years ago, to provide an authentic experience for those who want to adventure out to see the landmarks we're fortunate to have, as well as to have the opportunity to enjoy them in ways that perhaps not everyone would. Whether your interest be seeing the entire county from the top of Mount Chiliad or to see the Alamo Sea and its nearby Waterfalls or maybe you prefer the City's unique buildings and the view to the Ocean from its p
  8. Express or Expression93 Hey everyone, a lot of people probably know (of) me but I thought I'd do things properly and introduce myself here. My name is Dale and I am from the UK, I am married and work as an IT Engineer. I'm a bit of an oldtimer when it comes to Roleplay having been into it now for more than a decade, I've taken a few breaks but I always end up returning. I am definitely most commonly known in the realms of Law Enforcement and Court RP. Not to mention my very outspoken personality and blunt attitude, but we'll not go there... I look forward to
  9. Congrats to all and welcome to the reinstatements!
  10. I don't agree with this suggestion and I think a major point being missed here is that what a character gets jobs as or employed to do is strictly an In Character issue, it should also be dealt with IC if someone is underperforming for having so many jobs. I don't actually do this so I would go unaffected by any limit so long as you can have at least 2 factions, but if for example I - as a player on the server - can create enough time to perform multiple jobs why artificially restrict me from that? Chastise the Character, not the Player. A scripted limitation just doesn
  11. Guide I will not provide help on how to use the radio, other than what I explain here. Do not ask me for help, you will not get a response. To stream to an IceCast2 server you need to have software such as: SAMBC (Paid) or Mixxx (Free) or use a combination of BUTT and another program (such as Winamp). If you really want to get into more complex setups then try VAC (Paid). Use the command /customradios in-game and it should pop-up a screen just like the below image. If you would like to have an ingame radio you should click the Purchase New Radio button, please note that a
  12. Hey @HDev, Another oldtimer face.
  13. Sabre Ltd - Security Officer Application ((IC Section)) Applicant Details Name*: Richard Bankfield Gender*: Male Phone Number*: 1582840012 Place of Residence*: 2 Bridge Street, East Vinewood Educational & Experience Details Qualifications*: Tier 1 & Tier 2 Firearms License Experience*: I am a current LEO with the LSPD. Previous Job: N/A Do you possess a Firearm License?: Yes Identification Attach a copy of your license or SA ID: https://dale.aceclan.org/ShareX/Bankfield Licenses.png Application Why do you
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