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  1. Having done some research previously myself, I ended up listing one of my guilds on 4 different websites, 2 of which are as @Crimson listed above. Each has a voting/bumping system, so I've made note below based on which does what. https://discordservers.com/ - Voting using "Gems", multiple people can give Gems to a server, the more Gems you have the higher your ranking, but your Gems will decay over time. https://discord.me/ - Bumping system, it is a per-server bump and contrary to popular belief, is not a voting system, what I mean by this is that whilst anyone can bump the server (at least with the Discord Bot), you can only bump the server once in each time window (there's 4 time windows, and you can only bump once in each window, but you earn points for bumping in each consecutive window giving you more exposure, these get reset weekly). https://disboard.org/ - Bumping system, it is a per-server bump and again, contrary to popular belief, is not a voting system, you can only bump your server once in X amount of time. https://top.gg/servers ("Discord Server List") - Voting system, the more votes you have the higher your position.
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  3. I don't provide any means of streaming the music for you, that's up to you to figure out. This is purely a radio server that you can use one of many clients to connect to.
  4. nice profile.

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      I carrot believe you'd say that to me. Why do you have to be a sour cherry about this?

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  8. Well given we only had three entrants, it was a simple case of choosing first place! Thanks to our judge @Chaos, I can confirm that @Effect has won first prize for this competition - you may report in-game to get the GCs spawned. As regards the Discord nitro for you all, feel free to DM me on Discord to claim!
  9. Thank you to @Effect, @Valkyr and @GioSerpo for your entries. A bit of a shame more did not participate even after an extension (albeit a small one)! I'll see to it that the entries are judged ASAP and prizes are distributed.
  10. To give people a little more time, I am extending the deadline of entries to Monday 5th April at Midday server time. Submit your entries and win those prizes! :)
  11. Thank you for the entries @GioSerpo, if you get time, it'd be awesome if you could get the second image again, in FP mode. Everyone else, please do submit your entries, the competition is timeboxed to give me enough time to edit for release.
  12. Screenshot Competition Hey everyone! As you're perhaps aware, around 6 months ago I posted Episode 1 of OwlV's Video Guide, and little did you know from the title, Episodes 2 and 3 are coming very soon. However, to produce the best possible content I need your help! Competition Time! The challenge here is simple, we want screenshots that showcase your favourite server feature(s) and capture in such a way that they will look good montaged together with other submissions. I will be editing these entries into a montage or multiple, to use in one of the videos where I talk about server features. Your entry does not need to be unique, so lots of people can cover the same feature, such as Store Robberies or Weed Growing. Depending on the amount of entries I will do my best to use all of them, but I make no guarantees. Entries must be received no later than Saturday 3rd April at Midday (Server Time). Submit your entry on this thread, or if for some reason you'd prefer to keep it private, feel free to DM it to me instead. Multiple entries are welcome from each person, but please be reasonable, I don't want to end up with hundreds of screenshots to try to use. I can also confirm there will be prizes! These will be issued as per the below list: First Place - $5 of GameCoins and 1 month of Discord Nitro! Second & Third Place - 1 month each of Discord Nitro Classic!
  13. As per title. https://forums.owlgaming.net/forum/1955-los-santos-police-department/
  14. Episode 1 of OwlV Video Guide Hey everyone! I've been spending the last couple of weeks working away on a new Video Guide, which is designed to help new players or people otherwise unfamiliar with our script, get to grips with what to do when they start playing here, the videos will cover everything from getting started all the way through to things such as starting a faction or finding the roleplay hotspots. I'm really excited to announce that Episode 1 - "Getting Started" is now available on our YouTube channel, and I've included it below for your convenience! Special thanks to @Chaos, @ThatGuy and @Vubstersmurf for their invaluable input and helping me refine this concept and I look forward to continuing this series. Thanks ? -Express
  15. Great stuff, particularly liking the Mobile Banking as boy is that going to save time.
  16. We can confirm we have rescheduled the event for as per our above announcement, we look forward to seeing you all tomorrow!
  17. Our First Event We are pleased to announce we have now confirmed the date of our first event of the 2020 season! In celebration of this being the first event of the season, it is free to attend (a saving of $800 per person)! you will have the opportunity to join us on an adventure to Mount Chiliad, providing some of the best views of our State, see the cityscape of Los Santos in the backdrop against the lovely Blaine County all the way round to Paleto Bay. It is scheduled for 16:30 on Sunday 21st June! The meet point will be the Main Car Park at Del Perro Beach, and we will convoy from here to the Cable Cars for Chiliad. We look forward to seeing you there!
  18. ** The webpage has been updated to include the subscription package information, job adverts and changes to its formatting. **
  19. Escape from Reality Tourism & Activities Est. 7th August 1971 Escape from Reality is a company established within the fine state of San Andreas, many years ago, to provide an authentic experience for those who want to adventure out to see the landmarks we're fortunate to have, as well as to have the opportunity to enjoy them in ways that perhaps not everyone would. Whether your interest be seeing the entire county from the top of Mount Chiliad or to see the Alamo Sea and its nearby Waterfalls or maybe you prefer the City's unique buildings and the view to the Ocean from its pier? As you can see above, we have plenty of experiences for you to get a comprehensive taste of what's on offer, more detail will be included soon about the tour packages we provide and what each one includes, we will offer our packages in two methods, either an AD-HOC booking for each event, or you will be able to become a subscriber, which will offer all the events the company runs at just one set monthly fee (and the best part is, by subscribing you lock in your price so it never increases for you!). Subscription Package Our subscription package is priced at $4,000 per month and it allows you and up to 2 friends (yes, that is 3 people total!) to attend all of the events we provide, at no additional cost, we will also pick you up from a location of your choice (within reason) in our Mammoth Patriot Stretch Limousine and take you all the way to the event to enjoy and then take you back to the pick-up location as a drop-off service. As we operate a regular schedule you will be able to enjoy our events exclusively to yourselves and get the very finest experience that our fine county has to offer! Events List Please see here for our Events List, this will be updated as and when new events are added. All events will likely recur at regular intervals and please be aware that due to the nature of our events we may require you to sign a Waiver of Liability. We're Hiring! We are looking to hire staff, to fill the roles listed below: Trainee Tour Guides Tour Manager Bookings & Enquiries If you would like to book slots on any of our events or have any enquiries (including job opportunities), please send an email to AHutchins@efrtourism.sa ((Forum PM @Express)).
  20. Express or Expression93 Hey everyone, a lot of people probably know (of) me but I thought I'd do things properly and introduce myself here. My name is Dale and I am from the UK, I am married and work as an IT Engineer. I'm a bit of an oldtimer when it comes to Roleplay having been into it now for more than a decade, I've taken a few breaks but I always end up returning. I am definitely most commonly known in the realms of Law Enforcement and Court RP. Not to mention my very outspoken personality and blunt attitude, but we'll not go there... I look forward to getting the chance to meet you all whether it be in-game or not, you can find my character names in my signature box or on my user profile. Otherwise please do hit me up if you're ever wanting to chat, I am always happy to help where I can.
  21. Congrats to all and welcome to the reinstatements!
  22. I don't agree with this suggestion and I think a major point being missed here is that what a character gets jobs as or employed to do is strictly an In Character issue, it should also be dealt with IC if someone is underperforming for having so many jobs. I don't actually do this so I would go unaffected by any limit so long as you can have at least 2 factions, but if for example I - as a player on the server - can create enough time to perform multiple jobs why artificially restrict me from that? Chastise the Character, not the Player. A scripted limitation just doesn't make sense to me and I think the time is much better invested elsewhere.
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