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  1. Nice profile.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. ItsMelodyy


      I can see that. Spent a lot of time making that profile banner right?

    3. Exp93


      You need to get on my level for planning all these vertices...

      Two plus two is four
      Minus one, that's three, quick maths

    4. ItsMelodyy


      You sound like you need help mate.

  2. Amazing profile.

    1. Ben


      nah its shit m8


    2. ItsMelodyy


      @Ben You're just jealous! :O

  3. Having done some research previously myself, I ended up listing one of my guilds on 4 different websites, 2 of which are as @Crimson listed above. Each has a voting/bumping system, so I've made note below based on which does what. https://discordservers.com/ - Voting using "Gems", multiple people can give Gems to a server, the more Gems you have the higher your ranking, but your Gems will decay over time. https://discord.me/ - Bumping system, it is a per-server bump and contrary to popular belief, is not a voting system, what I mean by this is that whilst anyone can bump the server (at least with the Discord Bot), you can only bump the server once in each time window (there's 4 time windows, and you can only bump once in each window, but you earn points for bumping in each consecutive window giving you more exposure, these get reset weekly). https://disboard.org/ - Bumping system, it is a per-server bump and again, contrary to popular belief, is not a voting system, you can only bump your server once in X amount of time. https://top.gg/servers ("Discord Server List") - Voting system, the more votes you have the higher your position.
  4. Amazing profile.

    1. ItsMelodyy


      Thanks mate

  5. Nice profile

    1. Exp93


      thanks mate

  6. I don't provide any means of streaming the music for you, that's up to you to figure out. This is purely a radio server that you can use one of many clients to connect to.
  7. nice profile.

    1. ItsMelodyy


      Thanks. Made it myself. 

  8. nice profile.

    1. Vubstersmurf


      cheers dog boops the snoot

  9. Nice profile.

    1. Exp93


      thanks. took a long time this.

  10. Nice profile.

    1. Exp93


      thanks mate. took a lot of effort this did.

  11. nice profile

  12. nice profile

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    2. Exp93


      I carrot believe you'd say that to me. Why do you have to be a sour cherry about this?

    3. Vubstersmurf


      I treasure the time I don't spend with you.

    4. Vubstersmurf


      You are about as useful as a knitted condom.

  13. stop looking at my profile sir

    1. Exp93


      but your profile is so hawt!

    2. Vubstersmurf
  14. Well given we only had three entrants, it was a simple case of choosing first place! Thanks to our judge @Chaos, I can confirm that @Effect has won first prize for this competition - you may report in-game to get the GCs spawned. As regards the Discord nitro for you all, feel free to DM me on Discord to claim!
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