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  1. I remember doing your Spanish homework in exchange for you buying me ArmA 2 or something, lmfao 💩
  2. ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
  3. I roleplayed since 2006 in SAMP, joined vG in 2009 thanks to a friend, went through all the communities that succeeded vG since then. And I'm back here now after 2 years gone. And I love a lot of people who just replied here.
  4. u stalkin me boy

  5. PRESS RELEASE - APRIL 29TH 2016 People of Los Santos and aeronautical community in general, We are glad do inform you of the re-opening of our International Airport to normal operation. After a long time of inactivity and lack of both safety, services and operability, our primary objective at this time is to re-build our organic structure, allowing aerial operations to take place regularly in normal conditions and reasonable safety parameters. We aim to promote aviation, increase the flight activity, attract aircraft and pilots back to our airfield (commercial operators, private owners, flight schools, businesses in general - welcome!) and bring life back to the most important airport in our County. Furthermore, as the increase in activity accompanies our revamp, we will continue to increase our service offer in quantity and quality. As of now, our work is mostly focused in security, re-activating the TSA and CBP in order to provide security both in the airfield's perimeter, passenger terminal and public roads in the airport vicinity. We are hiring new Officers who will be trained with the highest proffesional and disciplinary standards, in collaboration with the Sheriff's Department, Fire Department and Federal Aviation Administration. These, together with our ramp services, are expected to be ready to be fully functional by May 15th or before. The airport's infrastracture has already begun to be reconditioned: the concrete and asphalt surfaces of the platforms and runways have been repaired or replaced in some portions, grass has been cut, some new General Aviation hangars were assembled and all our facilities in general are being prepared for both civilians in general (terminal & stores) and operators (FBO, pilot lounge, hangars, gates, etc.). Our services in general are set to gradually begin operating along the upcoming few days, providing operators with Air Traffic Control and Ramp services (hangar, tie-down, fuel, tow, etc.). Once we provide full operability, ensuring safe air operation and security in the airfield, we aim to expand all our services seeing the potential increase in activity and demand. Additional services may include those such as Aero Club, Flight School, aircraft rental/lease, charter flights, etc. Currently (and for an undetermined period of time), we are providing all ramp services FREE OF CHARGE. The only cost afforded by aircraft operators would be fuel, which is provided at its cost and without any additional service fees. DEAR PILOT/BUSINESSMAN: WE WANT YOU... back in LSIA! If you are in any way involved or related to the aeronautical business/community, we urge you to contact us and voice your concerns, proposals or any sort of comments. Let us promote and share aviation, it is the time to make it great once again. Best regards, Michael Bailey Airport Manager Los Santos International Airport 13 Republican Avenue, Los Santos, SA 90210
  6. Happy birthday pal! :)

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