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  1. Hey dude! I was in Saints, about from the start. I didn't go on the Yosemite tho. When LD13 came in there cars to attack us, Suge Marshall, and some other guys including myself were hiding behind a couch. I got away and CKed the leader, and a couple members lmfao! Fun times.

  2. They sexyyyyyyyyy :3

  3. oi dont steal my fucking GIF's :((

  4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6P-55auYOpA
  5. Boobs.. Boobs everywhere


    And ass!!


  6. Mike

    Show yourself!

    lol lie semih is a freaking girl lol
  7. Stop spamming my visitor msg with boobs. mothefucker lol

    1. Boody


      reading this two years later

  8. much sexy maximity the 3rd lol

  9. You really need to learn to sleep when you're going to bed bro, lol

  10. 5/10 for the smart in the background, and then plus 1 for the Golf, and then +4 for the rims.In total; 10/10 :3
  11. That is not what you're listening to, that's what you're fapping to my dear sir <3
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