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    Los Santos County Sheriff's Department
    Los Santos International Airport
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    Michael Bailey

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    Buenos Aires, Argentina.
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    Aviation, Military, History, Press.
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    Airline worker / Military/Aviation Press

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  1. Pepet0x

    Older roleplayers

    I remember doing your Spanish homework in exchange for you buying me ArmA 2 or something, lmfao 💩
  2. Pepet0x

    Older roleplayers

  3. Pepet0x

    Older roleplayers

    I roleplayed since 2006 in SAMP, joined vG in 2009 thanks to a friend, went through all the communities that succeeded vG since then. And I'm back here now after 2 years gone. And I love a lot of people who just replied here.
  4. u stalkin me boy

  5. Happy birthday pal! :)


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