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  1. Having done some research previously myself, I ended up listing one of my guilds on 4 different websites, 2 of which are as @Crimson listed above. Each has a voting/bumping system, so I've made note below based on which does what. https://discordservers.com/ - Voting using "Gems", multiple people can give Gems to a server, the more Gems you have the higher your ranking, but your Gems will decay over time. https://discord.me/ - Bumping system, it is a per-server bump and contrary to popular belief, is not a voting system, what I mean by this is that whilst anyone can bump the s
  2. Amazing profile.

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      Thanks mate

  3. Nice profile

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      thanks mate

  4. I don't provide any means of streaming the music for you, that's up to you to figure out. This is purely a radio server that you can use one of many clients to connect to.
  5. nice profile.

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      Thanks. Made it myself. 

  6. nice profile.

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      cheers dog boops the snoot

  7. Nice profile.

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  8. Nice profile.

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      thanks mate. took a lot of effort this did.

  9. nice profile

  10. nice profile

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      I carrot believe you'd say that to me. Why do you have to be a sour cherry about this?

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      I treasure the time I don't spend with you.

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      You are about as useful as a knitted condom.

  11. stop looking at my profile sir

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      but your profile is so hawt!

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  12. Well given we only had three entrants, it was a simple case of choosing first place! Thanks to our judge @Chaos, I can confirm that @Effect has won first prize for this competition - you may report in-game to get the GCs spawned. As regards the Discord nitro for you all, feel free to DM me on Discord to claim!
  13. Thank you to @Effect, @Valkyr and @GioSerpo for your entries. A bit of a shame more did not participate even after an extension (albeit a small one)! I'll see to it that the entries are judged ASAP and prizes are distributed.
  14. To give people a little more time, I am extending the deadline of entries to Monday 5th April at Midday server time. Submit your entries and win those prizes! :)
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